Tuesday, July 14, 2020



Anonymous said...

thinker and reader-----

you know it occurs to me....when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor, they shouted "Tora Tora Tora".....and these Jews talk about the TORAH! Coincidence?

I'm sure you smarter people can make the connection!

Anonymous said...

One time a Jewish captain was flying with a Chinese co-pilot.

Jewish captain: I don't like Chinese people.
Chinese co-pilot: Why??
Jewish captain: Because you bombed Pearl Harbor!
Chinese co-pilot: Chinese no bomb Pearl Harbor. That JAPANese no CHINese!
Jewish captain: Chinese, Japanese... All the same to me.

Chinese co-pilot: Well, I no like the Jew!
Jewish captain: Why don't you like Jews you slanty-eyed little ba$tard?
Chinese co-pilot: Cause you sink the Titanic boat.
Jewish captain: That wasn't the Jews you cretin. That was an Iceberg!!!
Chinese co-pilot: Iceberg, Goldberg... all the same to me.