Monday, May 18, 2020

President of the Catholic Medical Association Says Hand Communion is More Infectious Than Communion on the Tongue

Prof. Filippo Maria Boscia, President of the Catholic Medical Association: "Hand Communion is more dangerous than oral Communion".

(Rome) Numerous Episcopal Conferences around the world, including those of the German-speaking area, have forcibly introduced [sacrilegious] hand Communion in Novus Ordo. They justify this with protective measures against the Coronavirus. This is contradicted by the President of the Association of Catholic Doctors, Prof. Filippo Maria Boscia.

The usefulness of state radical measures is increasingly being discussed. The same applies to the proportionality of episcopal requirements, which have been made a condition for the re-opening of public Masses.

The doubts range from a distorted re-discovery of the Ostiarian [Porter] to the registration requirement and disinfection, to masks in the sanctuary. Concerns revolve not least from a climate of fear and insecurity that is fostered by this, with which the Church runs the risk of dragging fearsome people even deeper into a spiral of fear, instead of using reason and moderation to correct the out-of-control standards.

At the centre of the criticism, however, is the compulsion to communion in the hand, which was decreed by the bishops. Over the past 50 years, there has been a real re-education in the German-speaking area when it comes to receiving communion. In 2020, many Catholics no longer know that the proper form of Communion is on the tongue. Hand Communion is only a tolerated exception, which was at first initiated by the German bishops against the Holy See with open arrogance, similar to what is happening today with de facto recognition of divorce, second marriage, intercommunion and the blessings of aberrosexuals. The result is numerous sacrileges and disturbing scenes, such as the Requiem for Bishop Kurt Krenn in 2014 in the Cathedral of St. Pölten when a believer knelt down to receive Communion, and the priest who was dispensing Communion told her not to "flaunt herself".

Under the pretext of the Corona crisis, the bishops made a formally tolerated exception a compulsion and completely got rid of the normative form of receiving Communion. If there is a lack of understanding among the faithful, it is because the clergy have already lacked it. The Church is understood hierarchically, which is why the crises start from above, not from below.

Prof. Filippo Maria Boscia, President of the Association of Catholic Doctors in Italy, disagrees with the bishops. Hand communion is by no means safer, but on the contrary, more contagious, according to the well-known physician.

He was very glad that public Masses were allowed again. It is right and important to protect health. Now, however, a discussion about the distribution of Communion has broken out.

"The problem that worries us all, we doctors first, is the spread of viruses. What is certain is that the hands are the part of the body that is most exposed to viruses because they grasp everything from infected things to money. There are people who are obsessed with the idea being infected and getting sick. I would like to tell you an anecdote about this:


At the beginning of my career, a fellow doctor handed me an elegant fountain pen so that I could sign a certificate. He didn't want it back because I had touched it and he gave to me. Since the situation embarrassed me, I bought him another fountain pen, but he didn't want it either, because it would probably have been touched by many before me and him. So I now had two elegant fountain pens. But he contracted a virus and died, perhaps because he lacked the antibodies."


Now to the question of receiving communion.

"Communion on the tongue is safer than hand Communion. The hands, as I said, touch everything. Hand Communion is therefore definitely more contagious. In Africa, I performed interventions in an operating theatre on a dusty road. No favourable conditions, but no one got sick. It wasn't a risk for these people.'


At the moment, many voices are heard, even the proposal to introduce tweezer Communion from Germany.

"Yes, I read that about the tweezers. Also the proposal to distribute the Consecrated Hosts in small envelopes to take away. Seriously, after the Spanish flu, we continued to practice oral Communion, and it was all the same as before. I think we are crossing the line of common sense. We should not be chasing certain things. Yes, health is important, no question, but no to exaggerations and extravagances. As a doctor, I am convinced that hand Communion is less hygienic and therefore less safe than oral Communion. Apart from that, are we not told every day not to touch everything, to wash our hands, to disinfect, not to let our hands touch the face, the eyes, in the nose? We have to follow some healthy rules that are helpful. We have no fears and speculations, let alone chasing commercial interests."

The so-called Corona deaths in Italy are on average 80 years old. In some countries, even a little older.

"Fragility has always accompanied the last stage of our life, in which our health is more vulnerable. I do not want to go through a court case in terms of the treatment of patients. If I were to make criticisms, I would address them to the families. Many of the dead have died in retirement homes. In many cases, the families have deported their loved ones there. I wonder: Why didn't you keep them with you? At a certain age, people need far more humanity than any treatment. Unfortunately, there is a tendency to outsourcing and hospitalization. In doing so, we have sterilized and standardized the transitional rites, but dehumanized them and thereby lost the sense of compassion for the pietas in the true sense of the word."


Text: Giuseppe
Nardi Picture: LFQ

Trans: Tancred



AMalek said...

If these cowardly bishops are so afraid of cooties on the Host, they should rather not distribute than to profane.

