Monday, August 24, 2020

Did POTUS 45 Make the Scriptures?

By David Martin

Cyrus the Great was a towering figure of world history who is credited with founding the first empire, who was the first man ever to be called "Great," and who delivered the Jews from Babylonian captivity in 539 BC, yet he himself was not a member of the Jewish religion.  

Moreover, he benevolently encouraged over 40,000 Jews to return to their Jewish homeland and he funded the restoration and rebuilding of the Jewish temple. He is seen as a hero who revived the cause of God's people and is even praised by God Himself in the Old Testament books, yet he was something of a Gentile who had multi-wives.

In the Book of Isaias, God speaks of Cyrus the Great to come. "Thus saith the Lord to my anointed Cyrus, whose right hand I have taken hold of, to subdue nations before his face, and to turn the backs of kings, and to open the doors before him, and the gates shall not be shut. I will go before thee, and will humble the great ones of the earth ... For the sake of my servant Jacob, and Israel my elect, I have even called thee by thy name: I have made a likeness of thee, and thou hast not known me... I have raised him up to justice, and I will direct all his ways: he shall build my city, and let go my captives, not for ransom, nor for presents, saith the Lord the God of hosts." (45: 1,2,4,13)

Bear in mind that while the Old Testament prophecies often refer to events yet to occur in the Old Testament, they sometimes also refer to events to come in the latter days of Christendom.  For example, the prophet Joel says, "And it shall come to pass in the last days, that I will pour out my spirit upon all flesh: and your sons and your daughters shall prophesy: your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions.... The sun shall be turned into darkness, and the moon into blood: before the great and dreadful day of the Lord doth come." (Joel 2: 28,31)

The Apostle Peter explains that this verse from Joel was fulfilled with the outpouring of the Holy Ghost on Pentecost (Acts 2:16-21), but at the same time it also refers to the last days just before Christ’s Second Coming when God will again pour out His Spirit through a Great Illumination. (See also Isaias 24: 21-23 and Apocalypse 6:12-17)                                                                                                    

A Latter Day Cyrus

Similarly, Isaias prophesied the noble deeds of Cyrus the Great, which were fulfilled in 539 BC, but this prophecy also seems to reference a Cyrus figure of the last times, which we might understand to be President Donald Trump.  

For he too is something of a Gentile who has had multi-wives. And while Trump is not an official member of the One True Apostolic Church (prefigured by the old Jewish Faith), he nonetheless is a very prominent figure whom God has raised up to deliver America from the captivity of a Babylonian New World Order. For Trump has rebuked and stood against the U.N. for its attempts to undermine U.S. sovereignty and globalize America. Accordingly, he has built up our military, guarded our borders, created 5.3 million new jobs and has brought American commerce abroad back home. 

In every which way he has sought to defend the life and liberty of our predominately Christian nation, which more and more is being shackled by globalists, and has stood by the Christian sector in their attempts to reopen their churches against political pharaohs who lord it over them.   

Moreover, he has defended the unborn like no other president of U.S. history, being the first president ever to participate in the annual March for Life, and has completely cut U.S. tax-funding for any groups abroad that promote and provide abortion, and has gone to bat for the cause of religious liberty and traditional family values against a daily barrage of media attacks that he endures for the cause. Like a true Republican he has stood with the people, enduring their pains, while continually encouraging them on to victory – a victory that unquestionably could change the course of history. 

Is it any wonder that a man of his stature might make the Scriptures? In a similar way that the exodus wrought by God through the hand of Moses prefigured how Christ would come to deliver us from the bondage of sin, so it appears that Cyrus the Great prefigured a latter-day Cyrus who would rise up to revive the cause of the loyal and true. 

Providential Marvels

That the Cyrus prophesied in Isaias might be a figure of President Trump should not seem outlandish. If one finds this far-fetched, let him consider the number of the chapter, for it is Isaias chapter 45. POTUS 45 anyone?

