Politicalized Church: What is driving the church representatives? What are their aims? Italy's Minister of the Interior is vilified for his actions against illegal mass immigration as a "possessd", "devil" dictator and Nazi henchman - by Church officials. How can that be? In the picture P. Alex Zanotelli (left) and Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini (Lega).

(Rome) The media of the Italian Bishops' Conference and other official Catholic media are attacking Italy's newInterior  Minister with unprecedented sharpness. Reason is its course against the illegal mass immigration. Under the aegis of Pope Francis, a politicization of the church takes place. Here, the official church representatives have "unconditionally" committed to the globalist immigration agenda. As the?

Church as the military arm of the globalist agenda?

Matteo Salvini, national chairman of the Lega and since June 1 Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister, is currently the villain of the united left. This gives Victor Orban relief in particular, and a little too Donald Trump. Hardly a day goes by that left-wing groups, some of whom identify with Marxist traditions, others to radical-liberal traditions, do not stage a media uproar. At present, they are outraged by the Salvini statement, "There is much honor in having many enemies," as Benito Mussolini said. The intent behind it is as transparent as a high mountain stream: Salvini is to be closely comparedto a fascist dictator. In fact, it is a statement of the most famous German Landsknechtführer Jörg von Frundsberg, who said it half a millennium ago. To be specific, at a time when Martin Luther had not even formulated his Reformation theses.

Immigrants demonstrate for open ports

Immigrants demonstrate for open ports. The protest was organized by Catholic clerics like Don Ciotti and P. Zanotelli.

A group of religious began a hunger strike as Salvini closed the tug route across the Mediterranean and sent illegal immigrants back to Libya. The group is led by Comboni missionary, Alex Zanotelli, who runs in radical left-wing circles and stands out for political, but not religious commitment.

But not only Zanotelli, even official Catholic media attacks the minister and priests preach against him.

Since then, it is not only the Italian Lega (formerly Lega Nord) who has wondered whether the Church has become a left-wing political fighting organization. The situation is similar in the Federal Republic of Germany in the relationship of Cardinal Marx to the AfD. Anyone who expresses unconditional and dubious political (non-religious) attacks on a political party, as the President of the German Bishops' Conference has done, should not be surprised that this party demands the abolition of the already controversial Church-tax. Marx is now ready to attack Bavaria's Prime Minister Söder of the CSU. Also there is an Italian parallel. But how far do you have to look to the left to find a political party that satisfies Cardinal Marx? No wonder that there is talk of a new "Church Marxism". It should not be forgotten that Cardinal Marx himself declared in December 2017:

"I am sure that we will experience a renaissance of Marxism".

A Green politician wants to make Salvini into the Führer

The independent Catholic Internet newspaper La Nuova Bussola Quotidiana speaks of a "tangible and declared hate of the Catholic intelligentsia, including the hierarchs, against Salvini.”. Impagliazzo, the leader of the community of Sant'Egidio, alleged Salvini was building concentration camps in harmony with the radical left as well as National Socialism. Why? Because the Minister of the Interior wants to carry out a count of the Gypsies, who are indiscriminately called “Roma” in Italy due to new, politically correct language rules.

Antonio Spadaro: “the cross is never a symbol of identity.”

Since the opening of the border after the end of the Eastern Bloc, their number in Italy has almost quadrupled due to immigration, often illegally. There could be more, because nobody knows that exactly. The majority is sedentary. In addition, there are tens of thousands who live as nomads in mostly illegal tent and caravan camps on the outskirts of the big cities and are held responsible by the security forces for numerous crimes.

Salvini considers this state of illegality to be intolerable in a constitutional state and, above all, wants to take stock of it. He accuses his critics of creating artificial whirlwinds out of mere criticism - in the worst case, even to promote legal uncertainty and a breach of the law. The same circles have already tolerated and promoted a hundred-thousandfold breach of law through illegal immigration. One should not be surprised if this breach of law should be extended to other areas.

The extent to which the political left is heating up the issue was demonstrated by an Austrian politician from of the Greens. On July 30, he invited Salvini to visit the former Mauthausen concentration camp: "I will even make you 'Führer'."

Unholy alliance: Salvini, "a possessed"

Catholic Church representatives today blithely form an unholy alliance with the left. Unholy because political, and that is not without peril for the Church. Father Antonio Spadaro, editor of the Roman Jesuit magazine La Civiltà Cattolica and close confidant of Pope Francis, dedicated an editorial to Salvini in which he identified the Minister of the Interior as someone possessed by the devil. The Catholic weekly Famiglia Cristiana put the picture of the Minister of the Interior on the front page and ambiguously headlined: "Vade retro, Salvini".

Even in high ranking church circles, one seems to have lost sight of proportionality in daily combat, which is determined by political issues.

Above all, the question arises as to what these church representatives are fighting for. Hardly for the cause of Christ and the Church. So whose carts can you harness? Who pulls the strings here? Why this uncritical pace with a specific, also an agenda alien to the Church?

