Thursday, January 10, 2019

Bergoglian Goblins Publish Libelous Article About Saint Benedict Center -- Local Ordinary Wants them to Stop Teaching What the Church Has Always Taught

In 1958, Feeney correctly wrote that “the Jewish race constitutes a united anti-Christian bloc within Christian society, and is working for the overthrow of that society by every means at its disposal.” 

We were just made aware of an ill-intentioned article by the underemployed husband of recently Simcha Fischer, who was recently fired from her job as a writer for the National Catholic Register with her compatriot in religious indifferentism, Mark Shea.  The local ordinary, it appears, no longer wants the Slaves of the Immaculate, a truly Catholic organization founded by Father Leonard Feeney, to teach the Catholic Faith whole and entire.  He is, it also appears, ashamed of Christ.  The diocesan representative, Fr. Georges de Laire, isn't specific about what the issue is, but says:

“They regularly use semantics to mislead people” 

The Saint Benedict Center in Still River, Massachusetts, still maintains the thrice-defined Dogma that there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church and is in union with the Catholic Church.

What's interesting is to see all of the unfavorable comments in response to this poorly researched and malicious article. Please contribute your own. Anthony writes:

It saddens me that the amount disinformation, ignorance and deception surrounds this truth still exists. If any catholic denies the defined dogma of Outside the Church the is no salvation that person becomes at least a material heretic. The disinfo in the story is this : If the group is schismatic then they don’t recognize the authority of the Bishop and sanctions are meaningless. Is the Bishop going to sanction the local Orthodox church which is definitely in schism. No, he isn’t he can’t. The fact that sanctions are mentioned is because they are Catholics. This demonic stupidity. The church teaches you must be justified to be saved which means in a state of grace which is only achieved in the Catholic Church. To deny this truth is the commission of a mortal.

Unsurprisingly, Fischer's article cites favorably, the mendacious Southern Poverty Law Center.

“I’m really proud of the Catholic Church’s decision here,” said Heidi Beirch of the Southern Poverty Law Center. “They’ve denounced them for years over their anti-semitism.”
Learn the truth about the teachings of the Catholic Church and the Crusade to make America Catholic, here.

Brother Andre's response, here.



Amy said...


Why this?

When it comes down to it I can completely understand why a group might try to retreat from the world and be Catholic, as best they understand. I also can appreciate how that retreat might lead to some errors.

What I don't understand is sniping at these people by other Catholics when we see clear evidence that the Church is in turmoil...

There is no love, we all deserve hell, and this lack of charity, between baptized Catholics, must wound our Lord.

In essentials UNITY
In non-essentials LIBERTY

In all things CHARITY

Amy said...

And BTW, I tried to post this on LaSalette.

In 1948, at Boston College, a Fr. Kelly SJ made this statement to counteract what the "Feeneyites" were saying.

"It is possible for any man to be saved outside the Catholic Church.

Any man who would say that there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church is a heretic.

If you say there is no salvation outside the Catholic Church you are a heretic and cannot save your soul.

The Catholic Church never defined or even suggested that there is no salvation outside it. No Pope, no council, no Doctor of the Church ever taught that no one can be saved outside the Catholic Church.

Not only is it possible to be saved outside the Catholic Church, it is even possible to be saved as an enemy of the Church and actively fighting against it.

St. Paul was not sinning while persecuting Christ and his Church.

The dogma that there is no salvation outside the Church applies exclusively to Catholics who have left the Church."

reference; The Loyolas and the Cabots, Catherine Clarke Ravengate 1950

So what is it?

Can we just pave over the Vatican and build some nice condos and use the $ for the poor?

Is that all we need to do? Does the law on contradiction not apply anymore?

Tancred said...

Not even the slightest trace of irony in all the cheering. Mostly Sedevacantists, I'm sure.

Amy said...



You just did it too!

No love, no love.

Although I am not a sede, I can totally understand their point of view. Things seem so messed up and since we all grew up modernist westerners, we don't really know what is error and what is not.

