Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Evil Robber Bishop Who Pirates the Church for Aberrosexual Agenda is Going to Do the Bible

Edit: a Facebook Group called, "Clean the Church" just noted that Bishop Robber Barron is setting his destructive sights on something new.  The Bible.  Will his Bible be gay friendly and approved?  Barron is going to do the Gospels so you can, "read them like no one has read them before."   Novelty isn't a good thing.

+Barron's "Producer"!  As JohnPaul Norris notes:

Oh boy! It looks like "hell is almost empty" and "everyone has a reasonable chance of going to heaven", gay-promoting Bishop Robert Barron has decided to publish his own version of the Bible...

I wonder if his bodybuilding "producers" also edited his version of the Bible..

I guess that explains why Barron says so many disquieting things when it comes to challenging the consensus on aberrosexuality.



Amos said...

Barron also subscribes to the heresy of denying Christ's perfect knowledge while on earth and by extension errs on Christ's possession of the Beatific vision:

Clinton R. said...

I will continue to use the Douay Rheims version of the Bible and eschew the endless translations that have abounded since the end of the 2nd Vatican Council.

Anonymous said...

Before Christmas the Communist party of China planned to rewrite the Bible to their liking.

James said...

Quite sure that he had "input" from his Producer.

Anonymous said...