Sunday, April 7, 2019

Church Militant Covers Sex Abuse Story Around Opus Dei

Edit: just got this from Randy Engle who has been following a sex abuse case in Spain.

[Church Militant]  Whether it's members of the Catholic Church following Christ, Jesuits following St. Ignatius of Loyola or Opus Dei members following St. Josémaría Escrivá, questions of fidelity inevitably arise.

Scandal is plaguing Opus Dei, the community of clerics and laity founded by St. Escrivá in 1928. His vision that holiness is for everyone and is accomplished in the ordinary acts of daily life has helped many Catholics draw closer to God. At his canonization in 2002, Pope John Paul II drewattention to Escrivá's mission:

Indeed, he never stopped inviting his spiritual children to invoke the Holy Spirit to ensure that their interior life, namely, their life of relationship with God and their family, professional and social life, totally made up of small earthly realities, would not be separated but would form only one life that was "holy and full of God."



Anonymous said...

Why pertinent came from Randy Angel? Maybe like "RCF," Randy can get her new 'apostolate' featured on CM also (w/this fig leaf)?

"Special Considerations for the Month of April [not Lent: 'April'] Praying, Fasting & Almsgiving... In that same conversation, he (priest friend) also happened to mention that many Catholics have deformed or uninformed consciences when it comes to abstinence and fasting in the traditional sense. Hence, this short reminder to all members of the League."

Note: not Catholics (who do that for Lent), but members of Randy's 'league'--then LV requests "ALMS (money/food given to poor) because it's Lent (making money off Jesus Christ for himself (I mean his apostolate!)).

Don't you (or Randy) find anything strange in 'coverage' that opens:

-Members of the Catholic Church following Christ
-Members of the Jesuits following St. Ignatius of Loyola
-Opus Dei members following St. Josémaría Escrivá

[surely there's a war going between soviet jesuit and fascist opus devil socialists]

Contrast the HIV positive Voris'* "coverage" of "Homosexual HIVe" (unfortunate term right up there w/the CM PAWS program for young men) w/that of Opus Devil:

*"When did Jones first learn that Voris had a homosexual history and was HIV-positive? Who informed him of this fact?"

Anonymous said...

How little 'coverage' of Easter/Lent in the "faithful" blogosphere. Passion week and Fairy Rutter is VC2 double talking 'manners.' [Poor people often have the best manners, and they are not in a position to “dress down” like richer people who have enough money to condescend to others.(so let's keep 'em poor!)]

Find any Catholic teaching in Rutter's 'confession' columns: plugs for VC2, opus devil lay education (how many (VC2) protestant vocations!) and kicking Rome (we need an AmChurch run by lay protestants).

While CM accepts both 'forms' because the HIVe was steeped in the TLM (but so were Luther, Arian, Judas etc.--they just didn't believe), CM is "breaking bread" w/'law enforcement':

"The noose is tightening. The laity are not only being tipped off more and more frequently by good priests, the men in black, but relationships are now blossoming with various law enforcement (opus devil) individuals on all levels, and good Catholic apostolates (randy angel) and these multiple agents are sitting down breaking bread together." (crucifying Christ--or just eatin' a big meal?)

Rorate is begging Judas to betray the Church quickly--and blaming others for the faithlessness of the FFI VC2 'vocations' (what happened to religious dispersed by the French Revolution)?

"One thing Christine Niles said is that we laity must RAISE HELL if we don't have a REAL bishop..." (Sounds REAL Catholic to me!)

Oh God, how absolutely depressing. It's bad when the only thing we can hope for besides (!) divine intervention is a RICO investigation. I will only speak for myself, but as pretty much a lifetime Roman Catholic, I hope and pray at this point the US feds come in and ream this church to the ground. Dismantle it, bury it, make it necessary to sell off properties and assets."