Wednesday, December 19, 2018

German Politician: “Cardinal Woelki, Cardinal Marx, where are you now, depraved, disgusting hypocrites!”

Former Bild on Sunday editor-in-chief and current AfD (Alternative für Deutschland) politician Nicolaus Fest has unleashed sharp criticism of the churches, because they are silent on the JUSO extension for abortion until the 9th month.

Berlin ( Nicolaus Fest, former deputy editor-in-chief of the Bild am Sonntag and current AFD politician, has vigorously criticized the silence of politicians, media and the churches on the JUSO demand for abortion until the ninth month. "Cardinal Woelki, Cardinal Marx, where are you now depraved, disgusting hypocrites?" Mr. Bedford-Strohm, Mrs. Irmgard Schwätzer of the EKD. "Where is your outcry, you bigoted religious actors?" And Fest then criticizes the zeitgeist: "What we experience is disgusting mendacity of the left-green zeitgeist: on the one hand demanding children's rights in the constitution, but at the same time killing children in the womb."

Trans: Tancred


Anonymous said...

It says something when German politicians are more Catholic than the Catholic hierarchy. But of course the Cardinals who are being called out and criticized are little more than modernist dissidents. It's good to see that they are being publicly criticized. The politician is quite brave for doing so. He will likely receive a backlash.

M. Ray

Aqua said...

This disgust will breach the dike one day (soon it appears) and will wash away these leftist modernists in a flood of cleansing anger.

Anonymous said...

How appropriate that someone named Nicolaus would at this time of year cry out for infants in the womb. St Nicolaus ora pro nobis. Amen

Litacanaman said...

Those Cardinals need lots of PRAYER

JBQ said...

@Aqua: I liked your comment. However, I point out a spelling conundrum. It makes a lot more sense to take "dike" and replace the "i" with a "y".

Kathleen1031 said...

It's gratifying on a major level to see these faux-clergy, these men so clearly taken over by Satan, called out publicly. Good God why would we not want their comeuppance, and why would we not want some justice. We are praying for justice, in point of fact, the day these posers would be shown in the light of day for what they are, their evil deeds made plain.
God bless the man for saying it. It is vile, completely vile, that babies are killed and these "representatives of the church" say nothing at all. But why would they. They have no problem with priests sodomizing boys.

Anonymous said...

Go to your parishes and get in their faces.
Do it loudly and boldy... disgrace them in public.