Monday, February 25, 2019

Traditional Monastic Community Seeks Canon Lawyer to Establish Community in Rome

Community of tradition would like to apply for canonical recognition as a monastic congregation.

(Rome) A traditional community seeks a canon lawyer for the canonical establishment of a monastic community in Rome.

The Prior of a monastic community has turned to the traditional website Messa in Latino with the request to publish an appeal. The community of tradition wants to take the step to canonical recognition and is looking for a capable canon lawyer.

"Out of concern over the usual persecution by the usual bishops" he asked not to publish his name for the time being.

The desire of the community is the foundation of a monastic order in Rome. For this, they are urgently looking for a canonist who is ready to help them for free, as the community of strict observance lives in extreme poverty.

The community is aware, according to Messa in Latino, that such an undertaking seems almost impossible in the prevailing climate of "misercordia". But for that very reason they trust all the more in Divine Providence and take seriously that with God "nothing is impossible."

The members of the community want "the canonical permission to live and die as faithful monks of the Holy Mother Church, near St. Peter's Basilica and in the shadow of Peter".

Should a canon lawyer be willing to help the community, he can contact the editors of Messa in Latino redazione [a], or to We will then forward the letter.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Sanremigioverona (screenshot)

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