Thursday, August 30, 2018

Stevie Ray Abandons Pizza U

Edit: Stevie Ray just can't unequivocally support this pope like the Neocon establicons of Ave Maria.

The President of Ave Maria just can’t handle Vignanò’s criticism of the Bishop of Rome!

Der Wanderer has been critical of Pizza U since it tried to become lamestream in its move to Florida. Why did it take Steve Ray so long? Does his Apologetics hat no longer confer magic powers?
A reliable reader, TR, sends me this.



Barnum said...

Why are you ragging about Steven Ray?

Tancred said...

Tom Ryan said...

Remember how he got really indignant on Catholic Answers over the suggestion that there’s a homo problem in the Church?
What was that... two weeks ago?

Tom Ryan said...

Barnum said...

You still didn't say why you are ragging on Steve Ray. or the Monaghans, for that matter. Say what you might, at least they tried to use their honestly-earned money to do something positive for the Faith.

BTW, E. M. Jones had some things to say about AM a few years ago as well.

Tancred said...

Positive for the faith? Like we need another nominally Catholic college where nominal Catholics can feel proud of sending their children?©-open-letter-to-the-ave-maria-university-board-of-trustees-november-9-2009/amp/

Stevie Ray is a Neocon and it’s interesting to see him going after the pope now. He was an apologist for Schönborn when the pornocardinal was doing similar stuff in Austria with respect to homo-heresy.

Tancred said...

Now that the Neocons have finally come around on this pope, like Shea and Hahn talking on Twitter, they still sound like old women at a baptist bake sale gossiping about evil Catholic popes, ironically.

I’m sure E.M. Jones defended Ave Maria for some weird reason. He also defended Dolan when Voris was doing that expose on that priest who was using Parish funds to hire prostitutes, and has been critical of Mother Angelica during her battles with Mahony. I was like, huh, what? Jones is usually pretty good, but I was baffled about that. Maybe it’s something to do with his Opus Dei connection?

Steve Ray had done a bunch of Apologetics snake oil stuff with Schönborn up until around 2008, so it’s possible he was just going on that, rather than what Schönborn actually is.

He is also another Shea enabler. Again, probabably something to do with the Apologetics Mafia and EWTN.

Barnum said...

Actually, my recollection is that Jones was leery of the whole AM idea, and I also recall the Wanderer writing about it as well, especially their very bad treatment of the faculty and staff. I agree with you about the Opus Dei connection, who the hell knows what is going on behind the scenes? Jones is a peacenik, but Opus Dei, in the USA at least, seems controlled by neocons who invite warmongers like Hugh Hewitt to give them talks. I have never heard anything about Jones being critical of Mother Angelica, and I don't recall anything like that in Culture Wars-- where can I find that?

The Monaghans meant well, I am certain. They put their money where there mouths are in trying to help the Church, though sure, a little egotism, conscious or unconscious, might have influenced their choices. They ended up literally buying Florida, so you say, swamp land, and metaphorically the Brooklyn Bridge and the Eiffel Tower from hucksters of Catholicism. But they can get the ship righted.

Sure, Steven Ray promotes himself, as does Scott Hahn, the Ignatius Press, Catholic Answers, Catholic blogworld, and a host of others who have families and have to make a living. Self-promotion is okay, snake oil is not. I do not know Ray to be a snake oil salesman, and I consider him as trustworthy as the Wanderer, LifeSite, the Fr. Murray who comments on EWTN, Vox Cantoris, and so many other commenters and reporters of Catholicism.

I do not include Steven Ray among the hucksters. I'd have to say he is more solid than Scott Hahn, who, in turn, is more solid than 99% of cradle Catholics. I know of nothing even close to heretical from Steven Ray. I don't know what he was doing with Schonborn, but I would have to suspect that Schonborn was using Ray, maybe as cover. Was the use mutual? Enlighten me.

Starting with St. Paul, through Newman and Knox, through people like Steven Ray and Ann Barnhardt, we see people who are avid for the Lord and who "get it," more so than most Catholics. Thank God for these converts.

Barnum said...

One more thing-- the nature of the modern education world makes all Catholic universities more or less nominal in time, no matter how pure the intentions at founding. Just start with the fact that they all get federal funding in one form or another, that teaching religious are pretty much a thing of the past, and that they try to earn intellectual respectability in a secular world by assuming secular ways of thinking and operating, e.g. "academic freedom," diversity, etc. You know the drill.