Friday, July 10, 2020


Hey bishops:

You put too much stock in the hope you could live off of the wealthy, comfortable suburbanites who liked coming to Mass once in a while as long as your priests didn't offend them, they didn't talk about sin, and you offered them the opportunity to partake in some dopey liturgical function.

Well, guess what?   They aren't coming back.   Even Susan has been AWOL.  We called the local  Jewish and Masonic nursing homes and they haven't received anyone by that name.

Meanwhile, those Latin Mass Catholics that you have marginalized for so many years; they're clamoring to get back in the churches.  If Covid-19 was the neutron bomb for the American Church, these survivors are the cockroaches that scurry about the empty church buildings.  You have been played for fools.  To wit, you facilitated the very thing you feared the most.  Die List der Vernunft.  

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James said...

Don't forget the many lazy, frightened, pansy diocesan priests who think that it's great to collect a paycheck and have all of their temporal needs met, while working a few hours a week performing on Youtube. They are not getting paid by the Parish, so why should they care if anyone is there or not.
They are too busy binging on episodes of Queer Eye and doing their nails.

Anonymous said...

The average Novus Ordo cleric of 2020 consists of what he's received,learned, + been instructed to do,since 1965,
bare minimum.
We're all aware the war on Catholic liturgy family doctrine and social life visibly began circa early 1950's.
Pray for the religious men + women of the Novus Ordo,and for their lay faithful.