Tancred said...

I don't know gang. Is Francis the anti-Pope or what?

Some of the comments section cheering on the SPLC and spouting absolute falsehoods about the Saint Benedict Center and Father Feeney are contributing to this apparently traditionalist website. One would think that Francis had transformed himself into St. Pius IX and is thundering anathemas upon one of the Church's most bitter foes, the Jews, the Freemasons and the Communists.

Tancred said...

@Amy I'm not personally fond of Sedevacantists, but whatever my personal likes and dislikes, they're wrong.

Amy said...

These are hard times. No one chooses to enter the Catholic Church without incredible graces.

Every rational observer would say "RUN AWAY"

Amy said...

It's all crazy.

Tancred said...

There's nothing irrational about Catholicism. Whatever the defects of churchmen and their flocks or the people God created, it's still God's Church.

Amy said...

That they won't let me post tells me they are not of 'good will'.

If I am wrong, post it, point out my error.

But to hide and avoid what I say tells me so much.

The will precedes the intellect, not the other way around.

People of 'good will' want the truth, regardless of how much it hurts.

Tancred said...

I always hear that the will precedes the intellect from the West Coast Center. :D

Yes, it's very infuriating to see people we know are good and trying to remedy the problem as God's instruments being treated unjustly.

I haven't been this angry since I saw what was being done to the late and saintly Bishop Plano and the FFI.

James Joseph said...

The southern poverty law center became a joke when the anti defamation league cut their ties to them.

Anonymous said...

Andre Villarrubia is not good.

Tancred said...

I don't know Villarrubia, Steve, but I doubt you're much of a judge.

JBQ said...

To clarify, Leonard Feeney, SJ, was an ultra conservative theology teacher at Boston College. He was only reinforcing what had been taught for centuries that "there was no salvation outside the Catholic Church". Instead of dialog and clarification, there was only isolation and retribution.---We should all know by now about the "evolution of doctrine". The "hammering" on Feeney is the same as that engendered by the traditional Mass. This Mass stood the test of martyrdom and was a source of sanctifying grace.----The engraving of an "outlaw status" on those who support the traditional Church is a nightmare out of Alfred Hitchcock who was Catholic by the way. How can you send someone to an insane asylum who supports the traditional teaching of Jesus Christ? This happened recently in Chicago and was documented to have happened in the Archdiocese of St. Louis (Msgr.. John R. Maguire). ---- I have no problem with the broadening of the arms of love to include those who do what they do out of love for Jesus Christ even though from an heretical base. However, there should be a problem for anyone of good will to accept the fact that "atheists go to heaven". This is all about a world socialist Church as blueprinted in the writings of Malalchi Martin.----The Brits cut off the head of Edmund Campion. Henry VIII took the head of Thomas More. These were champions and martyrs. -----Feeney was "cut from the same cloth". Clarify him to be sure. However to persecute him for his traditional beliefs is something from "the depths of L".

Tancred said...

Father Malachi Martin wanted to retire to SBC.

Anonymous said...

It's clear, Tancred, that you don't know Villarrubia.

Tancred said...

Pius II fathered a child in England and lived like a Renaissance prince prior to becoming pope, among others I could mention.

So, arguably, the Catholic Church hired a "dissolute priest" to be pope. I'll publicly renounce the Catholic Faith immediately!

I'm sorry, but the document you posted is difficult to follow. The best I can see is that Brother Andre made a bad personnel decision and didn't take Mary Anger seriously as a witness. She strikes me as a typically vindictive type.

So there's really not that much about Brother Andre, whom I've known for 30 years, but there's a lot of your kooky speculations about Catholic dogma.

Do you know what Flannery O'Connor said about Evelyn Waugh?

Anonymous said...

