Monday, October 21, 2019

A Long Awaited Splash for God's Glory

By David Martin

It’s being called the greatest news coming out of Rome in months!

Five of the Amazonian idols on display at the Vatican have been confiscated and thrown into the Tiber River by a handful of loyal Catholics, who in turn have circulated this on the Internet.

The trashing of the idols has been applauded by faithful Catholics the world over who are fed up with the profanation of the House of God that has been advanced through the Amazonian Synod presently underway in Rome.

Among the idols that were ‘drowned’ was the nude idol representing “Mother Earth” that has been adulated by the Vatican hierarchy as part of this synodal effort to make the Church bow to the planet. Francis and several cardinals were even filmed last week lighting candles and offering incense to the idol. Vatican rep denies claims that alleged ‘pagan’ statue is the Virgin Mary

It's uncertain how many of the idols are left in Rome. At least five are in the Church of Santa Maria Transpontina. In addition, there is at least one in the hall where the synod is being held, and perhaps another in St. Peter's Basilica, but we know that at least five of them are no longer desecrating the Church.

The group that did this cites their reason on the Internet:                                                      

This was done for only one reason:
Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, his Blessed Mother, and everybody who follows Christ, are being attacked by members of our own Church.
We do not accept this! We do not longer stay silent! We start to act NOW!
Because we love humanity, we cannot accept that people of a certain region should not get baptized and therefore are being denied entrance into heaven.
It is our duty to follow the words of God like our holy Mother did.
There is no second way of salvation.
Christus vincit, Christus regnat, Christus imperat!

The Vatican has decried the act, saying that it is “an insult to indigenous peoples,” but critics retort that it is Pope Francis who is an insult to indigenous peoples because he refuses to convert them from their indigenous ways, thus advancing their eternal banishment from God. He seems to have forgotten the first Commandment: "I am the Lord thy God; you shall not have false Gods before me."

It is expected that this latest splash will continue to generate waves worldwide. In the meantime, hats off to those faithful witnesses of Christ who pulled this off for God’s glory! May it resound the world over!


Elizabeth said...

Amen. Amen. Amen.

Anonymous said...

Fantastic. These guys are heroes in the truest sense of the word. I hope they do more. Pull down the posters of the Amazonian Indian woman breast feeding a baby and an weasel. Disgusting! God bless these people. Destroy Pachamamma!. Disrupt the Synod. Disrupt Pope Francis' closing Mass for the Synod. Throw garbage at Pope Francis as he processes down St. Peters. Boo and jeer him and these bishops.

This should be a warning to Pope Francis that good Catholics are sick of him and his people and his agenda and that's it's time for him to go. Pack your bags Bergoglio. Go back to Buenos Aires and worship Pachamamma there.

I hope these good people do more. Mount a rising tide of outrage to for Francis and his people out.....and force the Cardinals to elect a traditional Catholic as our new Pope.

Too bad no one can do to Pope Francis and his Vatican full of queers what these good people did to "Pachamamma".

Damian M. Malliapalli

Constantine said...

We should have more rosary protests. If we do it for unborn children in front of abortion clinics, how much more grace there is to save human souls. Rome and Sachs and Soros locations are abortion centers for human souls. They abort human souls on their journey to God!

PW said...

Another counter idolatry move would be to throw Schneider and Burke into the Tiber. The Cappas draped over these two polished turds will keep them bobbing along harmlessly except for any remaining fish life in that open sewer.

JBQ said...

PW, you actually beat me to the idea. However, I was going to suggest McCarrick and his boss. I just don't think that it would work with Burke and Schneider. I think that the good Lord would allow them to walk on water. I would even allow McCarrick to wear a life saving jacket out of your floating material. It might keep his head above water.

Anonymous said...

If it wasn't so pathetic it would be funny. PW is the total opposite in thinking to of most of us.

He should realize though, that he represents a shrinking and supremely aged minority in the Church which is having it's last Vatican II hurrah with Pope Francis and company. At all the good faithful Catholics expense....unfortunately.

Someone should smash the remaining Pachamammas if they are in the Vatican. :)

Damian M. Malliapalli

David Martin said...

