Sunday, June 2, 2019

Francis Cardinal Maradiaga Flees in Terror of Lynch Mob

Edit: he was actually going to Panama.

This is something, barring these clergy’s doing penance and acting like Catholics, which may have to take place before something has to happen.  The persistence of these ecclesiastical cockroaches is amazing, and they really have no shame. It saddens me today to think that American and European Catholics are still so pathetic that they allow their evil and irredeemable prelates to get away with murdering the Catholic Faith as their principle career goal. They do all of this while abetting political corruption, of course.

We haven’t even begun to scratch the surface when it comes to the corruption and fraud happening in Catholic Charities for example, but we’re getting a sense of it as people like Michael Hichborn make their prophetic work known. Maybe things will come to a head where we’ll finally see these snake oil salesmen locked up at the very least, perhaps ++Pell is just a sign of things to come?

Here is Pentin’s tweet from May 30th:
++Maradiaga has been evacuated from a Rome-bound plane due to political protests at Honduras airport. Sources say he was led out the back of the airport, across runway, due to danger of lynching. His support for govt’s bad policies means he’s seen as paid govt official, they say



Anonymous said...

Imagine he incidentally died there,... he would be instantly proclaimed a martyr-saint, of course!

Anonymous said...

No, he would not.
Demons have no regard for each other.
He would be dead. In other words, no longer useful.

Anonymous said...

What bad Honduran policies exactly has His Eminence supported? -Dirk

Tancred said...

This book might be a start, but for starters, he was embezzling money from the Univer.

Anonymous said...

Wow. Been a while since I read something about Maradiaga. -Dirk