What did Father Feeney say that wasn’t true about the Jews? So, the chosen ones can compel Catholics to only discuss amongst ourselves what they allow us to discuss? This is intolerable. People like Fisher and her husband are infiltrators. They don’t believe and frankly aren’t Catholics. They are the Sanhedrin inside the Church. For fear of the Jews indeed. Philippians 3:2: Beware of those dogs, those evildoers, those mutilators of the flesh.... we know who St Paul was talking about, judaizers like Mrs. Fisher and her husband. What’s really ironic is the fact that Mr. and Mrs. Fisher have just demonstrated the truth behind what Father Feeney said about the Jews.

Anonymous said...

"I don't know Villarrubia..." Tancred said at 2:19 p.m.

"...Brother Andre, whom I've known for 30 years..." Tancred said at 3:47 p.m.

Uh, okay. No wonder you say the document is difficult to follow.

A summary:

1) Br. Andre unknowingly accepted as chaplain a womanizing priest with a long history of fornication. (Not Andre's fault as the website states.)

2) In October of 2016, while this priest was on assignment at the St. Benedict Center, he made sexual advances towards a former, female parishioner of his who had traveled from out of state to visit him.

3) In August of 2017, this woman reported the incidents to the priest's superiors, one of whom was the Bishop of Manchester, New Hampshire. The other bishop was in Montreal.

4) The Diocese of Manchester opened an investigation into the complaint.

5) The woman contacted Villarrubia to inform him about his chaplain. Initially, he was courteous and sympathetic regarding her complaint.

5) Within a period of just a few days, Villarrubia turned on the woman and tried to stop the investigation by discrediting her. He did this by calling her pastor and confessor out of state to say that she is a liar.

6) The pastor contacted her and told her that Villarrubia was trying to pressure him to make her drop her complaint.

7) The Manchester investigation was turned over to Montreal.

8) It was confirmed that the chaplain to the Feeneyites had confessed his immorality. The complaint against him had been true.

9) So the prior of the St. Benedict Center tried to interfere with a diocesan investigation into a complaint of sexual misconduct brought against his own chaplain.

It sounds like you are okay with that. But on the other hand, you say Mary Anger "strikes me as a typically vindictive type." And you've known her for how long exactly? Never mind. You won't know.

Tancred said...

@508 It's hard to believe the accuser's story exactly as she interprets it because she spends a lot more time attacking the Center's mission than addressing what happened, hence the vindictive angle, and the fact that you (or she) was commenting on the La Salette blog, calling Brother Andre "effeminate" for hanging up on the vicious and ill-willed Darien Fischer. Some of the author's assertions that Br. Andre was attempting to cover for Fr. Grega could be chalked up to him simply not believing her story in its entirety.

Anger (the author?) also admits that she had known Grega for a long time prior to being propositioned, and she also admits that she knew of Father's reputation, even pointing out that she knew that he had a habit of removing his cassock and collar to indulge his appetites.

Anger also waited for a year to finally report Grega and inexplicably even took a trip to Quebec City to go on a guided tour travelling 850 miles with her children in tow. Where was her husband?

Then there's also the fact that Anger isn't a child and had not even entertained Grega's advances. As much as it might infuriate the author, God may have already forgiven Grega in the confessional for committing adultery and his intention to commit fornication. Imagine if Anger enters heaven and sees Grega? She implies that her soul is already lost.

I can imagine Brother would have wanted to defend his chaplain from such a situation.

And yet, ultimately, Anger got what she wanted and Grega is either suspended or on his way to being so.

I hope she doesn't get to destroy Brother Andre's life or the work of the Center which she clearly despises for reasons she only alludes to.

Anonymous said...


You are confusing me with some other person. I have posting nothing about Br. Andre being effeminate or hanging up.

Did you and I read the same webpage? Our take-aways are very different.

Q. Did she know about the priest's reputation prior to his having made advances?

From the website:

"Unfortunately, the announcement fails to mention the reason for the dismissal of Fr. Grega. Parishioners had no idea of what had happened." (That was her parish.)

"​The next year, when it was publicly announced that Fr. Grega had departed the FSSP, the woman was left to wonder along with most everyone else. The priest would only tell her that it was a result of discernment which seemed to be a reasonable enough explanation, short on details though it might be."

