Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Norma McCorvey Lashes Out One Last Time at Pro-Life Movement for Hulu Special

Edit: she was a troubled woman who felt exploited and unappreciated as she attempted to scrounge a living from Pro-lifeianity. She has taken this last opportunity to lash out at people she despised as she wasn't really very happy with her income and was working at trying to increase it. Never the less, she lashed out at people, including Father Frank Pavone, who tried to help her. It'll be interesting to see how Pavone tries to steer her legacy despite this. The Hulu special should be out soon, but why anyone would be surprised by it is beyond me. I suppose most people in the Pro-Life movement didn't see McCorvey's abusive, alcohol fueled rages. Of course, Lefties will be pleased at the defection by this obvious plant.
In its final 20 minutes, the documentary film AKA Jane Roe delivers quite the blow to conservatives who have weaponized the story of Jane Roe herself—real name, Norma McCorvey—to argue that people with uteruses should have to carry any and all pregnancies to term.

McCorvey, who died in 2017, became Jane Roe when, as a young homeless woman, she was unable to get a legal or safe abortion in the state of Texas. Her willingness to lend her experience to the legal case for abortion led to the passing of Roe v. Wade in 1973, which legalized abortions in all 50 states (though red states do all they can to get around this; recently, several have even used the COVID-19 pandemic to make abortions functionally impossible to procure). But conservatives had a field day in the mid '90s when the assertive, media-savvy pro-choice advocate and activist McCorvey became an anti-abortion born-again ex-gay Christian with the help of leaders of the evangelical Christian right, Reverend Flip Benham (of the infamous Operation Rescue) and Reverend Rob Schenck. A conservative film, Roe v. Wade, starring Jon Voight and Stacey Dash, will dramatize McCorvey’s “conversion.”

But those filmmakers, and the rest of the pro-life evangelical community, have another curveball coming. In the final third of director Nick Sweeney’s 79-minute documentary, featuring many end-of-life reflections from McCorvey—who grew up queer, poor, and was sexually abused by a family member her mother sent her to live with after leaving reform school—the former Jane Roe admits that her later turn to the anti-abortion camp as a born-again Christian was “all an act.” Link to Beast... AMDG


James said...

Poor thing.
Borderline Personality Disorder. These poor people can cause much destruction.
It is unfortunate that people refused to see her symptoms.

Anonymous said...

Typical Protestantism. The heresy is prone to ‘what’s in it for me’ problems.

CJ said...

The only “Frank Pavone” I know is FATHER Frank Pavone. Please, a little respect!

Tancred said...

Well, CJ, thanks for that. I think Father Pavone will find McCorvey easier to control now that she's dead.

I wonder if Lifesite will initiate a cause for canonization? They're already trying to pretend that this posthumous denunciation of their movement is fraudulent.

ChristineN said...

I’m suspicious considering that this
film was bankrolled by the founders
of the Lesbian Avengers and the
director claims Norma wasn’t even
Pregnant! 🤰

James said...

As I previously stated,the woman had Borderline Personality Disorder.
One of the manifestations of this is having everyone running around frantically trying to figure out what is going on, when YOU are the cause of all of the disorder.
She sat back and enjoyed it all. (And apparently counted the cash too.)

The memory of her should relegated to a back dusty shelf somewhere.

Tancred said...

It's more likely that she was just a confidence man.

The amusing thing is watching Pro-Life INC. try to spin damage control.

Anonymous said...

Keep this in mind. First, she set up a Pro-Choice orientated "Non-Profit". Second, she threw in with the Evangelicals who showered her with cash and prizes. Third, she came crawling into the arms of the Catholic Church expecting the same cash and prizes she received from the Evangelicals. The woman was a grifter.

James Joseph said...

There is a gem in that term pro-lifeianity. I have long argued that a non-tempered focus on pro-lifeianity issues can cause a myopia in otherwise healthy women.