Re: PW - So you're saying that you don't agree with the Catholic religion. Apparently, you share in the Vatican's outrage that the idols were dumped. Sorry, no idols allowed.

Anonymous said...

The best news out of Rome in quite some time. Hooray for the heroes!!!!

gm said...

@ PW You sound like a Fr. Martin cleric. Thank God Pope Benedict XVI banned future McCarricks with disordered idoltries from entering the seminaries.

Anonymous said...

Pope Francis will let them back in. Most of his crew in the Vatican are queers. The three top ones are now disgraced and ruined due to the Vatican police raiding their office and finding out that one of them, Cardinal Becciu, diverted funds to buy a posh London building which was transformed into appartments for clerical homo romps. The three gayboys are Cardinals Parolin (his changes for the papacy now ruined), Cardinal Becciu (a Francis cheerleader), and Bishop Parra Pena (an openly gay pervert who molested seminarians,a pedophile promoted by Francis).

Damian M. Malliapalli

Dr. Mabuse said...

The Vatican lads seem to believe that'indigenous' = 'savage', when all it means is 'native to a place'. I believe it was actual indigenous people, i.e. Italians, who were affronted by this alien intrusion upon their culture and ejected it.

Unknown said...

Bravo, it's about time someone took action in dumping those pagan idols, into the Tiber river. Where they will flow to a point of no return!

David Martin said...

Re: Dr. Mabuse - "Indigenous" here is used in the primitive sense, since the practices in the Amazon are dark and culty - Antichrist. They need conversion, and the good people who dumped the idols are outraged that Rome has done nothing to help these people but has rather abetted their sorcery. Read their comment.

And no, it was not an "indigenous" people that dumped the idols but a Catholic people representing the universal Church. They just happened to be Italian but they were not representing or defending Italy. With Christ, they reject this gross intrusion upon God's House. Remember, the Church is a Divine Culture - not of this world - and nothing worldly may enter the Church. Let us not forget Christ's anger when he threw the pagan Jews out of the Temple. It was Christ who moved these brave men to take the action they did. You miss the obvious.

Mister Jorge said...

Where has Mark Shea been in all of this?
Has there ever been a time Shea hasn't run to defend Pope Francis from criticism?

But I check his blog now and he's posting things about Kevin Sorbo.
People are calling the Pope negligent and complicit with allowing pagan idols to be venerated (worshipped?) with him in attendance and Shea is posting about Kevin Sorbo.

Jimmy Akin makes some comment about how Pope Francis was uncomfortable with the idol.... but where did he get this from? How does he know that it left Pope Francis 'uncomfortable'? I didn't see that story anywhere.

Corinna Swetz said...

Amazonian swine flow through the Tiber.

Corinna Swetz said...

Great article, David. Thanks for posting. Well said.

Guest said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

How dare you insult two of the most faithful prelates in the Church!!!

To even ***think*** of laying hands on ++Burke and +Schneider is sacrilegious.

You need to make a good confession and/or an act of contrition ASAP - AND publicly retract/delete your comment.


Anonymous said...


David Martin said...

I totally agree with "guest." PW's comment will not go without reprisal if not repented for. We indeed criticize modern clergy, and constructively so, because they have betrayed their vocation, but when a priest or bishop is acting in accord with his vocation let no man speak against him, for to do so is to speak against Christ.

Tancred said...

Gaybrielle, do you have any constructive comments, or are you just going to flap on like a diarrhetic bender?

Tancred said...

I’m afraid the AIDS has made Father Gabrielle an embittered and lonely former dandy.

Anonymous said...


If PW is going to post comments like that against ++Burke and +Schneider, then he should get his anti-Catholic posterior out of EF. This blog is not for the likes of him.

And if PW isn't going to remove his comment (Oct. 21, 2019 @ 4:09 p.m.), then you or Tancred should. What PW posted is *sacrilege*, i.e. to physically assault a bishop/Cardinal. (I'm not making this up - it's in Canon Law.)

And if PW is trying to joke around, please tell him it's NOT funny.