"During the October, 2016, visit to New Hampshire, however, that relationship would change dramatically [...] He would also reveal to the woman his lengthy history of fornication."

Plus, there's the letter by Saguto who admits that more could have been said about Grega's departure from the FSSP.

She clearly didn't know in advance.

Q. Why did she wait nearly a year to report Grega?

A. "Upon her return home [from the St. Benedict Center] she informed Fr. Grega of her intention to notify the two bishops of his immoral behavior during her visit to New Hampshire. He persuaded her to remain silent by using such tactics as blaming her for what had happened."

"Worst of all, once, in the confession box, after his former parishioner told the priest that she had prayed and was certain that the morally correct thing for her to do was to go to the bishops, he responded in a mocking tone, "Well, your relationship with God is not good."

"Because Grega had been her long-time confessor, he had heard all of the woman's spiritual fears and weaknesses, and he knew exactly where to strike. In an effort to get what he wanted, the priest turned on his former parishioner and used his privileged knowledge against her."

Grega gaslighted her. You've heard of that, right?

Q. Why did she take her kids to Quebec City?

A. "The boy and his sister had accompanied their mother during her visit to Canada. For the young fellow, the road trip was a high school graduation present."

Q. Where was her husband?

A. I guess not on this trip. But apparently, he had been to Canada with her before.
"Each year, the woman would travel to Quebec, Canada, to visit her favorite priest. Sometimes, her children or spouse would accompany her."

I certainly hope Grega has repented and been granted absolution in the confession box, but

I think it's clear that Villarrubia wanted to keep his chaplain. Even if he did not fully believe the woman's testimony, fine. But that's where he should've stopped.

The Diocese of Manchester had opened an investigation in the matter, and it was really wrong for Villarrubia to try to make the woman drop her complaint by resorting to intimidation. No wonder people don't want to come forward to report sexual misconduct. Doing so is going to put you through the ringer.

But again, it is fundamental that Villarrubia simply had NO authority to meddle in a diocesan investigation. He's not part of the hierarchy in Manchester. If he had wanted to say his piece to somebody, it should have been to the bishop, not the woman's pastor back home. That was an outrageous move.

Imagine if this whole thing had taken place in a Novus Ordo parish or community. Imagine if the groovy, Novus Ordo priest had done all that Grega had and then had been told that he was going to be reported. Imagine if some figure in that community decided to engage in a campaign to discredit the accuser. I think Michael Voris would be all over it (rightly so). But because the person who was trying to discredit the accuser is a certain type of Trad, he gets a pass. That's not right.

Anonymous said...

I found the La Salette blog and the comment you claim that I (or Anger) made about Br. Andre. At 6:14 on this (flower) blog, you write "...the fact that you (or she) was commenting on the La Salette blog, calling Brother Andre 'effeminate' for hanging up..."

Uh, no. That's not what happened.

On La Salette, some guy going by the name of "Stephen" wrote: "It's about time the SBC cult was sanctioned. Louis Villarubia and his effeminate lay following are an embarassment to Catholics everywhere."

Also on La Salette, a "Samantha" wrote "No sacraments are permitted on the SBC site. That says it all. As does this from The Union Leader:

'Villarrubia hung up during a phone interview. Richmond Selectman Doug Bersaw, a member of the Slaves who is known as Brother Anthony Mary, did not respond to requests for comment.'

Silence..the last refuge of the cowardly scoundrel."

The tally is that you conflate two entirely different comments and then inaccurately claim that Br. Andre was labeled as being effeminate when he was not. (It was his lay followers.) Then you accuse me of having done it when I most certainly did not, and your backup plan was to accuse Anger of having done it.

On the basis of quotes that you didn't even get correct (and you don't really know who wrote them), you declare that Anger struck you as being the "typically vindictive type."

Well done. Nice work.

Catholic Mission said...

January 10, 2019
Bro.Andre Marie affirms extra ecclesiam nulla salus based on Vatican Council II : query from the CDF

Alison said...

