Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Heralds of the Gospel Reject Papal Commissar

Heralds of the Gospel resist the Roman Commissar
(Brasilia) The Heralds of the Gospel have announced in a press release their opposition to the Roman Commissar's decree. It is a "private" association, which is why the Vatican has no jurisdiction to put them under provisional administration. The Heralds therefore do not recognize the apostolic commissioner.
The press release "The Private Association of the Faithful Heralds of the Gospel on the Acting Administration" states that its president, Felipe Eugenio Lecaros Concha, met with the General Council of the Association on 17 October to ratify the Roman Commissar's Decree and to discuss further procedure. From Rome the Heralds of the Gospel had been informed that they were placed under temporary administration. Even before they got the Decree, they had to read it in the Vatican media.
The Gospel Heralds in 2017 had more than 40,000 members worldwide. They are tight and well organized.
The Congregation of Religious had appointed Raymundo Damasceno Assis, Commissar in late September, with the approval of Pope Francis Cardinal, and Bishop José Aparecido Gonçalves de Almeida as his assistant.
The meeting of the General Council took place "in a climate of complete transparency and profound sincerity as they form the basis of this ecclesial community."
There was discovered "the absolute invalidity and complete illegality of the above-mentioned decree." The reason for this is a "fundamental error contained therein," which means a "serious canonical illegality" and the result of "invalidity".
The press release contains the full statement by the President to the Commissioner appointed by Rome and his assistant, with whom he met on 18 October.
"We must declare that we do not recognize your eminence as "Commissioner" of the private association of faithful Heralds of the Gospel ."
The main center of the Heralds of the Gospel in Brazil
The formal mistake, according to the Heralds, is that the Decree is directed to a "public union of believers," but that the heralds are a "private association." The legal difference lies in the degree of Church recognition and thus in the legal status. The "private association" represents a first stage of recognition at the diocesan level, which may lead to recognition as a "public association."
To illustrate the situation, the President wrote:
"It's as if a magistrate appears in the house of Antonio López with a notice to Pedro Rodríguez."
Mr López does not receive a valid judicial notification because of a personal error. Similarly, the Heralds of the Gospel can not receive a decree addressed to another union.
However, according to the President, it is crucial that the Heralds of the Gospel, as a "private association of believers," can not be the subject of a provisional administration, since such is not provided for by Church law. To subordinate a private association to a commissioner would mean "violating the sacred and inviolable right of the faithful to be able to unite in the Church with their own statutes and their own leadership."
"If the dicastery for lay people, family and life, to which we are directly responsible, takes no action, the matter is over for us, I have informed His Eminence."
  • The position of the Heralds of the Gospel is based on the opinions of canon lawyers, who were called in by the association. These stated that the Roman decree violates Canon 318 of the Codex Iuris Canonici, which provides for a provisional administration only for companies and public associations. Likewise, it violates the Canons 50 and 51 because it is not sufficiently substantiated and the association was not previously heard.
  • According to the report of "the renowned canonist, Lluis Martinez Sistach, only public associations of the competent ecclesiastical authority in serious cases and for serious reasons, temporarily" can be subordinated to a provisional leadership.
  • For private associations this jurisdiction does not apply. The ecclesiastical authority therefore has no possibility of replacing the chairman elected by the association's own statutes and the management of the association (Ius Canonicum, XXVI, No. 51, 1986, p. 173).
  • It should also be noted that in civil matters, the final judgment of the Tribunal de Relación de Coimbra, Portugal, of 17 May 2011, unanimously stated that "the private associations of faithful are subject to the supervision of the competent ecclesiastical authorities, but not by reference to their 'obligation of oversight' appointing commissioners as representatives of the association." Relations between Portugal and the Holy See are governed by a Concordat in force.
  • The most important testimony in this sense, however, comes from the Dicastery of Laity, Family and Life itself: it annulled the commissioner's decree of the archdiocese of Diamantina (Brazil) against the private association of the faithful Palabra VivaThe decree was annulled by the Holy See on 15 March 2016. The reason given for the annulment was that, under existing law, the appointment of a Commissioner (Can., 318) is intended only for public associations of believers (Cann., 312-320). A corresponding application to a private association of the faithful is not legitimate and the appointment of a Commissioner is therefore not permitted.
Cardinal Assis and Bishop Aparecido took note of the remarks made by the leader of the Heralds of the Gospel on 18 OctoberMsgr. Aparecido, himself a canon lawyer, said that the message was that he would write to the Holy See explaining that "there is indeed an admissible objection".
Heralds of the Gospel
The Congregation of Religious, say the Heralds, basically do not have jurisdiction over a private association of the faithful, regardless of whether their members are lay or clerical.
The leader of the Heralds of the Gospel also addresses the question of the reasons for the Roman Commissioner's decree. It was still "an unknown mystery," about what the association is being accused. The reasons given in the decree are of such a general nature and of "a suspicious inconsistency" that the only consequence is "great confusion":
"Because we are aware that the Heralds of the Gospel have committed no crime and have always maintained the integrity of the faith and customs. In this sense, it is noticeable that the previous Apostolic Visitation, which took place in an atmosphere of ecclesial communion and pervaded all of us, was completed without any "problematic" question, let alone a "serious one."
Rome wants to administer the association in a tacit and arbitrary manner. But why?
"Therefore, and because the purpose of the Congregation of Orders (an authority which has no jurisdiction over our lay association), is to ask the Prefect of this Congregation, Cardinal Braz de Aviz, with the necessary respect:
"If we did something wrong, then tell us clearly what. But if not, why are you trying to punish us at any cost?"
The meeting with the two prelates appointed by Rome also addressed the "moral lynching" of which the Heralds of the Gospel, since the Roman Commissioner's Decree, have undergone by the media-led through "anti-religious prejudices." This campaign had "caused irreparable moral damage," and the responsible leadership of the association must "react in time with the necessary means," even of a legal nature.
The broadcast concludes:
We turn our eyes to the mild and mighty Virgin Mary, of whose infallible help we are certain. We re-consecrate ourselves to Her and our apostolate of the Association of Heralds of the Gospel, which already belongs to her, all for the greater glory of God.
Sao Paulo, October 19, 2019
In memory of St. John of Brébeuf,
St. Isaac Jogues and companions, martyrs, and
St. Paul the Cross
Humberto Goedert
Press Officer of the Heralds of the Gospel

