Monday, August 24, 2020

Taylor Marshall: “Steubenville Isn’t Catholic”

 Edit: Stupidville’s President even called Marshal, “divisive”. That’s gay.

Even Virus Employee, and Thug Brother, David is mad at Taylor Marshal!  Thanks Canon212!



James said...

Thug the Lesser is mad because Preppie Marshall dumped Thug the Greater, after the in person one-on-one last year.
I have my doubts that the SSPX would need to give the time of day to Preppie-boy.
They have better things to do. Like being stalwart in preserving the True Faith.
They were doing fine without him and will continue to do so.

Thug Bros. Suck said...

That sure was an awkward encounter btwn Thug Skateboard and Preppie Marshall.
Wonder if Preppy Marshall now regrets his role
in scuttling a real Catholic college by brown nosing the gay ordinary and warning “they only want to do the TLM....wah wah boo-hoo!”

So, Thug 🌈 🎂 doesn’t like seeing his alma Mater 👨‍🎓 dissed?
Tough 💩

James Joseph said...

If you can read Italian the expose on the Medjugorgie thing details the agreement with Steubenville and the 206 Tours company owned by the Seer.

Moreover, do we truly expect the National Review red sea pedestrians to allow anything but wobbly knees.

Jonah said...

The name "Stueben" is indicative of the German-American diaspora. As goes the German Church, so do the scattered sheep of that unhappy nation.

Stash said...

According to Belloc, the Germans (who he often failed to distinguish from Prussians) never really embraced the Faith and were, at best, Nestorians. Fr. Hardon would use this to explain why Luther said so many hideous things about Our Lord.
FWIW, the Nestorians scattered all over the place from Northern Germany to China