Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Holy Skojec Collaborates With Pro-Abort Fake Conservative Talk-show Host to Spread Covid-19 Hysteria

Edit:Of course Holy Steve's donors want him to push the Bat AIDS narrative. I'm shocked Holy Steven hasn't held a fruity, personalized corona mask contest or something. He's even signaling with Allen Ginsberg's former bodyguard, Pro-Abort, Michael Wiener. Wiener does have a past even more curious and compromising than Skojec's weird, Pentecostal past in Regnum Christi and Stupidville University.

Is Micheal Wiener's mask slipping as he trashes millions of his Christian fans?

"Meanwhile, the Catholic commentators who have lent credence to this [coronavirus hysteria] farce - we all know who they are - should have enough honesty to hang their heads in shame for the way they led the faithful, by fear, into the jaws of tyranny." - Chris Ferrera

[Catholic Monitor] One Peter Five publisher pro-tyranny Steve Skojec, who joined Pachamama apologist Mike Lewis' Where Peter Is in his campaign for coronavirus hysteria tyranny, is apparently united with Team Francis in attacking Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano:

"This is an unpopular but reasonable take. I've already said multiple times I think Vigano has downgraded himself from propheit to pundit by speaking too often, and these days only by way of opinion. It's not that nothing he says has value, but I wonder if he's out of facts." twitter.com/FrHilderbrand/… [https://mobile.twitter.com/steveskojec/status/1269769486338420742]

Michael Savage on Mandated Birth Control at Mere Orthodoxy...

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Frank of Queens said...

Michael Savage (Wiener) merely ripped of faux conservative and combat radio pioneer talk show host Bob Grant's (Roberto Gigante): Bob Grant Mandatory Sterilization Act of 1978. It started to pick up steam again after the invention of Norplant.

Wiener has been ripping people off for years. He doesn't have an original thought.

Monica said...

What will their mothers say?