Anonymous said...

“ Hand Communion is only a tolerated exception..” A pandemic caused by a highly transmittible virus might be one of those tolerable exceptions. Moisture is the greatest aid to the viruses transmission. Exhaled breadth is moist. The virus reproduces is the front area of the nose. People exhale moist virus laden air through their nose onto the priests hand. Yes, not distributing communion is better than profaning the Blessed Sacrament. #BadScience

Anonymous said...

Whoopsie-daisy.....the Vortex just published on YouTube another kick in-the-nuts for the SSPX!

All similar Protestants outraged!

Unknown said...

Church Militant has AIDS.

FDR said...

I am very disappointed in Church Militant! I understand a few articles, but to beat a dead horse is uncalled for... Getting tired of the constant attack!

MyronM said...

The Abomination of Desolation

The Lord Jesus really allowed his faithful to receive the Holy Eucharist in a standing position to show that they are in such circumstances as the Israelites during the last Passover before leaving Egypt! In addition, you could take the Host in your hand, because it is food for the journey! What should the faithful go from? From the Great Whore, which has all the qualities of a disgusting Sodom!
Revelation to John [18, 4-5] "And I heard another voice from heaven, saying: Go out from her, my people; that you be not partakers of her sins, and that you receive not of her plagues. For her sins have reached unto heaven, and the Lord hath remembered her iniquities. "
In November, I asked the good God five times whether the daily Sacrifice stopped on October 27, 2019, and I got the answer five times - via the Holy Bible - that it happened that scary day! Carefully read the 3rd Book of Kings (1 Kings; DR version) [12, 25-31] and replace Jeroboam (meaning "the People Contend") with rebel Jorge the Apostate, instead of King Rehoboam of Israel (= meaning "He enlarges the People") put in our Lord Jesus Christ and his rightful descendants (that is Children of the Church), and in place of 2 golden calves give 2xPachamamas and "priests" from among ordinary people ("viri probati"), and you will understand all the drama of God's people these days.
I also received a physical confirmation of this situation: On December 26, I went with my son for the pardon to the baroque church of Saint Stephen (and Anna the Mother) in a neighboring village. We stood in a long queue for Communion in a narrow passage between the pews and the hanging ambo, and then one of the priests came and told me to go back so that he could give away hosts. There was a small commotion, backing away, I lost my balance, but my son supported me. We had to go back toward the temple exit. It was the day of stoning st. Stephen the Deacon outside the city walls, and then I realized that this priest did not come to us with the Heart of the Lord's Body (= the Holy Eucharist), but with a stone heart - the opposite of that of the prophet Ezekiel [36, 26]!
Why did the Lord Jesus not declare this fact - the cessation of the Daily Sacrifice - in an open text? After nearly 20 centuries of feeding us with his Holy Body, He expects his chosen ones to be mature enough to judge the state of affairs themselves, I suppose. Especially that for over 6 years they have often seen with what contempt Jorge the Apostate, alleged pontifex maximus, treats the Blessed Sacrament of the Altar in the absence of any protests from other priests. The measure of wickedness has been fulfilled. There is no more urgent reading these days than the Apocalypse.
January 2, 2020, Feast: Virgen del Pilar, Zaragoza, Aragón, Spain

The Church history shows that Catholics can survive for decades (USSR) and even centuries (Japan) without priests and the Blessed Sacrament. The Apocalypse, however, speaks of a period of three and a half years.
God does not share the altar with Satan. The daily Sacrifice ceased in Rome at noon [CET] on October 27, 2019. That day was the commemoratio of Saint Abraham the Poor (or the Child) - Abraham the Patriarch, the Father of Faith, has actually returned to his place! [Genesis 18:33]
If the abomination of desolation was placed on the altar of the Lord over the tomb of Saint Peter on October 27, 2019, than 1260 days will end April 8, 2023, Holy Saturday; 1290 days: May 8, the feast of Our Lady of Luján (Argentina), Apparition of Saint Michael the Archangel (Gargano, Italy), Saint Stanislaus (in Poland); 1335 days: June 22, Ss. John Fisher (the last Catholic bishop, England) and Thomas More (the last Catholic Lord Chancellor, England).

Dan said...

Your confusing us with facts.
The liturgical ideologues refuse to bow to the superiority of common on the tongue for any reason.
I can administer holy Communion on the tongue and never touch any part of the persons mouth, but routinely when I administer in the hand I often inadvertently touch some part of the hand.

Peter Watson said...

This Nardi piece is a classic example of the way a religious sectional interest distorts the sound principles of medical science and universally accepted principle of good hygiene in order to defend the liturgical rubrics of 1570.

Anonymous said...

