Sunday, June 2, 2019

John Paul II’s Secretary Insists They Didn’t Know About Uncle Ted

Long-time Secretary of the Polish Pope, claims John Paul II was the first Pope to systematically introduce the protection of children and young people into the Church.

Krakow ( John Paul II was the first Pope to systematically introduce the protection of children and youth in the Church. Cardinal Stanisław Dziwisz spoke with these words on Wednesday, as the Polish Bishops' Conference announced in a press release. The longtime secretary of the Polish Pope turned in a paper in six points against the recent  and increasingly charged allegations that John Paul had done too little against abuse by clerics and therefore was not a worthy saint.

Dziwisz spoke of "repeated misinformation in some media that deceives many people." John Paul actually represented an "uncompromising stance" on the issue of child protection, the cardinal stressed. In 2001, he obliged all bishops and religious superiors of the Catholic Church to report suspected cases of abuse of the Congregation of the Faith. For example, according to the will of the Pope, the latter had also filed an investigation against the founder of the Legionnaires of Christ, the Mexican Marcial Maciel Degollado. In 2004, today's Archbishop of Malta, Charles Scicluna, traveled to Mexico for surveys. Thus, with the beginning of the pontificate of Benedict in 2005, there was a final judgment.

Dzwisz then recalls that in the beatification and canonization process for John Paul 122 witnesses had testified. The popes Benedict XVI. and Francis had both acknowledged the sanctity of their predecessor, and the Holy See had recognized as miracles two inexplicable healings as the intercession of John Paul.

"Therefore, the attempt to defame St. John Paul II offends the feelings of millions of people around the world for whom St. John Paul II is an undeniable authority and a strong advocate," explains Cardinal Dziwisz literally. He expressly thanked Pope Francis for having "put an end to the attempts to vilify the Polish Pope" and "made it forcefully clear" that "no one can doubt the sanctity of John Paul II". Already in March 2019, Dziwisz had published a similar letter in defense of Pope John Paul.

As Crux opines: 

There’s long been speculation that key aids of John Paul II, including Dziwisz, who valued the support McCarrick delivered to the Solidarity movement in Poland, had a hand in McCarrick’s ecclesial career. The theory is that those architects of John Paul’s papacy chose to ignore question marks about McCarrick since he was useful to them in other areas.

Trans: Tancred


JBQ said...

Why and how did McCarrick have so many connections with Communist countries? No wonder he was protected.

Anonymous said...

Uncle Ted's escapades were well known to lots of people. Even I heard of them. If JP II didn't know, he was inept, incompetent and the chief reason that sodomites have the upper hand in the Church today. His 24 year reign was ample time to clean things up if he was as uncompromising as this Polish sycophant cardinal claims.

Tancred said...

JPII promoted a lot of horrible prelates to positions of prominence.

Tancred said...

I remember once when Oriana Fellaci had asked JPII for royalties on a book of hers they had published and he justified not paying her by telling her that Communist countries don’t pay publishing fees.

Peter Watson said...

According to Jason Berry in his lengthy and highly detailed exposes a number of years ago, there is compelling evidence that both Dziwisz and Sodano were receiving large sums of money from such groups as the Legionaries in order to guarantee access to JP II. Both Cardinals have repeatedly denied the charges from a distance but refused to agree to interviews. For his part, JP II was naïve and stupid to dismiss the thousands of reports of clerical sexual abuse of children as a Communist plot to destabilize the Church by subverting the moral authority of the hierarchy.
Jesus had a few things to say about God and Mammon to say nothing about scandalizing the innocent and mill stones.

Anonymous said...

I know a former Legionary priest who when he was a seminarian, they hosted the dinner when Dziwisz was made a bishop. It was at their seminary in Rome. John Paul II came as a guest.The other two who were made bishops at that time were the now Cardinal Harvey from Milwaukee, the great protector of Archbishop Weakland and Archbishop Piero Marini.

Constantine said...

I look at it also in a different way. If you pray with, and encourage religious diversity and pluralism, and defend religious liberty and freedom for false, non-Catholic faiths, then one is also supporting the moral distortions that each sect presents as normal. And moral perversions need to be accepted as normal for ecumanism to flourish.John Paul accepted the other religion's the moral perversions, so he could carry out his ecumanism. Put aside Christ and accept only what unites you. Dogmatic and doctrinal Perversion results ultimately in moral perversion. JP2 did not understand this. Francis understands it only too well.

Anonymous said...

Right on!

Anonymous said...

Sure did