Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Fabulous Media Priest Libels Church Militant — Voris Threatens Legal Action

Edit: Fancy priest, Larry Richards, accused Church Militant of threatening to kill him at a Legatus Conference for Catholic businessmen.

Someone should tell Father Richards that while accusing people of wanting to kill you might be campy drama, it might also be actionable.

Father Larry Richards has a lot of emotional issues.
Note if you will Richard’s  histrionicism and narcissism. Note his support of the evilness James Martin. We.wonder if Father Larry’s aberrosexual propensities would have been noticeable when he went into seminary. Shouldn’t a priest like this be liable to some kind of retroactive process of laicisation?

I suppose this is hard to define, but just how do you tell what “homosexual tendencies” are, and then, in what degree and number would they prohibit someone from entering the clerical state? If we were to take this document seriously, Father Richards and a host of other clergy, especially senior clergy, wouldn’t have made it into seminary. From CONGREGATION FOR CATHOLIC EDUCATION: Instruction Concerning the Criteria for the Discernment of Vocations with regard to Persons with Homosexual Tendencies in view of their Admission to the Seminary and to Holy Orders

In the light of such teaching, this Dicastery, in accord with the Congregation for Divine Worship and the Discipline of the Sacraments, believes it necessary to state clearly that the Church, while profoundly respecting the persons in question, cannot admit to the seminary or to holy orders those who practise homosexuality, present deep-seated homosexual tendencies or support the so-called "gay culture"



Anonymous said...

Fr. said [not quoted in The Vortex transcript:"Fix this, Fr. Larry. Fix it."]: "You know a couple months ago I said something about Church Militant and they threatened to kill me. Literally. I got death threats. From a good Catholic organization that wants me dead in God's name."

Hopefully threat wasn't from a "premium subscriber" or member of the church militant "resistance."

"Richards has called us every name under the sun prior to this latest incident and has popped a few screws" Fair Characterization? "CM is not of God. Stay away from CM. No offense. I'm very clear about it. Church Militant is not of God. And I don't care who says it's of God. Anyone who listens to it. It is of the devil himself that brings division, division, division. Don't ever listen to anything from CM. Let it be clear. And anybody who disagrees w/me: I'm sorry, but you're wrong. So don't quote CM anything they say. It's always bad. It's not of God. But. So. Now kind of the same thing though. Is what do they do? They demonize. They demonize people that don't agree with them. I've read a lot of Fr. Martin's stuff. Some of the stuff I don't agree with, but I'm not going to make him a demon for that like they do. I'm not going to say he's a bad priest and that's what people do. They demonize people that don't agree with them. And we got to stop doing that. So when I get crazy over them saying that and it says, "Well, Father, you're being just as bad." But I am--no-one in CM is an official teacher in the church. No one. There is no priests in CM. There's no official teaching in CM. I am a priest. I am one of the shepherds. It is my job is to sit there and tell people what's right and what's wrong."

Voris: "loads of folks in the establishment Church who do not like us. Many of them hide behind the excuse that our "tone" is wrong, when in reality it is the content, not the tone, that they rage against." [But FL is against the CONTENT.]

Voris: "Is it really divisive to point out a pre-existing division with the aim of pointing it out so it can be ended?"

Everyone on Voris' 'side' (like Pell) is FAITHFUL; all on the other side are homosexualist/ bad (but isn't voris a sodomite himself)?

"faithful Catholics" vs "homosexualist" clerics: "A huge number of bishops in the US have made things pretty clear that when it comes to choosing between faithful Catholics or the homosexualist clique that dominates the Church, they will choose in support of sodomy every time, as was proven as recently as last month in Rome at the phony-baloney sex summit dominated and controlled by homosexualist prelates."

LAITY vs "lying" CLERGY: "in the Church we have come to these kinds of situations where clergy lie about laity who want nothing more than the modernist errors and dissidents currently in control of the Church to be exposed, and the laity are forced to hire lawyers to defend their innocence." [contradicting Jesus & St Paul--how could that be of God?]

Who's in charge?: "Fix this, Father. Fix it now. You wrote a book a while back extolling the masculine virtues. It was called Be a Man. We agree — be a man." [Is effeminate voris calling fr. larry a woman? how impressive to women w/itching ears who defend as priests KKK opus devils who burn CROSSES on black people's lawns (civil war was about states rights--after an abolitionist elected president).]



Anonymous said...