Thank you in advance.


Carol H said...

I applaud the faithful Roman Catholics that were brave enough to throw the idols in the river. This is a step in the right direction. The true respect that we can show the indigenous people of the Amazon and other remote places is to bring them Jesus Christ Who brought us the Good News and the real meaning of life. Thank you for an excellent article, David Martin.

PW said...

Margaret, so too is the relentless, toxic and sacrilegious campaign of hatred directed against Pope Francis by throw backs like Schneider, Burke and their numerous acolytes who inhabit this board.
Take sedative and have a good lie down Margaret. If that doesn't work, read the Gospel. It would be a refreshing change for you.

Mister Jorge said...

Relentless and toxic, PW?
Interesting that you concern yourself with what you take to be relentless and toxic (and sacrilegious). You referred to two bishops as "polished turds" whose presence in the water with fish would be harmful to the fish. Along with the violent act of throwing them into the Tiber.

You should probably be alittle more concerned for your own peace of mind and finding those 'refreshing changes' to help mollify the wrath you appear to be so able to find in others.... yet unaware of it in yourself.

PW said...

Change you moniker to 'Drop Kick', it's more applicable than your sleazy attempt to subvert Pope Francis (Jorge Bergoglio).

Anonymous said...

First of all, I do NOT hate Pope Francis, and I have never posted anything derogatory about him on this blog. So don't lump me with sedevacantists et alia.

Second, ++Burke and +Schneider are NOT "throwbacks" (your word NOT mine!). They are doing their best to defend the Faith from the wolves in the Church (and I'm NOT referring to PF).

Third, I can't take sedatives. (Don't ask why; just believe me for once.)

Fourth, I am trying to read Scripture and suggest you do the same.

Finally, I am going to lie down and hopefully get some sleep.


Mister Jorge said...

I'd call you a windbag, but I think I might hear something more substantial from one of those.

Your kneejerk response to any criticism of him as a sleazy attempt to subvert is ridiculous.
I love the Pope but am GREATLY confused by many of the confusing things he has done and then his unwillingness to address those in his Church who have asked for clarity.

People like yourself only do a huge disservice. Because people like me start of as genuinely concerned. We see all questions being mocked and anything that is not 100% in support of everything Pope Francis does as being a "sleazy attempt to subvert".

But let's not forget your all to typical hypocritical positions (all I have to do is nod back to your phony moral outrage about toxicity and wink at your comments about Burke and Schneider).

PW said...

My the Temple Police are stirred up today, racing around in circles with their brains boiling and their jockstraps on fire.
Great entertainment chaps.

David Martin said...

Re: PW - Correct, not subvert. The faithful Catholics endeavor to correct Francis, not subvert him. He needs correction just like an errant child. One of his biggest mistakes in life has been his long-time association with the Charismatic Movement, which is a form of sorcery - not of God. This has subverted him and a major part of the Church.

PW said...

What are you talking about Mr Martin. You are a self identified sede-vacantist. You have forfeited the right to say anything credible about the Catholic Church and you are just one of many on this board.

Anonymous said...

I think PW is one of the three possibilities:

1). An American or British radical liberal priest in their early or mid 70's who fully supports the wreckage of Vatican II, brought to it's fulfillment by Francis and company.
2). A radical liberal American or British layman of the same outlook of Francis and company who sees his vision of the Church endangered by both the rising tide of faithful Catholics sick and tired of both Vatican II, and Popes like Francis and his people and their mindset.
3). Possibly actually a Protestant (maybe an Episcopalian), who scrolls thru this website and contributes out of a general interest in all things liberal and wants to bash those who are faithful to the Church, wish to defend it and promote it.

Maybe I'm wrong, but I bet he's most likely 1-2.

Damian M. Malliapalli

Tancred said...

I’m sure if he were a hip Imam or an unrepentant bender, he’d have all the credibility in the world, according to PW.

Tancred said...

It’s amazing that people who are so indifferent to authority when they’re subject to it can be so tyrannical and unjust when they wield it.

guy mcclung, rockport, texas said...

