Friday, January 24, 2020

Mass Shooting in Baden-Württemberg

After shots in Rot am See in the northeast of Baden-Württemberg, several people died on Friday, police said. The investigators initially did not comment on possible backgrounds. A suspect was arrested.

The Aalen police spoke on Twitter of gunfire in a building. There were several injuries, probably also deaths. There is no evidence of further perpetrators. The crime scene is in Bahnhofstrasse.
Police: Several dead and injured

To FOCUS Online, the police confirmed that several shots were fired in Aalen. There are several deaths and injuries. The suspect was arrested. The police assume a relationship act, the perpetrator and the victims are said to have known each other. There are no indications of other suspects. The operation has been underway since 12.45 p.m., but the situation is now under control.
A user reported via Twitter that he had seen several police officers with submachine guns.

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Anonymous said...

When shots are fired and seconds count the cops are minutes away. Defend the 2nd amendment.

Anonymous said...

Was it a gun-free zone?

Tancred said...

It’d be a lot safer if it were an anti-Islam zone.

John Seipso said...

Don't jump up and down about killing by gunfire in foreign countries. Take a look at what is going on in backyard USA.

Over 50 Americans are massacred by gunfire mostly by other Americans every year. Americans are the most dangerous people on earth and they should, with very few exceptions, have no access to guns of any kind.

Anonymous said...

The perpetrator is a German citizen and the victims were his family members.

Constantine said...

The perpetrators are not guns. The perpetrators are people. Most of crimes in the US are disproportionately committed by US born blacks. But many are not. The US has dangerous levels of crime precisely because Americans are mixed and confused morally and socially and emotionally and religiously. The families are mostly dysfunctional due to lack of objective standards of behaviour and morals. Each person understands human dignity and morals in each their own way. No one way of understanding is acknowledged as right. Democracy freedom and individualism, coupled with immigration through centuries has made the US as an uncivilized morass with unity based on the common desire to make money and technology without a defined Christ, Christianity, or correct human understanding of Truth or Freedom.