Saturday, September 29, 2018

Ex-Cardinal Retired to Cloister Near High School

Edit: this decision was not without controversy, however, because despite the remoteness of the Cloister, it’s still close to the parish Grade School or a neighboring High School.  What’s unclear is whether the evil +++McCarrick will be restricted to quarters, or have access to a car, where he can travel a few hours to lurk in Kansas City, Kansas on weekends.

(Rome) Ex-Cardinal McCarrick, who is at the center of an abuse scandal in the Catholic Church, now lives in a Capuchin monastery in the state of Kansas. This was announced by the Archdiocese  of Washington.

Theodore McCarrick was Archbishop of Washington and previously Archbishop of Newark. He is accused of having lived a gay double life for decades and of having aberrosexual relationships with subordinates and seminarians.

On August 26, Monsignor Carlo Maria Viganò, former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States, revealed that when Pope Benedict XVI learned of the incidents, he imposed sanctions on McCarrick at the end of his term. Apparently, this was never really implemented till the pope's resignation. Rather, Pope Francis rehabilitated the cardinal and, according to the Vatican diplomat, made him one of his closest confidants.

It was not until the New York Times revealed the Cardinal's double life in July in two articles that the pope's confidant, officially at his own request, lost the cardinal status. The former Apostolic Nuncio in Washington accuses Pope Francis of covering up and covering the cardinal's "perverse and diabolical" behavior, and calls for Francis's resignation.

In a press release from the Archbishopric of Washington, it is now reported that the now 88-year-old McCarrick "now lives the permission of the Provincial Superior, Christopher Popravak, responsible for the monastic Franciscan Community and the Bishop of Salina, Gerald Vincke, in St. Fidelis Monastery in Victoria in State of Kansas. "

"Out of consideration for the peace of the community of St. Fidelis-Kosters, we are asked to respect the privacy of this agreement."

The transfer to the monastery became necessary after Pope Francis in late July McCarrick prohibited any public exercise of his office. At the same time he imposed house arrest against him in a place to be assigned to him. [Notorious priests under restriction in Collegeville, are right there next to a high school and a university. They are also allowed to travel, some as far as Europe and cushy vacations.]

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Archdiocese of Washington (screenshot)
Trans: Tancred


Anonymous said...

Poor decision by East Coast people that think that 100 people live in the entire State of Kansas.
Believe it or not, people do live here AND in close proximity, in the cities and towns.
Better choice would have been Gethsemane Abbey in Kentucky.
Set in a few thousand acres of woods. A long drive to the nearest populated area.

Phinnpoy said...

McCarrick should have been sent to a monastery in a desolate desert, far away from any town or city, with no children or young men nearby.

Tancred said...

Kansas City or Denver aren’t that far, and I really doubt he’s going to be under very strict supervision.

Tancred said...

Antarctica would be perfect.

Bill Danby said...

Put him under the personal supervision of Cardinal 'Tough love' Burke.

Blotto said...

Should be doing 20,000 Years in Sing Sing.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope and pray that he isn't "giving" or "receiving" testosterone.

What do we know about that monastery? Is it a lavender palace?

I hope he doesn't have internet access.

Sign me, 🍁 prairie 👩 in the city

Anonymous said...

Given the degeneracy that the Franciscan Order has given into (see Richard Rohr),
I would guess that he will be among his own.

Litacanaman said...

He should be on solitary confinement in the monastery or jailed.