Use their rules against them.Alinsky’s Rules For Radicals.

4. "Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules."
5 "Ridicule is man's most potent weapon."

Regarding the dragon goddess idol dunkers, according to the Jorge Magisterium:

1. God made the pachamama baptizers this way. Not only do they not sin by their thievery, racism and sacrilege, these were acts of virtue, and they were God’s will for these men.

2. Who are you all to judge the dunkers?

3. There is no hell for these wetters.
4. Everyone is going to heaevn forever-including the dunkers, wetters, baptizers, and drowners, those who defy the spirit of dialogue, those who steal sacred objects, those who film them doing these things, those who are religiously intolerant, racists, those with vexatious attitudes, those who refuse to rebuild the church, those who refuse to renew the church, those wh escalate these acts, and all those pure and holy amazonians in the Amazon region who kill children they don’t like, don’t want, who are twins, or who are challenged in any way eg by burying them alive as they cry and whimper.

The Jorge Magisterium demands that anyone in any of the categories in the list above be joyfully and fruitfully integrated into the daily life of the church community. See further discussions:

Joyful Fruitful Schismatics & Whatever Going To Heaven ... › 2019/09/13 › joyful-fruitful-schi...

Perhaps the Vatican Bank Peter’s Pence Funds can be used to replace the Tiber-ed idols?

Guy McClung, Texas

JBQ said...

@ Damien: I would like to know more about the purpose for the building in London. You say that it was "turned" into apartments. Actually, you may have "hit" on something in line with creating activist homosexual communities. Isn't that what Sodom and Gomorrah really became? ---Angels visited Lot and went en masse to his house to demand that he turn over the visitors. He even offered his virgin daughter in their stead. They refused. ---This is way beyond respect for a quiet little gay couple who go to church in the Los Angeles Cathedral with their little boy. This is openly active perversity. This is what happens in prisons where the aggressors go after the weak.---Actually, that is what probably happened to Jeffrey Epstein. His roommate attacked him to show dominance, known gang ex cop hit man. In prison, dominance is always shown through sexual aggression. That is what happens in gangs. First, there is a "beat down", then there is sexual activity, and then obeisance to the gang structure.

JBQ said...

@PW: There is something called "right and wrong". This is all about a restructuring of the definition of morality to include homosexuality. Moses got upset when he came down from the Mount with the Ten Commandments. ----He saw that his people had intimidated his brother Aaron and made a golden calf to worship Ba'al. He then broke the tablet. It sure looks like this is all about worshiping Ba'al to me. Why shouldn't those loyal to Yahweh get upset?

PW said...

The teachers and authorities in Shia Islam, the Ayatollahs, the Sunni Imams and Sheiks, the Dalai Lama of Buddhism, even the Deist founders of America all subscribe to the 10 Commandments. Following them doesn't make one a Christian just a follower of Semitic tribal law.
Christians observe the 10 Commandments only because Jesus did but they only represent a moral bare minimum. He went beyond them and established his own benchmarks of moral behaviour. The study of these and the body of knowledge that comes from this is what is called Moral Theology. It takes into account an enormous range of Christian human experience that the black and white 10 Commandments does not.
I suggest you procure a copy of the New Testament. That's the Christian one.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Hey JBQ,

Your comment " Damien: I would like to know more about the purpose for the building in London. You say that it was "turned" into apartments. Actually, you may have "hit" on something in line with creating activist homosexual communities" is probably right. Cardinal Becciu invested Vatican money in a large new office building in a very expensive part of London, and on his orders or on others in the Vatican, it was remodeled and transformed into suites and appartments where....according to rumor.....homosexual encounters etc. among clergy was common.
This isn't necessarily what the building was renovated for, but it is who took up residence/use of many of the appartments....all according to well informed Vatican and Roman sources who are accused to persecuting Cardinals Parolin, Becciu, etc and others and trying to discredit Pope Francis.....but who actually are telling the truth and revealing the corruption of Pope Francis Vatican.
There's a new book out, I think it's called "Wounded Shepherd", by a British author and fan of Francis, who is trying to portray the Pope in all this scandal and corruption as an innocent bystander who has been wounded and betrayed by Vatican associates when he has been trying to "clean house of the financial mess". Don't believe it.
Francis is behind the corruption. He knows about all the gays and perverts in the Vatican....and actually has promoted more. Bishop Para Pena being #1, Monsignor Ricca #2, and there are dozens of others. All rad liberals supporting Francis, and probably all gay.
That book "Wounded Shepherd" (or whatever it's called , I think by someone named Anverleigh, is garbage....but unfortunately the press, and Francis fans will be too happy to cling to this image of the besieged and persecuted "Holy Father".
But mature people who love the True Church and who are not brain-dead cheerleaders for the Pope, know the truth.