The hand of providence certainly suggests he was meant to be the illustrious leader of America.  For instance, on June 14, 1777, the Continental Congress adopted the “Stars and Stripes” as the official American flag, whereupon June 14 from thence would be recognized as “Flag Day.”   

June 14 also happens to be Donald Trump’s birthday; he was born June 14, 1946. When we add the month and day of his birth (6 + 14) it comes out to 20. When we add the numbers of the year (1-9-4-6) it also comes out to 20, for a total of 2020 - the historic election year wherein he is expected to score a big victory.

Our prayer is that he will win the election so that he can continue his mission to resurrect America from the swamp of Globalism that is continuing to sink our American liberties.


“For the Lord knoweth all knowledge, and hath beheld the signs of the world, he declareth the things that are past, and the things that are to come, and revealed the traces of hidden things. No thought escapeth him, and no word can hide itself from him.” (Ecclesiasticus 42:19)



Constantine said...

This article reminds me of some of the "end times" Protestant sites.
Interesting summary on "Cyrus the Great". Then we get into numbers games and how America, founded by Apostates such as Thomas Jefferson, Fornicators such as Ben Franklin, Thomas Paine, the proto Antifa, and the other heretical and Masonic "Founding Fathers", is another Ancient Israel, or People of God.
The only "People of God" us the Catholic Church. At the center of our problems is the Church that has abandoned God. When the Church is cured, then we can have a restoration. The US is a superpower that needs to be tamed by the Church.
Let's hope and pray for a restoration of Christ the King before it's too late.

MyronM said...

First, look at these two photos: Benedict XVI with Bergoglio in Castel Gandolfo* on March 23, 2013 and Donald and Melanie Trump at the St. John Paul II National Shrine** on June 2, 2020.
* -castel-gandolfo /

Have you already noticed this outstanding subject common to these two photos? Yes, just like that: the ruler of the Roman Catholic Church and the most powerful ruler of the world kneel before Our Lady in the form of the ancient icon of Our Lady of Częstochowa or from Jasna Góra. The President of the USA knelt before Claromontana'Icon in the National Shrine of JPII, the Pope from Poland.
Is this just a coincidence? No, because the fate of the Church and the world is in the hands of the Queen of Poland.
If the title Cyrus II can be used, it is only in relation to the Paraclete promised by the Lord Jesus before the Ascension.
Below I am pasting my own text in which I am trying to bring closer the silhouette of Paraclete.
August 25, Vigil of Our Lady of Claromontana, Poland

The Two Galicia(s) and the Second Comforter
Although the 3rd Secret of Fatima ( is very laconic, it contains a powerful message. Let’s take a closer look at this sentence (basically an order): “In the kingdom of John Paul II the cornerstone of Peter’s grave must be removed and transferred to Fatima.”
The kingdom of John Paul II? Seemingly it looks like a factual mistake, because in reference to the modern pope one speaks of a pontificate, not of a reign or kingdom. It only makes sense when you consider that John Paul II’s home country, Poland, is still a kingdom. Another mystery, if you don’t take into account that the Blessed Virgin proclaimed herself the Queen of Poland on August 14, 1608 in the revelation given to Father Giulio Mancinelli, an Italian Jesuit at the Gesu Nuovo convent in Naples, the Kingdom of Sicily. She appeared in the company of Saint Stanislaus Kostka the Novice and said: “Why don’t you call Me the Queen of Poland? I loved this kingdom very much and I intend to do great things for it, because its sons are burning with peculiar love for Me.”
[ be continued]

MyronM said...

