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Freemasons of France: "Notre Dame Should be Deconsecrated (Profaned) and Made Into a Cultural Temple"

France's Freemasons want to take advantage of the devastating fire of Notre-Dame de Paris to profane the cathedral and to win it over to the state.

(Paris) It's 2019. In Cameroon, politics and business are secretly controlled by Freemasonry. In France, Freemasons are increasing the pressure to take the ruined Notre-Dame cathedral from the Church and rebuild it into a "laicized" (Secular) cultural temple.

The state's bishops' conference complained about this condition in a public appeal. The first signatory is the President of  the Bishops' Conference, Monsignor Abraham Boualo Kome, Bishop of Bafang and Apostolic Administrator of Bafia.

The bishops' appeal expressly contains an invitation to stop the beaproned lodge brothers, rosicrucians and witches.

“Right now, in some parishes in our diocese, in parish councils and even in some diocesan bodies, there are more and more people with increasing responsibility who are Freemasons and Rosicrucians or who are devoted to witchcraft. Such a situation requires clarification."

The bishops emphasize not only "wanting to recall the basic lines of the Magisterium" through such more or less secret and occult groups, but "wanting to give precise, pastoral directives" ... "to proclaim and defend the faith in Jesus Christ who has died, buried and rose again.”

Freemasonry controls politics and business in Cameroon

Only last July 5 the United Grand Lodge of Cameroon wrote to the Prime Minister of the country with the requirement to appoint Lodge Brother Desiré Mama Ndjikam in charge of the important Lake Monound Project.

The Masonic Ndjikam has already held numerous, influential positions, the circulation of amounts of money, including Conaroute, the National Council for Road Construction .

The bishops are concerned about the increasing influence of Freemasons in the African country and the ever new and ever unabashed demands.

The Grand Lodge of Kamerung was formed in 2001 out of four lodges, which at that time were consolidated in the District Grand Lodge of Cameroon under the Grand Lodge of France.

With their appeal, the bishops recall that “the Christian religion is not our invention, but the religion revealed to God by Moses himself, which was fulfilled in and through Jesus Christ and brought to a consummation. Our faith is based on the truths revealed by the Lord. The truths are called dogmas. No Catholic can contradict them without denying their faith. It is about the dogmas of the Most Holy Trinity, Incarnation, Resurrection, Ascension, Immaculate Conception and the Assumption of Mary.”

The bishops also affirm that Catholics are strictly forbidden from belonging to the Rosicrucians and similar groups because their teachings contradict the truth of the Gospels. The Rosicrucians, according to the bishops for explanation, see no person in God, but only as a kind of spiritual energy, the source of all material vibrations. The path to declared pantheism is no longer far away.

The bishops call for a solid instruction of the faithful in the truths of the faith, which should be free from ambiguities. The reason, according to the bishops, is that ignorance is the most common reason that people fall victim to sects and Gnostic associations.

The bishops call on the faithful to "ceaselessly" confess their own faith in Jesus Christ who died and rose.
The call of the bishops knows no false compromises. Such an attitude is unfortunately very rare to find among Europe's bishops, which is why they hardly oppose the Freemasons anymore.

Fire as an excuse to turn Norte-Dame into a cultural temple

On June 17, the French daily L'Opinion published an interview with Jean-Philippe Hubsch, Grand Master of the Greater Orient of France, the country's most influential Freemasonry.

In the interview, Hubsch suggests nothing less than to deconsecrate (profane) the Cathedral Notre-Dame de Paris, which fell victim to a fire on April 14, from an as yet unexplained cause, and to transform it into a public cultural temple.

The beaproned lodge brothers in France immediately plunged into activism to raise funds for the reconstruction of the cathedral, which is the country's best-known national landmark. The Freemasons speak of a “gesture of republican solidarity,” but they do not mean this with unselfishness.

The Archdiocesan Press Office of the Archdiocese of Paris and even Archbishop Michel Aupetit of Paris have personally spoken repeatedly since the fire to emphasize the inescapable importance of the church as a place of cultus (worship).

In June, Archbishop Aupetit said in a sermon:

“Separating culture and cultus is the result of ignorance or ideology. A culture without a cultus becomes an unculture. This shows the abysmal religious ignorance of our contemporaries: by excluding the term "divine" and the name of God from the public sphere, by referring to a laity that excludes any visible, spiritual dimension."

