Wednesday, December 11, 2019

Cardinal Schönborn Hospitalized Till January for Lung Infarction

The Viennese archbishop will spend several weeks in a hospital after a lung infarct for hospital treatment 

Edit: Lung infarction is the death of part of the lung's tissue due to a loss of blood supply.  It looks more serious than the Archdiocese is letting on. 

Vienna ( The Viennese Archbishop, Cardinal Christoph Schönborn (archive photo), is on the way to recovery after a timely recognized and well-treated lung infarction and is now well again. This is what the Archdiocese of Vienna reported to Kathpress on Wednesday. To rebuild his strength, however, the treating physicians advised Cardinal Schönborn to remain at the hospital for treatment over several weeks. The Viennese archbishop has been in hospital since the beginning of last week.

Cardinal Schönborn "unfortunately can not participate in public masses or appointments during the Christmas period and into January," the Archdiocese stated. He thanked for the many wishes for recovery and "asks all for understanding whose plans were confused by his illness."



susan said...

repent while you still have time schonborn.

JBQ said...

There are many diseases which are caused by the suppression of the immune system. We all know just what that "syndrome" entails with four letters of the alphabet. Just how many clerics and members of the hierarchy are now succumbing to the physical nature of their "Woodstock" lifestyle? ----The spiritual foundation of the priesthood of Melchizedek is "dead and gone". That is basically what Archbishop Carlo Vigano has been preaching. He appears to be just "a voice crying out in the desert".

Anonymous said...

He's probably a lot sicker than what is being claimed. Isn't he a smoker? I think so. Anyway, he's too old for anyone to seriously consider him as "papabile". Tagle would never be elected Pope. PArolin is in disgrace after the Vatican financial fiasco, and now so to is his boss Francis.....after it's been revealved that 85% of Peter's Pence goes to cover the Vatican deficit. And why are they in debt when under Benedict XVI there was always a small surplus?
Because donations are way down because Francis and his agenda are hated across much of the world. DUH.

Damian M. Malliapalli