Father Giulio personally knew Saint Stanislaus Kostka and after his death (Aug. 15, 1568) he had a devotion to him. Less than 2 years after this apparition Father Mancinelli arrived in Cracow, then the capital of the Polish Crown, where he was received by King Sigismund III Vasa. On May 8, 1610, he celebrated mass in the confessio of Saint Stanislaus the Bishop in the Wawel Cathedral and during the memento of the living the Holy Virgin appeared again to Father Giulio and said: “I am the Queen of Poland. I am the Mother of this Nation, which is very dear to Me, so plead to Me for him and for the prosperity of this land, beg Me constantly and I will always be merciful to you.” For the third time, the Blessed Virgin confirmed her choice on August 15, 1617, again appearing to Father Mancinelli in Naples: “Giulio! For the honor that you have for Me, taken to heaven, you will see Me next year in the glory of heaven. Meanwhile, call Me here on earth, THE Queen of Poland. I loved this kingdom and destined it for great things, because especially my sons adore Me.” And her eyes full of sweetness and love rested on the young man [i.e. Saint Stanislaus Kostka] who was with Her. Once again She turned to Fr. Mancinelli, saying: – You owe him the grace of today!”
Many Christian rulers entrusted their kingodms to the Most Holy Virgin, for example: King Richard II of England on June 13, 1381 (as a dowry), King Louis XIII of France on February 10, 1638, King John IV of Portugal on March 25, 1646. It was their own initiative, but unlike these kingdoms, the Holy Virgin chose Poland herself – it was not the Poles who chose Her, but She chose them! She made it known for the first time in Italy in 1608, but it was only 47 years later that King John II Casimir Vasa offered the Polish Crown to the Mother of God on April 1, 1656 in Lwów (Leopolis) in Galicia (then part of Poland). It was a strictly state act, which is why Poland is still the chosen kingdom of the Holy Virgin, despite the fact that its citizens, secular and church authorities do not remember it - the Queen of Heaven, Earth and… Poland remembers!
[ be continued]

MyronM said...

Now look at the date of the 3rd Secret of Fatima: April 1, 1944 – it’s getting interesting. sr. Lucy wrote down this secret in Tuy, a town in Galicia, Spain. It gets even more interesting! This is not an April Fool joke, it is a reference to the vow of King John II Casimir of 1656 made in Leopolis, the capital town of Galicia in Poland. I do not think that Lucy dos Santos has such knowledge of Polish history, but the Blessed Virgin has it.
Let’s return to the Queen’s order: “In the kingdom of John Paul II the cornerstone of Peter’s grave must be removed and transferred to Fatima.” On Peter, the Rock, Jesus Christ built his Church. But the tomb of Peter also means the death of the Mystical Body of the Lord Jesus on earth. The Roman Catholic Church is dying right before our eyes. Peter the Apostle was a living stone, so taking a stone out of his grave in the kingdom of John Paul II means taking from his kingdom, i.e. Poland, a living man and transferring him to Fatima. For what? At the time of the apparitions at Fatima in 1917, Portugal had its King Manuel II, but he was in exile in England after the overthrow of the monarchy by the Freemasons on October 5, 1910. During the Great War, subsequent monarchies fell into the hands of the Masons, including the Austro-Hungarian and German empires. Anti-church led by Satan began to dominate the political life of then Christian Europe. In the face of the progressive spiritual degradation of Christian societies, the Holy Virgin prepares her king who will deal with Her against the eternal enemy of the Church on earth, Satan. What does King Manuel II have to do with this? Because the name Manuel II also means ‘second Emmanuel’. Who is the first Emmanuel? Jesus Christ the King. Who is the second Emmanuel? The promised Paraclete, the great monarch of the end times! [Matt 10:34]: The Lord Jesus really brought the sword upon earth! Why does the rock on which the Church will be rebuilt in the form of God’s kingdom come from Poland? Because this is the beloved kingdom of the Holy Virgin, the Apocalyptic Woman, kingdom chosen by Her personally! Interesting, isn’t it?
Nov. 10, 2019 on the feast of Maria Santissima del Monte Carmelo, Bagheria (Palermo, Sicily) and commemoration of Pope Saint Leo the Great

James Joseph said...