This debate is another straw man fabricated by the novus ordo crowd. Holy Communion is Our Lord's greatest gift to His sheep and should be venerated by kneeling and receiving on the tongue. The hoax virus transmission argument via the sacred host is proposed by the same gang of hipster "catholics" who stand in line at halal food carts in NYC. Please, I have heard and read so many variations on this ridiculous theme over the years each one another variation of their tiresome free masonic hatred for Our Lord. Whether it is hosts for snowflakes with celiac syndrome, tofu and rice cake hosts , grape juice for alcholic priests etc etc. all are loathsome flatulence proposed by a host of first world neurotics. While Bergoglio mocks the miracle of the multiplication of the loaves and fishes he and his band of modernists never cease to perform the canard of the miraculous draught of red herrings.

nazareusrex said...

About the translation
…. When a believer knelt down for the communion reception, the communion-giving priest hissed at her that she shouldn't "flaunt" herself.

Tancred said...


Anonymous said...

Finally, someone with common sense. Multiple coronaviruses are the usual influenza viruses. There is no special coronavirus. People with fever and cough have been given contraindicated medication and ventilation. They have given them medication against diseases they do not have, AIDS, malaria, cancer, sclerosis, etc. And to many contraindicated ventilation that has been triggered by the deadly cytokine storm. The sanitary chaos in some places, due to false alarmism, has caused it.

Epidemiologically, this coronavirus does not make sense. It jumps thousands of kilometers, affecting some places and not others, for no scientific reason. For example, it hardly affects India, which has a border with China, more inhabitants than China, and very poor hygiene measures. Has no sense.

We must go back to the usual scientific medicine, the one that cures, forgetting new anti-scientific protocols imposed in some places by power.

Anonymous said...

Read the Bible on the Last Supper. The 12 did not kneel receiving the Eucharist. Even the Mother Mary received in the pages of vision of Maria Valtorta. And your disrespect of our Pope shows the condition of your soul. Please spend time with our Lord in the Blessed Tabernacle. Tell all these things to The Lord and ask Him to make you understand. Unity in our Church is important therefore whether you like it or not in unity you must address our Pope as Pope Francis. If you have problem on how he runs the Church, bring it in prayer to The Lord.

PW said...
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Anonymous said...

Years ago when people were still real Catholics the reception of Holy Communion was a rare event. Very few of those humble people considered themselves worthy of receiving the body and blood soul and divinity of Jesus Christ. Hence the Easter Duty obligation. If the virus brings back some of that reverence to this generation of V2 fools it will be a good thing.

Anonymous said...

I love Catholic Tradition so much I'm prepared to tell lies about scientific principles, and endanger people's lives in order to show my devotion. After all, it's only the over-80s who are in danger, isn't it?

Unknown said...

Hmmm. I believe it to be far worse to receive the Most Blessed Sacrament in a sacrilegious fashion. Therefore, if not permitted to receive Him properly, a spiritual Communion is highly recommended.

Tancred said...

I hate Catholicism so much, I'm willing to tell lies about scientific principles so that my conscience can be killed. Oy veh!

Anonymous said...

¿Alguien puede dar la fuente oficial en la que este médico lo ha dicho?
Seguramente la comunión en sí misma no es fuente de contagio en ninguno de los dos casos (ni en la boca ni en la mano si se hace adecuadamente). Lo que sí es más probable es que con la mano, al subir y bajar la mascarilla toques alguna superficie potencialmente infectada, igual que es más probable que el sacerdote toque la mano que la lengua.
Como los que se ponen la mascarilla de capirote para comulgar y luego se la recolocan, pues claro que puede ser origen de contagio, pero no por la comunión en sí.
Lo que sí es cierto es que con la mascarilla seguir la pautas litúrgicas para comlgar en la mano es prácticamente inviable (se necesita en todo momento ambas manos, con lo cual o llevas una mascarilla automática, que creo que no hay, o no hay forma).

From Fr. Khouri said...

A spiritual Communion is not meant for times when there are validly ordained priests available. Choosing not to receive the Lord in the Most Blessed Sacrament however He is received is spiritual pride and a refusal of real, assured sacramental grace. You rely on spiritual Communion, I’ll rely on the words of the Lord, “Unless you eat the flesh of the Son of Man and drink His blood you have no life within you.”

From Fr. Khouri said...

Yes Anonymous, properly prepared, devout people should not receive the Holy Eucharist on a regular basis. Avoiding the source of the greatest grace in the world is a good thing! The Easter duty was instituted because so many people avoided Holy Communion out of laziness and spiritual sloth.
You need to worry about your own salvation and your worthiness to receive the Lord. Mind your own business and leave others to work out their own salvation in fear and trembling.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please direct me to the original source for these quotes? The Archbishop of the Military just banned communion on the tongue (Sept 2020) and I'd like to show him first-hand sources that prove it is no more dangerous. Thank you!

Tancred said...

Anonymous, if you're Italian, just get hold of Prof. Filippo Maria Boscia, President of the Catholic Medical Association.