Thursday, May 14, 2020

Hutton Gibson Has Died

Edit:   a reader just told me that Hutton Gibson has passed away.  Here's an obit from Father Moderator who is close to the deceased.  

 Hutton Gibson, father of actor-producer-director Mel Gibson and ten other children, and an outspoken traditional Catholic, who rejected both the heretical Newchurch of the New Order and the Society of St. Pius X, died (not of the Chinese Virus) on May 11, 2020, at the age of 101, having been born on August 26, 1918, three months before the armistice ending World War I was signed. He himself was a World War II veteran, serving with the United States Marines at the Battle of Guadalcanal against the Empire of Japan. Gibson was also a highly-successful quiz-show contestant in Australia and the United States, becoming Grand Champion of the famed "Jeopardy!" Tournament of Champions in 1968, winning well over 100,000 U.S. dollars from his various contests. 
It was only fitting that a man who had so staunchly promoted and defended the traditional Catholic Faith all his life should have had a happy death, fortified by the traditional Last Rites of the true Catholic Church  and surrounded by his family. In the cause of traditional Catholicism, which he vigorously advanced throughout his long life, Hutton Gibson founded the Alliance for Catholic Tradition, wrote six books, and published a monthly traditional Catholic periodical, "The War is Now!" He rejected the post-Vatican II heretical Newpopes as null and void.  

Hutton Gibson published six books and one video that expose the invalidity of the Newchurch of the New Order, founded on November 21, 1964, at the Vatican II Anti-council. He wrote early on about what has become clear to many only now, many decades after the Anti-council, that the Anti-council and Newchurch has in fact been initiated and run by Modernists and Freemasons. Gibson published three book collections from his periodical "The War Is Now!":
  1. Is the Pope Catholic? (1978)
  1. The Enemy Is Here! (1994)
  1. The Enemy Is Still Here! (2003)
Gibson also published three other books and one video: 

  • The Robber Church
  • Authority & Jurisdiction of the Society of St. Pius X
  • Time out of Mind
  • Catholics, Where Has Our Church Gone?(video)
  • In 2006 Gibson purchased a church building in a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, and founded there the St. Michael the Archangel Roman Catholic Chapel.



    Irenaeus said...

    May he rest in peace.

    Treasa. said...

    Lord rest Hutton in peace in the Heavenly Kingdom. Deep sympathy to all the family. With gratitude for Hutton's paving some of the paths which we have been following. Please God these diverse paths will unite at the foot of the Throne of God.
    Treasa. Australia.

    Constantine said...

    May he rest in peace

    susan said...

    No doubt his influence and witness to his son is part of the reason the world has the best movie and mystical-prayer aid ever made...The Passion of the Christ. I personally owe him a great debt for that, and will include him in intentions of my Rosaries this week.
    Eternal rest please grant unto him O Lord, and let perpetual Light shine upon him.

    Anonymous said...

    What line of Priests services Hutton Gibson + Mel Gibson's chapels?
    Requiescat in Pace Mr.Gibson

    Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

    The faux priest of Traditio...

    Anonymous said...

    Thank you.
    No one has any idea who
    "Ordained" "Fr" Morrison.
    I've read the story about the Lutheran church ordeal but even that account is unsubstantiated.
    1 Thuc line Bishop I knew in the
    Des Lauriers line said an
    Old Catholic Bishop from the
    Utrecht line conditionally ordained him from what he had been told.
    He had no idea if it was true & didn't know what to believe.