But the beaproned brothers in the Masonic lodges do not give up. Notre-Dame Cathedral is to be taken from the Church and converted into a "secular" temple of culture. Not cultus, but culture, the motto can be summarized with the small difference of just one letter, which is, however, decisive.

Do you hear about it in the big media?

Were there any public voices heard in the major media that support the Church in France and Cameroon?
There is nothing more to say.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi 
Image: Corrispondenza Romana
Trans: Tancred


DIABOLIK said...

I am sorry, but after checking the website of l'Opinion, this article doesn't exist. Can you provide me with a link, please?

Tancred said...

jac said...

How can an atheist freemason call to "desecrate" Notre Dame since he doesn't even acknowledge sacred things that he cannot discern from profane things ?

Tancred said...

For the same reason Atheist polemicists will refer to clerics by their titles.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Dear Tancred. How is the praxis an principles of our modern Popes, Prelates and Priests different from the principles and praxis of Masonry?

Freemasonry and Religion
Prepared by the Masonic Information Center

Basic Principles. Freemasonry is not a religion, nor is it a substitute for religion. It requires of its members a belief in God as part of the obligation of every responsible adult, but advocates no sectarian faith or practice. Masonic ceremonies include prayers, both traditional and extempore, to reaffirm each individual's dependence on God and to seek divine guidance. Freemasonry is open to men of any faith, but religion may not be discussed at Masonic meetings.

The Supreme Being. Masons believe that there is one God and that people employ many different ways to seek, and to express what they know of God. Masonry primarily uses the appellation, "Grand Architect of the Universe," and other non-sectarian titles, to address the Deity. In this way, persons of different faiths may join together in prayer, concentrating on God, rather than differences among themselves. Masonry believes in religious freedom and that the relationship between the individual and God is personal, private, and sacred.

Volume of the Sacred Law. An open volume of the Sacred Law, "the rule and guide of life," is an essential part of every Masonic meeting. The Volume of the Sacred Law in the Judeo/Christian tradition is the Bible; to Freemasons of other faiths, it is the book held holy by them.

The Oath of Freemasonry. The obligations taken by Freemasons are sworn on the Volume of the Sacred Law. They are undertakings to follow the principles of Freemasonry and to keep confidential a Freemason's means of recognition. The much discussed "penalties," judicial remnants from an earlier era, are symbolic, not literal. They refer only to the pain any honest man should feel at the thought of violating his word.

Freemasonry Compared with Religion. Freemasonry lacks the basic elements of religion: (a) It has no dogma or theology, no wish or means to enforce religious orthodoxy. (b) It offers no sacraments. (c) It does not claim to lead to salvation by works, by secret knowledge, or by any other means. The secrets of Freemasonry are concerned with modes of recognition, not with the means of salvation.

Freemasonry Supports Religion. Freemasonry is far from indifferent toward religion. Without interfering in religious practice, it expects each member to follow his own faith and to place his Duty to God above all other duties. Its moral teachings are acceptable to all religions.

Prepared by the Masonic Information Center(12/93)
Revised (9/98)

JBQ said...

To many on the left inside the Church, churches are symptomatic of a "force of agitation and division". Communism wants to do away with any symbols of Christianity. Fulton Sheen talked of a modern Church "without a cross".----I met a woman who grew up in Albania. When the Communists took over, the first thing that they did was to round up the clergy of every type and send them to reindoctrination camps. Those that could not be brainwashed were executed.----Everyone in society was equal because there were no divisive influences such as religion. The state treated everyone the same. In America, that is now the plan for the radical left of the Democratic Party. ----There are obvious links within the radical left of the Catholic Church. The goals have merged and it is now only a matter of time. The lack of moral principles within the gay movement within the priesthood is what is very troubling. McCarrick was the pontiff's personal representative to China on at least ten occasions.

Anonymous said...

Assisi 1 1986.
Nostra Aetate 1965.
This has been going on for quite a while.
Jorge Bergoglio is simply more honest about the apostasy.
He's not lukewarm so pray for his conversion it's possible.

John said...

Sorry to be a pain, and maybe my French is a bit rusty but I can only find the text that says the masons refer to Notre Dame as a center of culture, not that they want to take it from the church and make it a cultural center.

Ce monument historique national est un lieu de culture. Nous n’y voyons pas un lieu de culte », explique-t-on au GODF. Un recueil de fonds a été organisé pour aider à la reconstruction dans le cadre d’un « geste de générosité républicaine ».

