Monday, August 12, 2019

Bernardin Creature & Evil Liberal Civil Rights Leader Accused of Being a Predator on Children

Edit: Cardinal Bernardin protected him for years.

CHICAGO (CNS) — Cardinal Blase J. Cupich of Chicago has asked now-retired Father George Clements, 87, who is well known as a civil rights leader, an adoptive father and a national advocate of adoption, to step aside from ministry during an investigation into an abuse claim made against him.
An Aug. 8 news release from the Chicago Archdiocese said the alleged abuse of a minor reportedly occurred in 1974, while Father Clements served as pastor of Holy Angels Parish in Chicago.
“The allegation was referred to the archdiocesan Office for Child Abuse Investigations and Review by the Chicago Police Department,” the news release said. “In keeping with our child protection policies, the allegation was reported to the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services and the Cook County State’s Attorney.”



JBQ said...

The African-American Clements was the one who adopted at least one black child while a priest. Many wondered at the time.

Tancred said...

There was even a really crap movie about him.

Anonymous said...

Lawyers have been fishing on radio and the television in major cities in the United States for any allegation against "clergy." Any accusations being put forth in the next 2 years should immediately be suspect; especially if the "clergy" is high profile.

Katy, bar the door If the lawyers can find a herniated man with artificial joints who used Roundup, then coated themselves in baby powder and who once was an altar boy in the 1960's...