Saturday, October 17, 2020

The Young Yearn for the Immemorial Mass of All Ages

by Young Catholic Girl 

Whenever I find an “petition book” in a church, I like to leaf through it. Then my gaze may get caught on a clumsy children's handwriting that simply tells us that the child went on a nice excursion with their parents and wants to share this joy. There is the elderly lady who prays for her grandchildren or people who pray for their sick parents. There is a lot of thanks to our Lord, sometimes a little cross or a few little hearts from the hands of children for God. But there is also a lot of worry and sorrow that is brought before the Lord in a few words.

I read how people tried to deal with life with the virus and the required restrictions in faith by writing and bringing their concerns to God. And in a pilgrimage church I found a very special testimony of great clarity that speaks for itself:

Sad that…

... there is hardly any trust in God (therefore such measures as no epidemic or war have ever seen before)

... people are dominated by fear (this does not come from God, but from the other one)

... even in such a holy and beautiful place there is not even a Latin Mass in the traditional Rite on Sacred Heart Fridays (quote from Pope Benedict XVI: which has never been abolished).

All God's blessings and healing in their hearts

PS I am not old. The Latin mass is sought after by young people


Trans: Tancred



PW said...
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Peter Watson said...

Kids have a vivid fascination with those Baroque years such as 1570 with all their pomp, costumery and theatre.

David O'Neill said...

I don't agree with Peter Watson's comment about "pomp, costumery & theatre". Our young people yearn for the SANCTITY of the EF Mass compared to the often banality of some OF Masses.