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Gospel Heralds (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred


JBQ said...

By looking at what is happening here, one can understand more clearly the reasoning for the overthrow of the traditional Catholic in Red China. This is not about "Gilligan's Island" with its simple message. It is about "Criminal Minds" and the complexities of sin which are relabeled as psychological addictions.---I just don't think that you can tell people that they can't like the Oak Ridge Boys or the Statler Brothers as agents of rigidity. Pope Francis crossed the deep chasm long ago. His pious piffle about a new humanism contains no rules of morality. I just don't think that was what the Redeemer had in mind.

M. Prodigal said...

Under the present pontificate commissioners are only imposed on holy institutions for one reason: to destroy them or make them kowtow to modernist leaning, destroying their holy charism along the way. There was a case when a 'visitor' came to check out the liberal, heretic sisters and came away apparently finding all was okay because they were already destroyed.

May the Heralds of the Gospel stand strong against the evil onslaught from the cesspool that is the present Vatican.

gm said...

With each passing day the orthodox resistance to the modernists continues to grow. It's up to the laity to take back the Church for our Lady.

Anonymous said...

The Heralds are wonderful, faithful and hard working. May God protect them, we love them here in Brazil, and may God also free them from envious devils.

Anonymous said...

The Heralds are heroes. My advice....."f" the Pope and the Commissioners. Join the SSPX who would be happy to have thousands of more faithful Catholics ready to defend the True Church and Mass and Catholic tradition.

Ignore the Commissars, Ignore heretic Pachamamma worshiping Pope Francis and company.