Damian Malliapalli

Constantine said...

PW: you sound like a Gnostic. They claim the God of the Old Testament is the evil God who has been an obstacle in human fulfillment and development. And that the God of the New Testament is the other God that wants to free us from the harshness of the created world is the God of Goodness and Light. True Christians know that there is no different God of the old and new Testament. It was written by the same God. So we are obliged to study the Old Testament with the New. The New is the fulfillment of the Old. And the Teachings of Right and Wrong are just more nuanced in the New.

Constantine said...

I noticed that there are many Cardinals and bishops and priests and laeity, especially from 3rd world countries. These often live much simpler lives and don't immagine the evil in the post-developed world. They come to Rome, and cannot think of the evil Bergoglio as evil. And they gullably defend the corruption as not possibly real.

Tancred said...

Gaybrielle, you're not an honest interlocutor. I'll just moderate the comments then, and disallow you from making any "contributions". I hate moderating the comments, because I don't mind being disagreed with most of the time by thoughtful and helpful, or even at times unhelpful commentators as long as they're entertaining.

Anonymous said...

What a typical crock of opus devil crap!

(DeathBlindLies) 9.6.19: “Archbishop Charles Chaput is this week’s Bishop of the Week for Faithful Shepherds, a site launched by DeathBlindLies in August of 2018 to hold bishops accountable and to encourage them to be faithful to the perennial teachings of the Church.”
“Archbishop Chaput said he incorporates Native American spirituality into his Catholic faith. “I’ve gone on a vision quest and prayed in the sweat lodges. It’s a part of my heritage,” he wrote.”
See page 11-12: for the smudging, feather blessings, sacred pipes, four directional prayer, native crucifix and cross, medicine wheels, sweat lodges sponsored by USCCB/Bishops Ad Hoc Committee for Native Americans Chaput

“John Romeri quit, citing “irreconcilable differences” between his idea and Archbishop Chaput’s idea of what music is supposed to be for in the liturgy. The Easter liturgies were reportedly punctuated by Chaput growling under his breath that Romeri was not long for his job. “After the chrism mass on [Holy Thursday], Chaput said, 'You might not be coming back for Easter,’” reported.” Many years ago, back when things were a little less, shall we say, highly charged between the polarities of the Church, I had to explain to someone I worked with that Chaput was going to turn on us at some point. He asked me how I knew. I told him that he’s the kind of priest who likes to “inculturate” things into the liturgy. I sent him a photo of the soon-to-be bishop of Denver waving an eagle feather over the altar at a Mass.”

In this undated photo, Chief Buffy Red Feather Brown, leader of the Southeastern Cherokee Confederacy of Pennsylvania Earth Band, is seen at the annual cultural heritage Mass at the Cathedral Basilica of SS. Peter and Paul in Philadelphia

He asked how to begin a cause for his grandfather. Thiel enlisted the endorsement of Archbishop Charles J. Chaput … With a letter from Archbishop Chaput, petitions … Long before Vatican II encouraged the permanent diaconate, there were men serving similar roles in the Diocese of Rapid City….They were called catechists,…In 1907 Nicholas Black Elk became a catechist. .. “he encountered a lot of prejudice. He wasn’t even welcome in restaurants.” According to Deacon Leneaugh, Black Elk is a revered Holy Man among the Lakota. He bridged the gap between traditional native spirituality and Catholicism. “He showed his people that you did not have to choose between the two, you could be both. He did not abandon his native ways when he became a Christian. To him it was together — praying to the one God.”

