Monday, August 5, 2019

Bavarian Interior Minister Noticed That Immigrants Are Violent

Joachim Herrmann (CSU): "Obviously, people from other cultures come to us, in whose homeland the non-violence, as we cultivate it, is not so obvious"

Munich (
The Bavarian Minister of the Interior Joachim Herrmann has pointed out after the deadly railroad track attack commutes by an Eritrean on an eight-year-old boy in Frankfurt Central Station of the increased risk of violence among migrants. "Now there are obviously people from other cultures who come to us, in whose homeland non-violence, as we cultivate it, is not so self-evident," said the CSU politician to the "Passauer Neue Presse." This must be clearly stated that people come to us who jump to violence much faster. Consequently, they themselves have experienced a significantly higher level of violence than we have. We have an increased risk here, as the crime statistics clearly show. "For Herrmann there is a solution:" Consequence. Consistent action, consistent punishment, if necessary consistent identification. "The CSU politician also calls for a revision of the Dublin Agreement, because in any case not all abide by the rules of the game.

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David O'Neill said...

I don't think this culture of violence is limited at all. Certainly here in the UK we have seen a great increase in such violence - including a sharp increase in knife crime - which relates strongly to the increase in immigration. Whilst I can see why people migrate to improve their situation on all fronts, surely they should make more endeavour to improve the situation in the country of their birth. Let us be frank & say that the developed world would not have been successful unless our predecessors had worked to make it so. Nor do I think that throwing money at underdeveloped countries is necessarily a good thing as we see much of this aid being syphoned off before reaching those for whom it was intended. A case in point is India where, despite supposed poverty, they have used aid to send rockets into space. How does that help the indigenous population?