Thursday, May 14, 2020

Evil Fargo Bishop Tries to Impose Sacrilegious Handcommunion

Edit: Communion in the hand is a sacrilege.   We wonder how our friend on the margins is doing?  Need we remind that Communion in the Hand as a concept is a Calvinist innovation? Not even that pimp Martin Luther would have dared it.

[wdtprs] The Diocese of Fargo is one of the US dioceses which has improperly banned Communion on the tongue, in the context of the Wuhan Corona Lockdown Virus.  This ultra vires policy flies in the face of Redemptionis Sacramentum 92.

Fargo also violated Summorum Pontificum in applying this unfortunate ban to the Traditional Latin Mass, wherein it is not permitted to distribute Communion in the hand.

Responding to challenges to this power play, Bp.  John Thomas Folda, responded that:

Some have said that in conscience they cannot receive Communion in the hand, and so will not receive the Eucharist at all if they cannot receive it on the tongue. This seems to elevate a personal preference or stance to a higher level than the value of Holy Communion itself. There is nothing inherently irreverent in receiving Communion in the hand; the highest authority of the Church allows it. If one’s conscience places a higher value on a physical posture or manner of receiving than on the Sacrament itself, then I would conclude that the conscience is erroneous and has been improperly formed. It would make no sense to deprive oneself of the Body and Blood, Soul and Divinity of Christ, merely because Communion cannot be received on the tongue.

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