Damian M. Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

I am wondering why no commissioner has been appointed to look into Opus Dei. They claim to be so traditional, to require corporal mortification and celibacy of lay members, and Francis is always criticizing their 'ministries.' They also claim to be in communication w/Vigano who they claim is in hiding because his life is in danger from the Vatican for his 'testimony' (in what court?). Just the other day Henry Westen accepted an award on his behalf, and Christendom Bozell/Warren/Bethell CIA based LifeSite News has published several 'exclusive' interviews, though Church Militant has also published statements of Vigano. My concern is that how do we know Opus Dei hasn't murdered Vigano; or hasn't come up w/this 'hiding' blather to cover up his murder by the Vatican? It has been reported that Vigano obstructed justice in the Neinstedt case. How do we know he is not being held like Assange against his will and maybe subject to torture by Opus Dei operatives or even in U.S. CIA/FBI custody being blackmailed/tortured for information so that they can blackmail/prosecute church officials? It surely seems strange that neither the Vatican nor Vigano's relatives seem concerned about his whereabouts nor that the Vatican or any news organization, the U.N. or any government is concerned that he is accusing the Vatican of wanting to murder him.

"John-Henry Westen, Editor-in-chief and co-founder of LifeSiteNews, accepted the award on
behalf of the Archbishop who has been in hiding since publishing his testimony last year."

There is also the strange case of opus dei 'priest' abuser McCloskey: "According to a statement by Monsignor Thomas Bohlin, the vicar of Opus Dei, published January 7, “Father McCloskey currently suffers from advanced Alzheimer’s. He is largely incapacitated and needs assistance for routine daily tasks. He has not had any pastoral assignments for a number of years and is no longer able to celebrate Mass, even privately.”

But The Daily Beast found dozens of complex articles he wrote in 2017 and at least one article he authored as late as 2018—a book review of Aquinas and Evolution titled “How Does St. Thomas Aquinas Approach Evolution?” in National Catholic Register in which McCloskey is identified as a “church historian who writes from Virginia.”

If Father McCloskey is truly incapacitated, as his religious order says he is, it is nothing short of a miracle that he can write about such complex topics. And if he's not, it is nothing short of a lie."

Fr. C. John McCloskey, III, S.T.D., is a priest of the Prelature of Opus Dei. He is a Church historian and currently is Research Fellow of the Faith and Reason Institute in Washington, DC. From 1985-1990, he was a chaplain at Princeton University. [why doesn't lifesite news investigate all the opus dei bioethic businesses? Maybe PP is cutting into their cloning baby parts chimera 'research.']

Surely just because you are the chief money launderer (and that includes for China) for the vatican w/all your shell companies and rich super Koch Busch Epstein 'helpers' doesn't mean you get away w/murder does it?

Stephen Lee Bun-sang (born 10 November 1956, in Hong Kong; in Chinese: 李斌生, Lǐ bīnshēng) is a Roman Catholic priest, numerary of Opus Dei, former auxiliary bishop of Hong Kong, and the current Bishop of Macau.

Anonymous said...

Vigano was sent to the U.S. for exposing financial malfeasance by Bertone. "In the leaked letters, Viganò told the pope he could hardly believe what he discovered when he began combing through the Vatican's accounts... In all, Viganò claimed to have converted a deficit of some $10 million into a surplus of $43.5 million. But in the process, he made powerful enemies, and on March 22, 2011, Bertone curtly told Viganò that he was fired. In his letter, Viganò pleaded with the pope to reverse the decision. "My transferral ... would provoke profound loss and discouragement in those who believed it was possible to clean up many situations of corruption and prevarication," he wrote. The Vatican, he claimed, was "a kingdom divided into little feudal states ... [a] chaotic, an unimaginable situation." But Benedict was unable to save Viganò; he was impotent to cross the will of Bertone. The indignant Viganò was instead dispatched to... D.C."

Who did bertone's financial corruption benefit and who was handling the finances (as well as communications) for JP2 but Opus Devil? "On May 19, the glossy, gossipy German newspaper Bild Zeitung printed a report that made immediate headlines in Italy: Vatican prosecutors had begun to investigate allegations that Cardinal Bertone, as the Holy See’s Number Two from 2006 to 2013, had embezzled 15 million euros ($20 million) from Vatican accounts, apparently to benefit an Italian television producer, a former director of the state broadcaster RAI named Ettore Bernabei, with deep connections to Italy’s conservative establishment and a longtime membership in the powerful Catholic organization Opus Dei. The transfer of these funds allegedly occurred in December 2012. The Vatican press corps swiftly denied that a “criminal investigation” was underway, and Bertone himself insisted that the deal had followed “all the rules.”