P.S. DeathBlindLies: how many baby murdering Catholic politicians rec’d bread at the Bergoglio Chaput family fakery farce? “Philly archbishop labels two Catholic groups 'destructive' Both Lepanto and Church Militant sow division wherever they tread. They do not seem to acknowledge the need to work with civic society and its representatives on a project like the World Meeting of Families. And we are not going to spend/waste time arguing with them. They are sincere, but also destructive. No one on our leadership team supports abortion or Planned Parenthood.”

As an instituted acolyte and seminarian, I ...“dumped” our left over consecrated hosts into large, black plastic garbage bags.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

More low lights from Opus Devil Chaput's Career:

Msgr. Chaput, so radical in attributing fault to the Saints and Pontiffs who combated the errors of the false Judaic religion, does not seem to remember how to distinguish between just doctrinary opposition to Judaism and the pagan type of racial persecution the Nazis made in the 20th century.

Chaput also questioned the need for the annual audits advised by the NRB. According to him, the Dallas Charter for the Protection of Children “nowhere requires an annual national audit.” He then attacked the competence of the lay organ: “It is not the NRB’s duty to interpret the Charter. The NRB is an important advisory body at the service of the Bishops. It does not and cannot have supervisory authority.” Conservatives like Archbishop Chaput, above, and Bishop Bruskewitz join the front line against the NRB, and thus favor the cover-up - Our Sunday Visitor,May 2, 2004

Archbishop Chaput turns over the secondary schools of his archdiocese to a lay foundation

He later co-founded the national Catholic Association of Latino Leaders (CALL) and helped in the founding of ENDOW, a leadership initiative of Catholic women to “Educate on the Nature and Dignity of Women.” He was also instrumental in creating the Denver-based Augustine Institute, an independent, lay-run graduate school for the formation of lay Catholic leaders, catechists and evangelizers.

Call Devil Awards

Busch School of Business supports creation of the Catholic Association for Latino Leaders DC Chapter

But after meeting his best friend and future Godfather, Mike Bubon, a numerary of Opus Dei and the director of the Layton Study Center in Milwaukee, Rodriguez would embark on a spiritual journey, studying the Church Fathers and the teachings of Pope St. John Paul II, which ultimately led Rodriguez to enter the Catholic Church in 2007.

Chaput founder of “Endow” (real informative website like all opus devil pyramid Egyptian/Masonic Isis worshiping schemes): "Because the first word spoken by Jesus after the resurrection was 'Woman'. - John 20:15 The Church is the mystical bride of Christ, a mother who spiritually nurtures and prepares the children of God. The role of living and transmitting this reality falls in particular to women."

Tips and Tricks for Middle School and High School Studies | Free Download Free to download! Helpful list of how tos and tips and tricks as you get your Endow group put together for your Middle School and High School students! [Tricks--right in time for Halloween to ensnare children into opus devil.]

Simone Rizkallah, a 2010 MA Theology graduate of Christendom College...She currently teaches at St. Mary’s Catholic High School and leads the local chapter of the ecclesial movement of COMMUNION and LIBERATION in Phoenix, Arizona. She participated in the Witherspoon Fellowship in Fall of 2004.

Two nuns w/a lay witch in the middle

Anonymous said...

WYD-1993: THE TURNING POINT WYD 1993 was not just a triumph for John Paul II, and for now-Cardinal Stafford and his team; it was a turning point in the history of the Catholic Church

Opus Devil Chaput: Recalling a World Youth Day ’93 moment of grace

Pope John Paul II “didn’t attend” the WYD 1993 Stations of the Cross where Catholic youth were propagandized w/a female impersonating a male Jesus, but now faithless S/H/IT Chaput sits on the board of EWTN: “We got several statements—one said it was a man—these are from people who should know—one said it was an “it.” Another one said, well, it was a woman. The first. Because, you know women will be ordained.” (@2:00)

Denver (5/14/18) Many different types of Denverites inject heroin and other drugs. But many of them fit within the same general demographic category. In the words of the Harm Reduction Action Center's Lisa Raville, "We have cornered the market on 25- to 34-year-old males."

