Wednesday, April 15, 2020

SSPX Continues to Minister to the People of God Despite the Plague -- Taylor Marshall Comes to Mass With SSPX!

Edit: we've heard reports that the SSPX has continued Mass at his locations, but has instituted precautions like spreading people out and decontaminating the chapel after each Mass. It seems like these spiritual inheritors of Archbishop Lefebvre's Holy Ghost Fathers are no stranger to carrying on with their duties as priests through great plagues, if great plague this is.  Any further input by you, dear reader, would be much appreciated.

Meanwhile, Taylor Marshall, not exactly a friend of the SSPX in the past has exhibited interest in going to these wonderful SSPX Liturgies and apparently attended one on Easter

[SSPX]  The District of the United States for the Society of Saint Pius X is saying Mass at its chapels each day "for protection and deliverance."

As Father Wegner stated in his letter of March 14, 2020, the first measures the U.S. District will take against this malady are of a spiritual nature.

In these times, not only do we want to take the precautions to prevent the spread of disease, but we must redouble our prayers and penance, begging for God’s mercy. We will offer a Continuous Mass. This Mass will be the Mass of the day of Lent and the intention is “for protection and deliverance”. We will assign each priest of the District a day where he will say his Mass for this intention and will let you know which priest will say the Mass and where.


Anonymous said...

Voris reminds recently that one very positive effect of shutting down the Mass was that there were millions of fewer sacreligious Communions by those not in the State of Grace.....and the irritating C&E "Catholics".

Further, since 70% or more "Catholics" don't even believe in the Real Presence, Our Lord is witholding the Sacraments from an ungrateful people.

.......meanwhile, evil is on the rise and more the evil we live with daily isn't enough already!

Where is the Divine response to all these sins crying out to God for vengeance?

Anonymous said...

The SSPX may be wrong high up
on The Dogma but at
least they have real balls and
know the Church’s Mission
by heart ❤️

susan said...

And specifically what dogma would they be wrong about?

Anonymous said...

Just as a further FYI, the SSPX is not holding public Masses anymore in locations where they've been prohibited by the government. But they did not stop holding them until they were specifically forced to, unlike the traitorous Novus Ordo bishops who in most places closed down the churches totally or instituted far greater restrictions on the faithful than the local governments were requiring.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Assisting at The Holy Holocaust of The SSPX prevents the infections of New Theology, Modernism, Feminism, Sodomy, and Masonry

James said...

Out of boredom in corona isolation, I caught his podcast the other day. (What happened to the, gone to seed California skateboard boy, that was his partner?)
I found his coy, "I got to go to Mass and YOU didn't and I'm not going to tell you where", act, pretty revolting.

Why not just say he went to Mass at an SSPX Parish? It isn't a crime, you know.

Tancred said...

I thought the paranoid skateboarder who is Marshall's sidekick objected to the Society Mass?

Anonymous said...

he does.
he does.
You see, he's employed by a nominally Catholic School and assisting at an SSPX Mass will get you canned, but if he was a bridesmaid at a gay wedding, that would be okay.

Marshall would behave the same but he's no longer employed by the respectable and is therefore looking for a new gig.

Tancred said...

I suppose there's an SSPX seminary professor slot in his future.

Bishop Williamson used to hire laymen to help educate the seminarians.

Yves Girard said...
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PW said...
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Anonymous said...

Agree 100 %

Hans Kneesvonbumpsendaisie said...
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Anonymous said...

He's Opus Dei,would you expect any different?
Newer converts should be learning how to live the faith and give it 10 yrs or so before lecturing us weekly.

Anonymous said...

Fasting after Midnight for Holy Communion also prevents similar infections.