Monday, February 25, 2019

Woman Who Accused Bergoglio Found Dead — Foul Play Suspected

BUENOS AIRES ( - The mysterious death of a whistleblower in Argentina is prompting family members to demand an investigation into what they suspect to be murder.
Natacha Jaitt, a model and actress, had been working on outing what she claimed to be a pedophile sex ring among celebrities and elites. Two weeks before she was scheduled to give court testimony against Gustavo Vera, whom she accused of sex trafficking and who is a close associate of Pope Francis, she was found dead.
Two weeks before she was scheduled to give court testimony against Gustavo Vera, whom she accused of sex trafficking and who is a close associate of Pope Francis, she was found dead.Tweet
At 2 a.m. Saturday, her naked body was found on the bed of a room in the hotel Xanadu in Villa La Ñata in the town of Benavidez. Two men were questioned at the scene: 47-year-old Guillermo Riconi, owner of the Villa, and 48-year-old Raul Velaztiqui, a film producer and the one who placed the call to police on finding her body.
The autopsy report claimed the cause of death was "Heart-respiratory failure (multi-organ failure) that led to pulmonary edema." The autopsy also revealed traces of cocaine in her nasal passages.
According to Spanish magazine Clarìn:
A vehicle, cocaine, a fanny pack and a telephone were seized from the room. It was discovered that at least three more people were with the actress, who were captured by security cameras while fleeing the place, before police arrived. In the video recording you see them throwing a package into a ditch. It is suspected it contained some type of narcotics.


Anonymous said...

This was in the beginning of the document Borgoglio just released after the perv summit.
Note the non use of proportional stats for each group listed.

"The first truth that emerges from the data at hand is that those who perpetrate abuse, that is acts of physical, sexual or emotional violence, are primarily parents, relatives, husbands of child brides, coaches and teachers. Furthermore, according to the UNICEF data of 2017 regarding 28 countries throughout the world, 9 out of every 10 girls who have had forced sexual relations reveal that they were victims of someone they knew or who was close to their family."


Unknown said...

Try "foul play". Please.

Anonymous said...

Can we call "Strike're out Francis." ?

Strike One-McCarrick
Strick Two- Cardinal Pell- found guilty today of sexual abuse of two 13 year old boys when he was an Australian archbishop. He is/was a high member of Francis inner circle and a chief advisor. (although to be fair, a more conservative one)

Strike Three- This case, OR, if you prefer, two other cases in Argentina and Chiel re. homo/pedophile priests (one now a bishop), promoted and covered-up by Francis.
Francis' Sex Abuse Synod which is already being labeled a flop, fiasco, failure by abuse victims and because the real cause, homos, were not mentioned.

I think Francis will be gone soon.....and nothing of his kind will ever be elected to he Papacy. Just read where even many bishops at the just concluded synod think Francis and his advisors (Cupich in particular), are liars, and promoters of homosexual agenda.

Damian Malliapalli

Constantine said...

Peter W "thinks". He has a high intelligence. And I respect that. But Peter often refuses to understand. Francis is a pervert by virtue of the fact that he does not believe in a God that would send anyone to hell. Francis by his words, and even more so, lack of words, has communicated his lack of respect for the Catholic Church, and for human dignity. John Paul II also was proabortion and antifamily, because he encouraged and confirmed false antifamily and antilife faiths that profess and agitate for divorce, abortion, polygamy, feminism and gay rights. Through Assisi 1& 2 and his support for ecumenism all religions that support divorce, abortion and gay lifestyles in their other false churches mistaken faiths are told they are good and nice. Same also people that individually hold false or heretical ideas. This is a consequence of not only ecumenism, but respect (as opposed to just mere tolerance) of false opinions and beliefs in Dignitatis Humanae.