Tuesday, February 25, 2020

If It Had Been a Priest, It Would Have Been All Over the Papers

Edit: the Austrian press, like the Catholic Church in Austria, is dominated by Freemasons, Communists and Progressives of all kinds. Stories involving horrific cases in orphanages run by the government go largely unnoticed, despite the sheer number of the victims and the pedigrees of the perpetrators.  Those familiar with kreuz.net, which was silenced by a massive harassment campaign and federal police investigation, for suggesting a pervert comedian was in Hell, is almost completely silent now. It’s death coincided with Benedict’s resignation as well, and it was one of the most effective news outlets at exposing this kind of hypocrisy, and many of the priests who contributed to it seem to have gone silent as well.  It’s all very discouraging sometimes, but God is just.

[Gloria] Today in Vienna, I happened to overhear in a cafe the phone call of a lady from Upper Austria who was sitting at the next table.

She was looking at a newspaper. Presumably, she had just read something.

In any case, the lady said on the phone that there was a doctor “near her home" in Upper Austria who was currently in custody. He systematically and on a large scale sexually abused boys and also real children after having drugged them. The doctor had also made films with them etc.

There are 114 documented cases, but not all cases are known yet.

The lady wanted to know who this doctor was and tried to find out more through the medical association and through other doctors. Nobody shared even the slightest information.

No name could be reconstructed from the media reports, not even what kind of doctor the accused was.

Then she said: "If that had been a priest who had made even one wrong move, it would have been a huge scandal; all the newspapers would have been full for days."

But with a doctor this is treated like an "unfortunate mishap". From this she drew the conclusion that nobody really cares about the children.



JBQ said...

Malachi Martin did exorcisms. He said that it was "standard operating procedure" on the part of law enforcement to not release any information in regard to devil worship. He had a friend in Wisconsin, Rev. Alfred Kunz, who was brutally murdered. It was a foregone conclusion that it was related to his investigation of covens and such.----I believe that here in America that this is just the "tip of the iceberg" in regard to child sex abuse. There are just too many "people of influence" involved. Look at the Pizzagate scandal in DC which quickly went away. I personally believe that the reason for the "lid on information" is that "one domino" with too much accurate information could cause all of the dominoes to fall one by one.---The two rich brothers involved with Pizzagate who were big fundraisers for the Democrats had a rich estate in Portugal. They were there one mile away when little Madeline McCann disappeared. The guess is that her two parents were there to participate in illicit activity. Both were doctors. Mothers just do not leave children alone like that.---Just to equalize politically. Republicans have their own skeletons. One such example was involving Boys Town, Nebraska. Orphans from the well known Catholic orphanage were used at "fund raisers" for rich contributors.There was known sex abuse involved linked to one of the political minds (K.R.) in the party who was linked to the Bush tandem.----The missing paperboy in Iowa surfaced through these connections. These people are evil. Events associated with Jon Benet Ramsey is just one more known example where political influence killed any prosecution.---There is a "just judge" who protects the innocent. The Holy Innocents killed by Herod were judged to be saints. Now in today's liberal Church, they are nothing more than "political footballs" which hold back the development of women and the unleashing of the gay agenda within the Church.----As Admiral Hyman Rickover, founder of the nuclear Navy, stated: "we are all doomed to ultimate failure" but not in the eyes of God. For those who protect children, they will be rewarded. For those others, there is a "millstone" waiting.

PW said...

Never find yourself between Popeye and a ripping good free association, stream of consciousness conspiracy theory,

Anonymous said...

MM didn’t do exorcisms.

susan said...

"Over a period of 30 years Malachi Martin performed thousands of exorcisms under the authority of the Catholic Church."

Tancred said...

Gaybriel’s contempt for MM is pretty satanic. I guess we know he’s not the deranged Blair Kaiser now.

Anonymous said...

I hope this story which was related to me in 2015 is true.
Someone who is "in the know" told me
Fr.Malachi Martin made a true reversion to trad-Catholicism the last 8 years of his life,maybe longer.
They added while being a mysterious figure,we'll never know the full truth about his life post 1965.
Still he surrounded himself with traditional Thuc line priests/bishops and was fully supportive of the Catholic remnant early as 1990.
His one hope was Thuc SSPX and SSPV clerics would work together.
(An admirable thought)