I do know Mary Anger and I am really disappointed that her claims are not taken seriously. She is a Catholic in good standing and truly seeks to live the Catholic Faith and has never vered from that goal. While I hope what happened to her never happens to you or anyone you know Tancred, you have failed to see the truth of what happened. She is completely honest and had no idea that the priest she knew and loved and had helped her family so much had an illicit affair prior to his making sexual advances on her. You have no idea how hard this can be to deal with when it is by someone you loved and thought would never do this. It also shows the complete lack that traditionalists have to want transparency when it comes to traditional priests and their misdeeds. The FSSP should have made it known when the priest left the parish why he was leaving. I appreciate from your blog that you do not want to see the Church become a white-washed tomb. Seriously, Brother Andre wanted this kept quiet. I can't know his motive but would guess it was because he was desperate for a traditional priest. He should have waited for better days instead of harassing my friend to do so. If we don't deal with the sexual crisis in all areas of the Church including traditional ones then we are truly impoverished people. We can not put the institutional Church or the institutions such as the SBC Center above the victims. I am tryly disappointed in your inconsistency. It's not the enemies of tradition that keep it from making great gains, it is actions like this that do.

Tancred said...

I can see why Brother Andre wouldn't take her seriously, she has a chip on her shoulder about the thrice defined dogma that outside of the Catholic Church there is no salvation. Her bad will about that is much bigger than her feelings of betrayal that her family priest once made a pass at her.

You also have to wonder what's so important about Quebec that she absolutely had to book a plane, or sit in a car for 16 hours for her and her children to see a priest who made a pass at her and even pose in pictures with him.

I also noted that clergy responding to her problem urged her to cut off all contacts with him. Wonder what that's about.

Alison said...

Brother Andre did take her seriously and told her that he appreciated the call and then his desperation sent him down another pass. And furthermore, he also had an affair with a woman while an active priest in FSSP. Again as John Senior used to say, I'd wait for better days. He did not need to harass her and what happened to her in the confessional is inexcusable. If he wants a priest who abuses that sacrament then he really is desperate. Now that the Bishop has declared them not in communion with Church, I suggest according to the dogma that they make it right. Again, I hope this does not ever happen to your family but I do not believe that you get the dynamics of sexual harassment.

Alison said...

And also I assure you that your mind reading cannot really state that Mary Anger was more aggrieved about the teaching of the New Hampshire group. This priest had been a good friend to her. You don't just turn the switch on a friendship like that. And especially when she did not know about his past indiscretion. And you still can't defend your double standard for liberal Catholic priests who are caught in bad acts vs. traditional Catholic priests. We need to clean house and need transparency.

Anonymous said...

"You also have to wonder what's so important about Quebec that she absolutely had to book a plane, or sit in a car for 16 hours for her and her children to see a priest who made a pass at her and even pose in pictures with him."

What? Tancred's superpower to read minds has conked out?

Actually, are mind-reading skills even necessary for this? Quebec is a vacation destination, as are many places in the world. My SIL takes her two kids, both still in elementary school, to places like Finland, Estonia, Monaco, and most recently Costa Rica.

"I also noted that clergy responding to her problem urged her to cut off all contacts with him. Wonder what that's about."

Use your mind-reading skills, man. You've already read Anger's mind and declared her to be of bad will, to be more aggrieved by EENS than by the fact that her family priest made sexual passes at her, so why can't you figure it out?

I myself actually don't care if Andre didn't believe her. What he thinks doesn't matter. What's offensive is that he tried to wreck an investigation into clerical sexual misconduct. After all the screaming and yelling the laity have done about the hierarchy protecting sexual predators among the clergy, Andre goes and protects his own predator. Pot meet kettle.

Tancred said...

I don’t care at this point. She’s either a responsible adult with moral agency or she’s a child. She can’t be both.

No crime was committed.

She reported him and Brother André eventually dealt with it.

A woman scorned, I guess.