Rather than exposing sodomites, perhaps Vigano knew too much about the financial malfeasance of opus devil and was discovered by them exposing it so that they themselves have taken him out and are now using a man they have murdered for their own propaganda purposes (like typical lawless tyrants: stalin/hitler who not only destroy their enemies but abuse the credibility of their own people to manipulate them (w/coup d'etats of JFK, moon landings, 911 where aluminum takes down steel and prop plane 'pilots' fly boeings, Freeh deals to cover up for Clinton, Barr at Notre Dame (whose father employed epstein)) not to attack sodomites in the priesthood--but those who would defend an ALL MALE priesthood. [same w/their throwing idols that are in churches run by their own 'friends' into rivers--and not one penalty for it (oh,'dr' marshall's wikipedia entry was tampered w/!]. oh cheer, cheer for your mess of pottage while your birthright is stolen from you].

Anonymous said...

Rossini's objective is to develop the research facility's capacity to rival secular scientific institutions, devoting enviable resources to neuroscience and oncology.
"When science is going very close to life and death we need good research to be able to compete with lay research," Rossini said. "The impact of science and medicine is a multi-faceted challenge and one of many frontiers the church has to face."
His mission bears a Vatican blessing. Tarcisio Cardinal Bertone, secretary of state and the second most senior official in the Roman curia, inaugurated the campus this year. He reminded assembled dignitaries of a key papal belief - that medical science must respect life - and told them: "Here you must transmit the gospel through your professional work, aided by modern technology.
"You have to make your voices heard in the world of science without renouncing the non-negotiable values of the human patrimony."
But Opus sceptics noted that Pope Benedict XVI did not attend the campus inauguration and interpreted his absence as a snub. There was also thinly disguised glee when the Vatican replaced Navarro Valls with a Jesuit priest as papal spokesman.

Anonymous said...

Inside the Vatican reported in 2002 that "although there are few Catholics in China, Opus Dei has many co-operators ... in the country. An entire youth group made the journey from China for the canonization [of Escrivá] and not a single one was Catholic."

The organisation systematically targets influential persons in the public eye, particularly journalists and newspaper columnists.

A series of pleasant young women was dispatched to befriend me over the years, a process with which I complied because I am always so curious about other people’s lives and the way they think. This curiosity verges on morbid fascination when it comes to people who willingly abandon themselves to the control of scarily obsessive religious groups and actually seem to enjoy it. It is so far removed from my own mind-set (I still wake up with a sense of relief that I have escaped the clutches of school) that to me it is like meeting somebody from Mars.

These women would pop down to Malta every month, from Opus Dei’s headquarters in Parioli, the most salubrious (and expensive) address in Rome...To my horror and disbelief, she thought they were justified, and like her predecessor, her face changed into a mask of hatred when she talked about it. “If you knew that people were being killed in that clinic, wouldn’t you attack it? Wouldn’t you burn it down? Wouldn’t you damage the lock so that the killers couldn’t get in?” she said, in the unlikely surroundings of a staid Sliema café....But those people can’t call the police, because in the United States abortion is not considered to be killing people,” she said. “So they have to take the law into their own hands.”

See if the president (CIC) tells you he will not use USAF to provide air support because he can't risk a war w/Russia (invasion of Berlin) or whatever his reasoning is, even if you disagree, he is the duly elected president and the commander in chief. If he tells you POINT BLANK there will be no USAF support--this invasion MUST succeed on its own and you go ahead anyway w/your BP fiasco lying to him that it will succeed thinking he will change his mind later when men you didn't tell there would be no air support are being massacred, the blood of those men is on your hands. And if you murder the president afterward, then your blood guilt simply increases. The lawless one is the antiChrist. Elites who think they are above the law are gnostics and practice masonry like the anglicans who gave up the mysteries of the true faith to avoid the miseries and keep the pleasures and power of this life.