The Galway Tribe name Martin is Jewish. If Mr. Martin springs from that stock an article like this is suspect.

Anonymous said...

Really? So is St. Therese suspect too?

David Martin said...

Re: Constantine - Freemasonry had no part with the founding of our country, but there were a handful of initiates who approached the founding fathers in an attempt to influence them, but they failed. Haym Solomon paid Washington and the Continental Army $22 million to go forward with the Revolutionary War, not because they approved of its objective but because their plan was to hijack this new country and use it to spearhead their own new world order, which is not to be confused with the new Christian order the fathers were attempting to establish. Washington simply wanted independence from the Masonic Church of England so that a free Christian nation could emerge while these Illuminati snakes were gleefully eye-balling this new prospective country for the advance of their own satanic world order. But they failed, God blocked them, and the fathers succeeded. And while many agents of the NWO (like Woodrow Wilson and FDR) have since tried to subvert America their efforts have failed until more recent times. In the past few years and months the internationalists are making great headway but God has raised up Trump to knock them down. We have reached a historic crossroads where much of our success will hinge on the vote in November.

Another point: Washington refused to enter a Masonic lodge. The painting of him with the 'hidden hand' is only a painting, not a photo. He was a true friend of the Catholic Church who forbade people to speak against the Church. He converted to Catholicism but prior to this he would always hear Mass and pray in Catholic Churches. His most prized possession was a statue of Our Lady of Grace. I believe Trump is a candidate for conversion who will follow Washington's lead. He has all the marks.

David Martin said...

Re: MyronM - That theory about the Fatima Third Secret is fake. It was fabricated by sedevacatists who refuse to believe that Rome is the center of Christendom. They're just trying to establish the fallacy that the curates that have resided in Rome are not popes. They don't believe in the papacy.

Unknown said...

Let's increase our rosaries for President Donald Trump to be reelected he is definitely the right man for the job of leading our Country back to God and also pray for his conversion to the Catholic Faith! DEC

Anonymous said...

I hold the sedevacantist opinion and believe in the papacy.
Learn before you start unintentionally talking like a disonfo agent.

Bob Ellis said...

Martin is just cutting and pasting social media snippets from the preppy conspiracy theory driven QAnon crowd. Why think for yourself when some gun toting ratbag dressed in a lumberjack shirt, a MAGA baseball cap provides the ideological gibberish for free.
Get help.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the dates! Feb. 10 is my godmother's birthday and June 13 is my mentor's birthday. Now I have 2 more good reasons to celebrate.


Anonymous said...

The Third Secret of Fatima was written in January 1944 not April (unless you're thinking of the Third Secret Vision which was released in 2000, which is not the Third Secret per se).

Anonymous said...

100% agree.

Anonymous said...

Stop watching the Communist News Network and start watching real news.

MyronM said...

Re: Anonymous:
Sister Lucy wrote the date 1 - 4 - 944. This is the European way of writing: day - month - year. Americans read month-day-year according to their style and make a significant mistake. The 3rd Secret of Fatima I quoted was investigated by Ms. Begoña Slocker de Arce, professional graphologist* and recognized as the authentic handwriting of Sister Lucy dos Santos.
* https: //

MyronM said...

Re: David Martin
If a true sedevacantist were writing this secret, the phrase "In the kingdom of John Paul II" would not have passed through his mouth.
The course of events in Rome and in the Church around the world confirms the authenticity of this secret. Sister Lucy wrote this secret down on the Saturday before Palm Sunday [April 1, 1944], on the threshold of the first Holy Week. In 2012, the last year of Benedict XVI's reign, the 69th Holy Week was celebrated. 3rd Secret says: "If 69 weeks after this order is announced, Rome continues its abomination, the city will be destroyed." In 2013, i.e. in the 70th Holy Week, Jorge The Apostate began the methodical demolition of the Roman Church.

Kristi said...

What if POTUS 45 would have been somebody else?