Monday, March 4, 2019

Bishop Huonder of Chur to Keep Contact With SSPX for The Vatican as He Retires

Acceptance of the age-related resignation of the 77-year-old Swiss bishop is expected shortly - Diocese Chur recently confirmed that Huonder is keeping contact with the Society for the Vatican

Edit: he’s been one of the most Catholic Bishops in Europe, who has remained astonishly in his post till past retirement in a hostile diocese run by professional Catholics in a hostile Church that destroys its best disciples and exults evil ones.

Vatican City ( Bishop Vitus Huonder of Chur was received on Monday by Pope Francis in private audience. Details of the conversation were not announced by the Vatican and the Swiss diocese. Vitus Huonder (76) has been Bishop of Chur since 2007; In April 2017, the Pope had extended his term by two years. As the acceptance of his resignation is expected shortly, on April 21 Huonder will complete his 77th year of life.

As the diocese confirmed at the end of January, Huonder wants to retire to Wangs in the canton of Sankt Gallen. There he will keep contact with the Society for the Vatican. The "Society of Saint Pius X" runs a school in Wangs, the "Institut Sancta Maria".

In January, Pope Francis dissolved the Vatican Commission "Ecclesia Dei" responsible for the dialogue with the Society of Saint Pius X and integrated its task into the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith. In the dispute with the Society, there were only differences in Church doctrine, and for this, only the Congregation itself was responsible, it was said in the Pope’s decree.

Trans: Tancred


P. O'Brien said...

Bishop Huonder can live with the SSPX; Cardinal Oddi, when he visited the grave of Archbishop Lefebvre in 1993, was heard to utter "Thank you, Msgr"; some fifteen years ago the Ecclesia Dei Commission said that Catholics could attend SSPX Masses; Pope Francis has given faculties for Confession to SSPX priests...but my archdiocese (Denver) says that attendance at SSPX Masses is forbidden. A little disconnect here.

Tancred said...

The Neoconservative and “Conservative” Bishops are far more hostile to the Society than 68ers. It makes you think.

James Joseph said...

I have been watching this. We live in interesting times.

Tecumseh said...

Fred...I know your a man not a mouse...enough said.