And please note well that Voris "apostolate" is funded from (slave state) Terry Carroll Texas. Bozell's Christendom comes out of the South agrarian movement/Buckley's mother was Southern (and of course, daddy founded riches in Mexico/Latin America oil (Spanish). Also passes right thru CIA and FBI for the same reason. Why is fr rudder getting an award from Bush in Dallas? Why is Scalia killed there? These people are the same nut cases who brought us the bay of pigs and no doubt the civil war. What good could come of this? Also wondering if O.D. McCloskey is related to the California congressman McCloskey?

McCloskey is pro-choice, supports stem cell research and Oregon's assisted suicide law. He was a co-chair of the first Earth Day in 1970.



Tancred said...

No, I’m calling Lare a fruit.

Tancred said...

Just curious. Where is your proof of Opus Dei burning crosses on people’s lawns?

Tancred said...

You jump to a lot of conclusions.

Anonymous said...

How did a cross burner get to the NAC--supposedly the NAC is for the upcoming leaders in the U.S. hierarchy?

Path to Holiness Sanctification thru Daily Work
I’ve been on a posting drought here over the last month or so. My blogging travel schedule has been unbelievable. But I have been keeping up with Mass as often as possible like the Little Flower Church in Reno, NV.

Fr. William Aitcheson ecclesial timeline: •Mid 1991 – transferred to St. Therese, Church of the Little Flower in Reno

But at least a part of that scenario was debunked when a free-lance writer reported that the priest penned his article only after she threatened to expose him.I immediately remembered that the fellow we sometimes called "Wild Bill" was actually studying (and would be ordained in 1988) for the former Diocese of Reno-Las Vegas (now two separate dioceses). I did not know him very well, but some of my NAC classmates and I recently recalled Bill was a rather gruff, Rambo-type. One said he believed he was close to Opus Dei.

There are all kinds of red flags in his vocation story.After ordination Fr Aitcheson spent only five years in Nevada, bouncing rather quickly from one pastoral assignment to another. He then moved to the Diocese of Arlington. (Why there? It was not his original home.) Five years later, in 1998, he was officially incardinated into that Virginia diocese.His ecclesiastical timeline, which Arlington's media office posted after news of his earlier involvement in the KKK was revealed, shows some extremely worrying gaps.The chronology only begins with Aitcheson's time in Rome. It completely omits what he did up to that point or whether he attended a minor or preparatory seminary before going to NAC.

It turns out that Bill Aitcheson grew up in Maryland, got a bachelor's degree at Kings College (Pennsylvania) in 1979 and then worked for two years as an elementary and high school teacher somewhere in Missouri. That likely would have been during the 1979-80 and 1980-81 academic years.Where was he between the time he left his teaching job in the unnamed city or town in Missouri and landed in Rome in 1984 at age 30 as a first-year major seminarian for the Diocese of Reno-Las Vegas?Depending on what transpired in those years, the more perplexing questions pertain to the responsibility of the officials in the former Diocese of Reno-Las Vegas who accepted a convicted criminal as a seminarian and ordained him a priest, and those officials who accepted and incardinated him into the Diocese of Arlington.

I've not been able to discover the name of the vocation director or priests in Reno-Las Vegas who paved the way for Aitcheson's ordination to Holy Orders. These clerics should have been more vigilant in doing a thorough background check before accepting an out-of-state candidate for ministry. This should not have been difficult since Aitcheson's criminal charges were easily available – even in news articles!




Here is another priest they defend who is also associated w/Opus Dei.

Anonymous said...

There is a new scandal--apparently Chullikatt is Opus Dei also: "Another staffer told CNA that Chullikatt demanded a stay of his removal, insisting that members of the Spanish royal family were scheduled to visit the U.N. in June at his personal invitation, and that he needed to be in place to welcome them.

In June 2014, Queen Sofia of Spain visited the U.N. in New York. Chullikatt’s resignation from the U.N. position was accepted July 1 of that year."


Chullikatt's defenders are all Opus Devils like schneiker and the attackers are all commies (that's who (exclusively) "broke" the scandal) and not one mention on CM, Canon 212 etc.:

Won't it be great though when the KKK rebels and their Spanish invasion overthrow the U.S. and re-impose slavery!


Anonymous said...

That would be he same "Spanish Queen Sofia receiving Holy Communion in the hand, while standing over the kneeler, while unveiled, from Pope Benedict XVI yesterday."


Strangely today only HM Queen Sofia received Communion and not the King.

Tancred said...

You sound like a rabid antifa degenerate.

Who cares about things he did decades ago before he went to prison?

Anonymous said...