Anonymous said...

Cardinal João Braz de Aviz of Brazil chilling remarked that 80 some new Religious Orders

are under investigation for being too Faithful. The Heralds are not a Religious Order.

Anonymous said...

Resurrection Chapel of St. Michael the ArchAngel VC2 Busch Opus Devil

Anglican Opus Devil Rutler

The Lodge of St Michael 7833 was consecrated on St. Michael's Day, September 29th 1962. Saint Michael the Archangel, venerated in Judaism, Christianity and Islam... brain-child of the late W. Bro. Rev. John Frederick Eric Borne PPGChap. He and I first met at an Installation meeting at Park Street Masonic Hall in 1958. He was at that time curate-in-charge of St. Paul's Church, Sculcoates. In 1959 he accepted the living of the Parish Church of St. Michael and All Angels, Sutton Ings, and was instituted and inducted in October of that year. I was organist there.

New Magis/Opus Devil/VC2 doctrine of the resurrection Anglican 'bishop' nt wright starting w/slide 51 (p50-53) esp see slides 62-63 "62.2. Jews believed in a group resurrection at the "end of days" but Christians believe in an individual resurrection at death." [1st many Jews including Herod thought Jesus was John the Baptist raised from the dead or Elijah and Jesus himself raised people from the dead; 2ndly when did Catholic church teach individual resurrection at death? Isn't that the judgment fairy s/h/it spitup?] 63.3 "Jews who believed in the Resurrection believed it had nothing to do w/the Messiah, but Christians believe the mission of the messiah was to give us the resurrection" {Not to atone for our sins, reconcile us w/God and open heaven if we follow Him. Seems prep for anti-christ.}

Also see slide 59 repeated 6 times: was a descendant of David now exalted as God and so is Messiah and Lord. The Acts of Apostles opens w/the Ascension into heaven and the promise of return to be our judge; but fairy s/h/it spit up is so glad VC2 didn't declare hell a place as Rahner teaches.

Our children got the big and little book so don't need the Bible.

The Principles of Personal and Social Ethics-no mention of abortion, birth control or euthanasia--and sodomy is due to a gene (no mortal sin either--no "full consent").

Animals were dying 15,000 years before Adam and Eve so death isn't due to original sin nor nature cursed. God created an imperfect world so we could form our identities (but don't worry at death everyone's resurrected to happiness (no bad near death experiences in fairy s/h/it's universe). It's not the parable of dives being given good things and lazarus not in this life and for his lack of charity dives is now in hell, but God sends evil rain according to farmer (!scientist!) spit up. Same vc2 70s bulls/h/it that hell is some meal w/long handled spoons and people who 'don't share' go there (and work it out w/out God how to eat) and that communion is some French pedophile having dinner w/retards (the one or two left after 60 years of opus devil bioethics). Credible catholicism taught by anglicans, atheist jews, heretic catholics, protestants, psychiatrists and secular experts! Opus Devil fighting myths by teaching your teen to believe: evolution, big bangs, near death experiences and that all religions have same 7 common denominators....

Anonymous said...

Both Paul Manafort and Roger Stone had their homes invaded by the FBI. Paul Manafort and Assange sit in U.S. jails and Roger Stone's illegal trial is coming up. Meanwhile S/H/IT Georgetown sponsored Podestas roam free. And it's the same Isis/Masonic worship coming from both the S/H/ITs and the Opus Devil/Maggots (they work together).

Isis then finds and buries each piece of her husband's body, with the exception of the penis, which she has to reconstruct with magic, because the original was eaten by fish in the river. According to Plutarch, this is the reason the Egyptians had a taboo against eating fish.

But the opus devils give podestas immunity:

CNN was tipped off by the Opus Devil FBI to 'capture' their unwarranted raid on his home:

And what is stone, manafort & assange's crime but exposing the crimes of the opus devils?

Now epstein's murderer Barr is at Notre Dame speaking about 'desacrament #1: religous liberty" and president trump is being impeached, but the clintons (and the s/h/its and the opus devils) just keep gettin' away w/murder.