Tuesday, April 23, 2019

What Saint Sebastian and Saint Anthony of Padua Looked Like Before the Bombing

Edit: they have the Gather Hymnal but with traditional local instruments. Despite this, there is a great deal of piety, kneeling for Communion and a lot of religious. Negombo itself is 65% Catholic and known as the “Little Rome”. At the Shrine of Saint Anthony, Masses are filled to the point where people are sitting in the aisles and the narthex at the back of the Church. More photos of the aftermath. Cardinal Ranjith responded by cancelling Easter Mass.

Meanwhile, Cardinal Sarah isn’t shy about identifying those responsible.



Anonymous said...

Saint Anthony´s ceiling and roof were ripped apart indicating it must have been very

higly sophisticated devices from above not from below. Compare the Egyptian Churches

aftermath from 2 years ago the explosions were horizontal not top to bottom like Sri

Lanka. Ergo highly sophisticated professionals and not the suicide vest variety. Holy

Week began with burning of Notre Dame and ended with Sri Lanka were they connected?

Anonymous said...

Coincidentally Sri Lanka tradegy is precisely six months after the Pittsburg tragedy.