Tancred said...

Her animus is clearly against the SBC. It’s evidenced because she spends more time complaining about that than she does about her alleged victimization by Grega, who as far as I can tell, did nothing that can be punished by local authorities.

Anonymous said...

You don't seem to be sensitive to sin. Instead, you are making excuses for a creepy monk who protected his even creepier priest. That's just nasty. Who needs Donald Wuerl?

Alison said...

Brother Andre did not deal with this. He tried to get Mary Anger to drop her claims and did witness tampering. He wanted the priest and Fr. Grega was not nixed by the SBC but by higher authority. You still have a double standard. I believe that you are smart enough to understand this but don't want to understand it.

Frank said...


This whole thing is very PYP=protect your predator. You and Bro. Andre need to watch this video about sex abuse in the Church. Both of you have low standards for your clergy. Start at 14:40. Fr. Ripperger will tell you what real standards for priests are.

Tancred said...

I'm sensitive to Communist agitprop like SPLC, #metoo and trad women piggybacking feminism to attack the Church, yeah. Who needs Gloria Steinem, OY VEH!

Tancred said...

Too bad this poorly authored attack isn't going to accomplish what you want it to do. No one else is going to be persuade by it.

Frank said...


You didn't publish my comment about your and Bro. Andre's low standards for clergy. It hit home because Fr. Ripperger tells how the Church formerly dealt with bad priests, and Andre fought against traditional Church discipline.

The reason Andre did so is because of his heresy. Feeneyism dictates everything that Andre does. It causes him to suspend objectivity. It causes him to lower his standards. It blinds him. He didn't believe the woman because she's not Feeneyite. All that earned him was a divine smackdown. Now he has no priests at all.

Tancred said...

"Brother Andre did not deal with this. He tried to get Mary Anger to drop her claims and did witness tampering."

Witness tampering? There was no crime. Let's see a police report.

" He wanted the priest and Fr. Grega was not nixed by the SBC but by higher authority. You still have a double standard. I believe that you are smart enough to understand this but don't want to understand it.?"

So what? As far as Brother Andre knew, Mary Jo is yet another vindictive woman. I'll bet he's seen a few of those in his life. I know I have.

Tancred said...


Your take is completely irrelevant.

Anonymous said...

How much says that Brother Andre never consulted with the bishop about this? Brother Andre is the very definition of vindictive.

Tancred said...

I take it we’re done here?

Anonymous said...

So the answer is "no."

Anonymous said...

As suspected. Andre did not consult the bishop.

Tancred said...

He probabably didn’t want to waste his time. In any case, since Mary Jo already told them she was going to complain, why wouldn’t he go to the Bishop?

I know women do crazy things, but why did she travel all the way to Quebec to visit him and talk to him a year after she allegedly rebuffed his advances? Sounds like a romantic attachment that went sour.

Show me the police report.

Anonymous said...

"He probabably didn’t want to waste his time."

That's not it. As Frank said, Andre was in PYP mode.

"Show me the police report."

So you only object to priests who are criminals. You don't mind priests who are gravely immoral. As long as there's no rap sheet, you and Andre will take priests who can't keep their pants up. Got it.

Anonymous said...

"...why did she travel all the way to Quebec to visit him and talk to him a year after she allegedly rebuffed his advances?"

Straight from the website: "One week after this visit to Québec, she would go to the bishops. Grega probably imagined that she would never find the strength to turn him in."

She got tired of his mind games. Get a clue.

Tancred said...

Get a “clue”? Are you a child? She could have written a letter and made a phone call. There is actually a number on a diocesan website to report predators like Grega.

Tancred said...

No, I think he was more in the try to work it out with the hysterical and possibly lying woman mode.

Anonymous said...

How much says she went to face the monster who had been messing with her mind? That priest is a narcissist. Besides being a sex maniac, the priest has personality disorder issues. He puts on one face for the world to see, but privately he is something totally different. I've seen that type before.

I've also seen Andre's type before. He's the willing accomplice.