Saturday, September 22, 2018

Cardinal Zen: Vatican-China Agreement Will Be Disastrous for Entire Church — Parolin Doesn’t Have Faith, He Should Resign

a few days ago there was an article in the Catholic Herald about the unofficial custodian of China relations with the Vatican and millions of Chinese Catholics, the disgraced and rotten Archbishop Theodore McCarrick. In the Italian Monthly, 30 Days, he was already on record.

Cardinal Zen sharply criticized the Vatican-China agreement and calls for the resignation of Cardinal Secretary Parolin "He should resign, I do not believe he has faith"

Hong Kong ( Joseph Cardinal Zen, the well-known Emeritus Archbishop of Hong Kong, sharply criticized the Vatican agreement with China. This is reported by Reuters. This agreement is an "incredible betrayal" of the Catholic faith. At the core of the agreement is that Chinese Catholics recognize the Pope, for which the Vatican will recognize the excommunicated bishops of the communist state church. In the end, two Catholic bishops would have to give up their diocesan seats.

Zen was especially critical of Cardinal Secretary of State Parolin. "He should resign, I do not think he has any faith, he's just a good diplomat in a very secular sense." The consequence of this agreement is serious for the whole world. It will be unbelievable for the Church. That's why, according to Zen, the Vatican agreement is kept as secret as possible. According to Zen, the agreement with the Vatican will be accepted by at most half of the Roman Catholic Church in China. "I'm afraid they'll do something irrational, they'll make a revolution."

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vetusta ecclesia said...

Not just Parolin, the architect of Ostpolitik, but a host of other top Church hierarchy appear to have no faith.

Trad101 said...

Move along now folks, nothing to see here, just a Bilderberger doing his job.

Anonymous said...

One nuclear scandal after another for Pope Bergoglio. Why don't the good cardinals just throw him out, like yesterday's garbage?
The Der Spiegel article in Germany quotes several Vatical cardinals as giving really, seriously damaging picture of Francis and his methods. It's almost worse that the Vigano explosion.
Now the China fiasco. In one stroke of the pen, Francis and Parolin have betrayed nearly 75 years of heroic witness to the Truth of the Catholic Faith by those loyal Catholics who refused to kow tow to the Communists and accept their "government sponsored Chinese Catholic Church". They were loyal to the true Faith and many suffered torture, years of imprisonment, and martyrdom for the Faith and for the Pope and the Vatican. Now, in one stroke of the pen, Francis has betrayed them. He's spit in their faces. So has Parolin.
I 100% Believe Cardinal Zen. Francis has destroyed the Catholic Faith in China.
Like I asked in the beginning....why don't the good Cardinals rise out and throw him and his associates out?
Actually, in fact, I think that's coming. Sooner than Bergoglio thinks. One fine day soon, we'll wake up wto TV coverage that Francis has resigned. Oh, they'll make it sound like it was his choice....but behind the scenes....a coup d'état by the ture Catholic Cardinals....more of them than we think.
Damian Malliapalli

Camper said...

Mr. Malliapalli (is that a Vietnamese name? Botswanan?), I hope you are correct about the cardinals. They are several years overdue for any action at all. I hope not too many people are holding their breath. Mundabor is correct in calling them the cowardinals.

Anonymous said...

No, not Vietnamese, Indian. I am of Indian and Irish decent. Dad is Indian, Mom Irish/American (USA born).

Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

No offense Buddy Man, but out of 50+ countries of Africa you pick Botswana? HAHAHAHA.

I've been mistaken both in written correspondence and face to face as either Iranian, Egyptian, Greek, Italian, Israeli, Mexican, Puerto Rican, or Indonesian, or of course, Indian. On first meeting me, no one has ever picked me as being plain ol' American USA born and bred..... I can put on a perfect Indian accent, or Arabic, and even British to fool them even more. But also never , ever, has anyone ever assumed African! HAHAHA! Thank you for making my day!

Damian Malliapalli

Camper said...

Mr. Malliapalli - thank you. I am glad you enjoyed my joke. Your last name is very exotic, so I thought I should run with it. I had almost no idea what kind of name it was. Imagine anything from Italian to Israeli, like you said, to Indonesian perhaps. That'll be $50, please.

JBQ said...

Ah, an Irish mother.