Tancred said...

Are you supernumerous?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, well, then there’s bull s/h/it fairy feather opus devil chaput’s constant propagandizing ‘the faithful laity’ on their duty to fight for religious liberty: which is main reason for repeal of blue and public decency laws, removing prayer to Jesus Christ, Christian holidays, Ten Commandments and Bibles from schools and civic life (and introducing ‘prayer’ by all ‘faith traditions’ and all bow their heads including to Satanists and devil statutes) and legalization and promotion of religious indifference, syncretism, Satanism, divorce, immodesty, pornography, sex education, contraception, abortion, sodomy, sodomite marriage, drug use, prostitution, toplessness and soon pedophilia (if children can “choose” their gender surely they can “consent” to sex w/fairy). In many ‘catholic’ politician led states already forced to pay for abortions and even at catholic nursing homes starving patients to death is routine (they get 1 hour of gov’t paid care a day from hospice staff (M-F) and all the ‘lay’ faithful nursing home employees ignore them). It’s not that Joe Biden is a faithless Catholic or believes that abortion is a sacrament, bulls/h/it chaput: it’s that he (and Nancy) are practicing religious liberty (one of the desacraments of VC2).

“In Colorado, Chaput made headlines for speaking engagements he arranged with then-Congressman Jared Polis, who is now the first openly gay American to be elected a state governor. The unlikely pair had common cause on immigration reform, and worked together to forge alliances on the issue. He has engaged with Pennsylvania politicians in a similar way.” [See if joe biden lived in philly, chaput would forge alliances and engage w/him and opus devil ncr would applaud his pastoral approach.]

Anonymous said...

2nd Desacrament of VC2 Bulls/h/it fairy feather Opus Devil Chaput: Destroy the priesthood, sacraments and structure of the Catholic Church by propagandizing and flattering imbecilic faithless (proud, greedy, vain) laity into selling their birthright by assuming their baptismal priesthood.

After much consultation with the priests and people of the archdiocese, Archbishop Chaput announced his plan to open a theological institute to serve the formation needs of clergy AND LAITY engaged in the new evangelization.

Seminary Professor Speaks on the Feminine Genius Susan Selner-Wright, Ph.D., a professor of philosophy at St. John Vianney Theological Seminary, presented a paper to the faculty and seminarians on the Feminine Genius according to St. Thomas Aquinas and Pope St. John Paul II. .. The Archbishop Charles Chaput Chair of Philosophy Lecture is one of two lectures given by the faculty every year. The Cardinal Stafford Chair of Theology Lecture will be given this fall by Cardinal Stafford Professor Dr. Christian Brugger, D.Phil, Th.M. [nb neither one a priest; one a woman]

Perhaps most intriguingly of all, Saturday's vote will come 10 years to the day when Benedict XVI published a motu proprio (Omnium in mentem) enacting a slight tweak to the Code of Canon Law, altering Canon 1009 to read that while "those who are constituted in the order of the episcopate or the presbyterate receive the mission and capacity to act in the person of Christ the Head, whereas" – that is, by contrast – "deacons are empowered to serve the People of God in the ministries of the liturgy, the word and charity." ...and, clearly, any move toward women in orders would make for the "newest" thing of all. (By appointment of Archbishop Charles Chaput OFM Cap., he's likewise served on the first-ever Pastoral Council of the Archdiocese, whose Church remains his home.)

Search: szutenbach w/Lifesite News and/or Church Militant –see if you find any story or calls for Chaput’s dismissal or calling for more men to come forward w/the ‘truth’

Anonymous said...

Archbishop Chaput cut to the heart of the matter with his observation, “My concern [or what he’s been working for his entire opus devil VC2 career promoting ecclesial communities, FOCUS, ENDOW, CALL etc. etc.] about the parish of the future is whether it is even going to exist.”