He never paid the court ordered settlement to those whose lawn he burned a cross on until he was exposed. To be forgiven of sin you must perform the penance and make restitution. God cares what he did -- the book of one's life contains the whole story. It is debatable how much repentance occurred in this soul in that he was still indoctrinating people on the Rebel side of the civil war (which happened over a hundred years ago) which is what scandalized the person who exposed him. It seems before someone starts “teaching” others, they should reveal their bias (i.e. in my youth I belonged to the KKK and served time for burning at least one cross on someone's yard in the middle of the night, i.e. used Jesus Christ's salvific death to terrorize souls).
Here all you opus devils are yellin’ about pedophiles being transferred from parish to parish, but KKK cross burners who served time in prison—that’s in their past! I think parishioners deserve to know who’s teaching their children. I also think parents and parishioners (and blog/’news’ readers) deserve to know who the person is representing (being funded by/working for)—same as if it’s a communist/Zionist/CIA front group. Opus Devils misrepresent themselves as rubes (or ‘peasants” as Voris likes to style himself) same as anyone else in the pews and yet they belong to and are being run by a cult—that takes youth and separates them from their family/friends, and pressures them to sign papers that they will give all their earnings forever to Opus Devil in a pyramid scheme where they get nothing but a controller to whom they are to reveal all their ‘sin,’ while those on top live like Reilly on these poor souls. The FBI should be investigating Opus Devil—the Catholic Church could not get away w/what Opus Devil is doing.
Which brings us to Gary Voris who is also a fruit and a liar: just because you change your name doesn't mean your past life is wiped out—until (again!) it’s about to be exposed (then you tell your cult followers a sanitized version of the truth). Did St. Paul hide or lie about what he did to St. Stephen? Did St. Peter lie about denying Jesus Christ 3 times or shouting and cursing that he never knew Jesus even as Jesus was being tortured? Did either of them (or St. James and John) lie that they never understood the doctrine of the cross? When people repent, there is a difference, a humility (humble and contrite of heart) that precludes such dissimulation in order to gain the respect of the world/good opinion of men.
The problem w/Opus Devil is they have not renounced the world, the flesh or the devil. They want it all (but Jesus Christ is clear—only those who renounce this life, will gain the next). The real kicker is that the only way and the entire reason we have a Spanish-speaking pope from ‘Latin America’ is that Opus Devil was in on the deal w/the progressives.

Anonymous said...

You’re probably not interested in this either, but here’s the kind of people the ‘faithful’ leader of the Catholic resistance (who lives in a house w/a pool, goes on thousands of dollar retreats at sea) was hanging out w/before he became holier than thou.


John Fitzgerald Mola
Aliases: Mola John
Male, Age 52
Relatives: Simone Mola • Luci Mola • Lori Mola
Locations: Saline, MI • Ferndale, MI • Grand Blanc, MI • Detroit, MI • Royal Oak, MI

She’s fun; she’s frisky; and she doesn’t give a f*ck. Madonna’s #RebelHeart Tour in #Detroit

Speaking of Rebel Hearts …
This past Sunday, September 27, I married my long-time partner John Mola in a ceremony officiated by Ann Arbor Mayor Christopher Taylor and Pastor Ian Reed Twiss and attended by a small gathering of family and friends. We honored our guests with donations to the Huron Valley Humane Society and also gave, on behalf of the wedding officiants, to Equality Michigan, 826Michigan, and the Jim Toy Center.

John and Roy
Dinner at Weber’s in Ann Arbor, Michigan, immediately followed the ceremony and included a three-tiered wedding cake that gave a nod to John’s and my shared interests in Disney, superheroes, and classic cars.

Our parents Susie and Don Sexton and Luci and Simone Mola (respectively) presented the grooms, and readings (1 John 4: 16-21; excerpt from the Supreme Court ruling Obergefell v. Hodges, and “Maker of Heaven and Earth – All Things Bright and Beautiful” poem by Cecil Frances Alexander) were given by Stephanie Kassman, Rachel Green, and Gabby Rundall (our niece). Lori Rundall, John’s sister, presented the toast, and photographs of the event were taken by Gabby Rundall and Kyle Lawson.

Vision in green – Zach & Susie
About the day, my mom wrote on her blog (here) …

And the wedding occurred on schedule in spite of it all and was the happiest moment of my lifetime! Congrats, John and Roy ♥!!!!

Perhaps Voris could be apostle to the sodomites--but instead he's chosen to play cute altar boy to all the women w/itching ears (even though he's pushing 60), but that's just what every closet sodomite priest is doing already. He should have stayed in the seminary and then he could be Fr. Larry (or Fr. Martin) instead of calling them out like it's the okay corral.

