Saturday, December 21, 2019

Islamic Invader Sues Minnesota Taxpayers When She’s Forced to Remove Headgear

Edit: the Pope hasn’t weighed in yet, but if this invader went back to her own country, she wouldn’t have to worry about being humiliated. Unfortinately, real Minnesotans who work will have to fork over $120,000 for this trivial affair.

How long before Minnesotans and others of European heritage address this forcefully, before they are displaced and subjugated in their own lands?

[Guardian] A Minnesota Muslim woman has received $120,000 to settle her lawsuit alleging she was forced to strip in jail and remove her hijab for a booking photo over a traffic offense, the woman and her attorneys said Tuesday.
Aida Shyef Al-Kadi appeared with her attorneys at the Minneapolis headquarters of the Council on American-Islamic Relations to announce the settlement approved last month.
Al-Kadi, 57, said her treatment at the Ramsey county jail in August 2013 was “one of the most humiliating and harmful experiences” of her life.
“I knew that I did not want any other Muslim woman to experience what I did,” she said.
A judge had issued a warrant for Al-Kadi’s arrest after she missed a court hearing over a traffic offense while taking her daughter to the hospital, the Star Tribune reported.



Anonymous said...

I wonder if this broad had a (((Lawyer))) helping with the lawsuit? Open Borders For Israel!

Tancred said...

I thought the same.

Mick Jagger Gathers No Mosque said...

Only in America could a government designated terrorist organization successfully sue a local government on behalf of a woman who is part of a stealth jihad.