Is there something I missed?

Inner Decor Associates said...

Notre Dame is consecrated as the House of God and is named after the Virgin Mary. It belongs to the Church and it has nothing to do with secular culture.

The Masons are an extension of the Illuminati a subversive organization that doesn’t reveal its true purpose to its members. On the surface it shows that it is philanthropic, but those who have gone undercover it shows that it is satanic. They are the leaders of the New World Order, to destroy humanity.

The God of the Old and New Testament has always revealed Himself as the Triune God, God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit one in essence, One God! The Hindus, and Buddhist are polytheistic, pagans, and the Moslems created their own god, Mohammed, a pervert and child molester who made up his own religion by borrowing here and there. Therefore the masons have excepted all these religious sects into their organization because they share the same beliefs and same lord, the Devil himself. The lier and deceiver.

Unknown said...

Who said freemasons are atheists?
They aren't atheists, they're satanists.
We are so close to the antichrist.

But that's ok, because Christ will return in power when everything seems lost.
It's ridiculous see people think they can't destroy Catholic Church...
kkkkk... It's so stupid fight against God.

Tancred said...

Some Masons are avowed atheists .

Tancred said...

Akschually, rhe church buildings in France are owned by the French State.

Tancred said...

@John The Church doesn’t own Notre Dame in the first place, and the article deals specifically with the Grand Orient’s campaign to release the State from the obligation of paying fo the maintenance of places of worship under “laicite”, which is a direct attack on the accommodation of 1905 which then kept France from another civil war.

Tancred said...

@andre, longer than that...

Brandon said...

It should be noted that this came from an interview with Jean-Philippe Hubsch, Grand Master of the Greater Orient of France. The Greater Orient of France is not recognized as a legitimate entity in Mainstream Freemasonry; instead, the grand jurisdiction in France recognized as legitimate is the Grande Loge Nationale Française, whose grand master is Jean-Pierre Rollet.

Tancred said...

@Brandon, you're a low-level Mason, what do you know? Who's your pope, besides Satan?

Anonymous said...

I was implying bare minimum it started circa 1965.
Agree with you nonetheless.

Unknown said...

Grand Lodge of New York: “1. Each requires a candidate for admission to subscribe to certain articles of religious belief as an essential prerequisite to membership. 2. Each requires a member to conduct himself thereafter in accordance with certain religious principles. 3. Each requires its members to adhere to certain doctrines of belief and action. 4. The precepts contained in the "Landmarks and the Charges of a Freemason" formulate a creed so thoroughly religious in character that it may well be compared with the formally expressed doctrine of many a denominational church. The Masonic fraternity may, therefore, be quite properly regarded as a religious society, and the long line of decisions, holding that a religious society shall have sole and exclusive jurisdiction to determine matters of membership, should be deemed applicable to the Masonic fraternity.”
Encyclopedia of Freemasonry, Mackey p. 619 writes “Look at its ancient landmarks, its sublime ceremonies, its profound symbols and allegories-all inculcating religious observance, and teaching religious truth, and who can deny that it is eminently a religious institution? . . . Masonry, then, is indeed a religious institution; and on this ground mainly, if not alone, should the religious Mason defend it.”
"The religion of Freemasonry is not Christian" Albert Mackey Encyclopedia of freemasonry. 618
"Blue Lodge Masonry has nothing whatever to do with the Bible; if it did, it would not be Masonry, it would be something else" Chase's Digest of Masonic Law p 207
"The truth is that Masonry is undoubtedly a religious institution, its religion being of that universal kind in which all men agree" Albert Mackey [33rd degree Mason and Secretary General of the Supreme Council of the thirty third degree Scottish Rite] 'Textbook of Masonic Jurisdiction' p. 95
"The meeting of a Masonic Lodge is strictly a religious ceremony. The religious tenets of Masonry are few, simple, but fundamental. No lodge or Masonic assembly can be regularly opened or closed without prayer" T. S. Webb 'Masonic Monitor' p 284
"The religion, then, of Masonry is pure Theism" Albert Mackey 'Lexicon of Freemasonry' p 404
"Freemasonry is emphatically a religious institution; it teaches the existence of God. It points to the celestial canopy above where is the Eternal Lodge and where He presides. It instructs us in the way to reach the portals of that distant temple" Albert Mackey 'The Mystic Tie' p 32