+Lefebvre did the only thing a Catholic cleric should do when faced w/heresy. The duty of faithful laity is to get behind such clerics and practice the Catholic faith. If they would do that this 'crisis in the Church' would be over, but of course les femmes don't want to cover their heads, dress modestly, kneel for communion, obey men, or bear children anymore than Queen Sofia. And the men don't want to give up their speaking engagements, conferences, retreats, blogs, videos, papers, books, 'pilgrimages' to Rome/Chartres, all the big hat pharisee sturm and drang which makes this 'crisis' so exciting until we all wake up in hell.

Tancred said...

So you’re a moral theologian AND a canon lawyer, and apparently are privy to his confession and penance.

Sounds gay.

Anonymous said...

He didn't pay the court ordered settlement to the people whose property he burned a cross on in the middle of the night. He just skipped off to Missouri, Reno, the NAC, Arlington, Virginia and never gave paying them their money a second thought (or maybe he's a racist bigot who thought black people don't deserve my money and I ain't payin' it). I don't know what he thought. All I know is he didn't pay them. And then when it came out he hadn't paid, he borrowed the money. Hopefully he's paid back the loan. But I wouldn't bet my life on it. Maybe some rich opus devil will bail him out same way they did confession groper of another man's wife McCloskey.

Tancred said...

8,000 seems a bit excessive to fix a lawn long after statute of limmitations,
Oh fearsome Social Justice Warrior!

Anonymous said...

Hell for all eternity seems a bit excessive for one un-confessed/not perfectly repented mortal sin, but, hey, I'm not the judge. Also, priests will be judged by a higher standard (see Epistle of James). Also see what happened to Aaron's sons.

You've been drinking at the bishop schneiker VC2 well and it's poisoned you: your yardstick is not what does God think/what is the perennial teaching of the Catholic Church, but situation ethics--what do I Tancred (the people) think/want? [No doubt your parents sent you to VC2 'catholic' schools to be taught the Catholic Faith.]

Opus Devil teaches a false faith:The Catholic Church teaches sanctification comes thru grace rec'd in the sacraments--rec'd from PRIESTS in a line direct to Jesus Christ. The Catholic Church also teaches that the Church is the Magister--not self appointed lay people

"Path to Holiness Sanctification thru Daily Work" [this is a path to Maxist socialism slave labor under which the rich padrones, southern slaving owning gentry, middle age aristocrats, nazi/communist elite live off the peasant labor]

Opus Devil tells Catholics to have lay people at Christendom/Ave Maria/Thomas Aquinas College or any of other their high schools teach the Catholic faith -- but this is protestantism (and all the profits go to Opus Devil). Voris tells people they can pay him $10 a month and learn the faith from him (Layman) while sending them to heretics to worship Gods, receive "sacraments" and have their children be poisoned w/heresy at the parish training for the sacraments. He tells lay people they must go to heretical parishes and tell the priest what to do (resist). There is no scriptural basis for any of it. Apostles state over and over and over again: HAVE NOTHING TO DO WITH FALSE TEACHERS (not once do they say resist them to the face: ST PAUL was NOT A LAYMAN!).

Jesus Himself states that SHEEP will not follow false shepherds. People following (recognizing) and urging others to stick w/false shepherds (while paying these other people money to teach them the faith or to support their 'apostolates' so they can teach others the faith) are NOT sheep themselves in that they don't follow the false shepherds but are actually urging their overthrow (and the priests they do hold up as "good:" like schneiker, burke, pell, aitcheson, fr g (who doesn't protect the Sacrament, but let's a woman 'minister' hand it over to the lesbian Buddhist and hies off w/a sick effeminate headache) & z are as complicit in heresy as the ones they label "bad") are themselves in communion w/the so-called "bad" shepherds (any time put on the spot they go w/the heretic: King Henry VIII/the Czar/No King but Caesar from which our livelihood flows!). The recognize and resist laymen also usurp the teaching function of the Church w/no apostolic authority--and no guarantee that what's being taught IS Catholic. The division they are making is between LAY and PRIEST (not right and wrong). Voris now has other people praying w/him in a chapel that doesn't have the blessed sacrament (presence of Jesus Christ) but to all appearance (just like VC2 churches after changes to the sacraments of holy communion and holy orders) contains it--but it is only a matter of time just like w/the Anglicans and Lutherans that all idea of a need for sacraments of confession, communion -- need for a priest (and also sacrifice (the doctrine of the cross) in one's life to reach heaven) is lost. All you need is to be on ann barnhardt's prayer page; our saint page; our page on catholic tradition; and that makes us Catholic, an authority, your new rabbi.

Opus Devil is a VC2 work. It is teaching people to rely on themselves and to be their own judge of their salvation and to get their salvation from their own works. It is leading people to hell as assuredly as any other VC2 work.

Tancred said...