The structured parish life he grew up with in the Midwest, and especially the neighborhood parishes in the Philadelphia Archdiocese, “may be a thing of the past,” he said. “God will decide that, but we have to be participants. The reason I’m worried is because of church [nb not ‘mass’] attendance.” …Addressing the seminarians present, the archbishop told them, “you are going to help determine what the parish of the future is going to look like.”
“And I beg you,” he said, “PLEASE (or you won’t get ordained!) do not decide that it’s going to look like the parish you grew up in, because I don’t think that is going to work. You shouldn’t see yourself as being prepared for the kind of parish that you want. You have to be prepared for the kind of parish that’s NECESSARY (and opus devil will tell you),” in which priests can minister “in a loving and full way.”
[read this article and see if you think (self) “worship” even includes "P6VC2 mess"]

10.4.19 Although priest to laity ratios were not much of a concern then, the previous boom in ordinations raises the question of whether the archdiocese ever really needed more than a thousand priests at a given time. Certainly the church could use more priests than we have today, but in this one church of bishops, priests, deacons, women religious, brothers and ordinary laity, all are equally important for working together to build God’s kingdom.

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3rd Desacrament of VC2 Bulls/h/it fairy feather Chaput: Changing the face of the Catholic Church religious life from selfless brothers and nuns who for the love of God and to save souls lived lives of charity nursing the sick (hospitals), educating the young (schools and universities), and caring for the poor (nursing homes, orphanages etc.) to huge government funded conglomerates staffed by lay people who obey the state to keep their job.

Today, the Archdiocese of Philadelphia is pleased to announce that Catholic Health Care Services has been officially renamed Catholic Housing and Community Services (CHCS). (gov’t funded land lord)

The health system also announced the formation of Trinity Health Mid-Atlantic, a new
Regional Health System combining three of its current regional health facilities with five hospitals across the Philadelphia region.

Trinity reported $18.4 billion in revenue in fiscal 2018, up from $17.6 billion in fiscal 2017. It reported uncompensated care to uninsured and underinsured patients, reported as bad debt at cost, was $173.8 million in fiscal 2018, up from $161.7 million in fiscal 2017.

7.18.16 The church campus and school of the Most Blessed Sacrament in Southwest Philadelphia, once one of the largest parochial grammar schools in the nation, will return to use this September as Independence Charter School West, a progressive school committed to bilingual Spanish immersion and global citizenship. … A year ago, (???) private investors purchased (???) the MBS complex from the Archdiocese of Philadelphia to lease to a charter school operator. About the same time, the School Reform Commission granted five new charters, the first since 2007,

Archbishop Chaput turns over the secondary schools of his archdiocese to a lay foundation

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Meanwhile, the role fairy feather bulls/h/it chaput is "giving" to the laity is not charity work (God forbid they might find the Faith), but paid 'leadership,' church governance (staffing the diocesan offices), media, communications, be a professional "doctor," or start your own cottage industry personal charity w/the non-profit front company and the for profit behind it. It's not evangelization but VC2 propaganda via newspapers (all the opus devil blogosphere), napa institute, magis, where the laity are pulled into this donate, attend conferences, buy magazines/newspapers/books, watch videos, sign petitions, email, and constantly told how faithful they are and how the future of the Church is in their hands while the Church is being sold out from under them and they are being turned into protestants by the people they are being told are the "faithful shepherds."

“He is entirely a bishop of the Second Vatican Council and very interested in engaging the laity,” said Sean Innerst, who served as a director of religious education during his first episcopal appointment as bishop of Rapid City, South Dakota, from 1988 to 1997…After his appointment as archbishop of Denver in 1997, Archbishop Chaput recruited Innerst and other trusted lay leaders to move to Colorado.

During Chaput’s time in Denver, the archbishop supported the formation of lay-led apostolates like Endow, the Augustine Institute, and FOCUS, while also welcoming lay-led ecclesial movements like the NeoCatechumenal Way to his diocese, and appointing a lay chancellor and other senior lay officials within diocesan institutions. In Philadelphia, he is known to have expanded the role of the lay-led archdiocesan pastoral council, while hiring laity for open leadership positions.

Chaput is a destroyer same as every VC2 opus devil.