Monday, April 8, 2019

Progressive Apparatchiks in Switzerland Threaten Split If They Don’t Get Reformist Bishop in Chur

The truth is that the anti-Church reforms would just cause the split. This is true for anyone who wants to change the Church using synodal or other ways - The Monday kick by Peter Winnemöller

Linz ( Episcopal election campaign is a strange term. Nevertheless, he somehow uses it to address the incidents in Zurich. To use funds of the Church for an anti-church action behind the back of the bishop, in fact, that is only possible in Switzerland. The state churches manage the funds, the bishops have no say. This is an untenable situation, against which, however, only a few bishops resist.

One who resists this is Bishop Vitus Huonder. Already immediately after his election he was attacked and slandered. The Left media had him in mind from the beginning. A bishop who represents the Church's teaching in faith and morals, is an abomination to the world.

The term of office of Bishop Huonder is coming to an end. He will be on duty until Easter, when he will soon be on retirement. The mice are already rehearsing the dance on the tables. Most recently, the Regional Vicar of Zurich, Josef Annen, who recently, together with Synodal President Counselor, Franziska Driessen-Reding, wrote an open letter to Pope Francis as an ad in various newspapers published at the expense of the Church.

The background is the desire to get a bishop in the diocese of Chur in the future, who is amenable to the national church and no longer tries to interfere. Where the future bishop should be in matters of faith is clearly visible in the contents of the open letter.

The age-old reform agenda of the mission of Church sexual morality, the democratization of the Church and the women's priesthood are embossed in the paid advertisement. In many places in the Church - like the synodal path of the DBK - it shows how constant drops slowly hollow the stone. But consider at this point that reforms that take place against faith and custom are not in the truth.

Reforms of this kind do not change the Church, they do not change the teaching and certainly not the faith. They only inevitably lead to schism. The would-be reformers know that, because it is not for nothing that in the open letter designed as an ad, a split is blatantly mentioned as a threat. It is perfidious to use separation as a pressure medium in this form. It is diabolical, therefore, where there are threats of a split demands for required reforms are not met.

The truth is that the anti-Church reforms would just cause the split. This applies to all who want to change the Church in synodal or other ways. They do not change the Church, they divide parts of the Church and take many of good faith into the spiritual abyss. That is the danger that must be counteracted.

After the term of office of the current bishop of Chur, it is therefore not important to have a bishop who is after the hearts of the reformists. A bishop is needed who can continue to proclaim the faith without any curtailment and who can and wants to defy the unhealthy ecclesiastical system in Switzerland.

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