Church representatives such as Fr. Spadaro, of whom it is difficult to assume that he acts without backing and commission from Santa Marta, or the ecclesiastical weekly newspaper Famiglia Cristiana, which under Francis has moved even more politically to the left than it already was, or Avvenire, the similarly oriented daily newspaper of the Italian Episcopal Conference, unabashedly claims to be the "People of God".

Are they aware that they implicitly claim that the voters of the current Italian government, more than 50 percent of the electorate, are not part of the People of God? But the Lega, which campaigns for it - like the CSU under Bavaria's prime minister Markus Söder - that the crucifix isshould be ​posted in schools and offices, quadrupled in the parliamentary elections in March, and received more than 17 percent. In recent surveys, it is now over 30 percent. What about the vociferously demanded "inclusion"?

The mental dam failure that occurred in the Church under the pretext of the Second Vatican Council leads to an unexpected confusion. Even high church representatives seem to be losing understanding of the metaphysical dimension. They see the Church above all as a civil-religious moral institution to promote an ideological direction instead of the faith. The gaze is directed to the material world. But where do these Christians differ from socialists, liberals or other ideologues?

Practicing Catholics are alienated from their Church 

The development involves many dangers. It promotes an alienation of the very faithful from the Church, which until now was not thought to be very possible, as they were especially faithful. For a long time, progressive Church circles have scarcely cared for what the ecclesiastical chief shepherds say, including the Pope. It was different with the faithful Catholics. The (left) politicization of the Church, carried on by Pope Francis and by his confidants without real shame, is driving practicing Catholics to distance themselves from a Church with which they can identify less and less. Can a chief sheir want that?

Salvini's answer: "I am the last among the good Christians, but I think that I do not deserve such a thing".

The Lega and the Five-Star Movement, which have been forming Italy's government since June 1, have understood the sentiment of a majority of the people with a more attentive instinct. This feeling is now so far that it - and this is new - does not even care about appeals from the Pope. A statement that is actually worrying for Church circles and devout Catholics.

However, Pope Francis has the main responsibility with his appalling and irresponsible appeals, such as in late summer 2015, when he euphemistically described illegal mass immigration - a "wave of refugees" - reached a climax when, without the slightest differentiation in Europe, he urged governments: "Take all on, good and bad.” A majority of Italians apparently have the common sense that someone is playing a gambling game with them. How a pope could be carried away by such and similar statements puzzles even attentive observers of the pope. The former Italian President of the Senate, the philosopher Marcello Pera, a friend of Benedict XVI, accused Francis of not proclaiming the gospel, but of pursuing politics, "only politics.”

The Church is getting a political problem - provoking it itself

In 1992, the Christian Democratic Party of Italy, the Democrazia Cristiana (DC), collapsed on allegations of corruption. Since its founding, this party has had a stronger urge to lean to the left than to conservative positions, and has also interpreted the Christian social doctrine accordingly. Since then, political Catholicism has been orphaned. Following the basic tendency of the DC, most of its former apparatus entered into an alliance with the political left. This resulted in the Democratic Party (PD) ten years ago as the left-wing People's Party, based on the American model. The Catholic hierarchy also made this swing, at first hesitantly, but since Pope Francis, almost unconditionally.

The reorientation of the Italian electorate - the PD was voted out in March and received only 18 percent of the vote - poses a political problem for the Catholic aristocracy. The churches in Italy are still well-attended. The churches are still full. There is a strong community of faithful believers who silently follow the preachings of the priests, but then choose Salvini in the polling booth. In other words, they do the opposite of what the ecclesiastical aristocracy, ie the bishops and the pope, want.

In Austria, a similar migration of Catholic voters to the FPÖ began in the 1990s. Also in the Federal Republic of Germany a comparable tendency to the AfD is recognizable. And that, even though these Catholics in Austria, in Germany as well as in Italy are treated by Church representatives like lepers.

This promotes the decoupling of practicing Catholics from the ecclesiastical hierarchy. But this seems to be unaffected, although this can lead to a still hardly estimable erosion process.

The Catholic publicist Rino Cammilleri wrote recently in the direction of bishops:

"If I were in their place, I would first order a nice survey to feel the pulse of the faithful."

It was right, Cammilleri said, that the clergy should not depend on surveys in their sermons. But what about?

"One used to say: from the doctrine of faith. But the doctrine was banished to the attic because 'it is not a club to be used against the faithful'. "

But what does the current globalist agenda of Church leadership depend on? This should be revealed to the people of God for honesty.

The geopolitics of the Holy See under Pope Francis

New edition of the geopolitical magazine "Limes": Francis and the situation of the Church 

A few days ago, on 25 July, the Vatican premiered the presentation of the latest edition of the geopolitical journal Limes. The publication, which also functions as a think tank, is clearly located in the left spectrum. The volume is entitled "Francis and the situation of the Church" and is dedicated to "the geopolitics of the Holy See".

The speaker was Fr. Antonio Spadaro, who commented on the situation of the Church under Pope Francis:

"Initiating processes is more important than taking control of space. Anyone who still expects after five years [Francis] that the Church will build their hospitals and stop being a field hospital the Pope spoke of, has not understood anything about the Church, which is either a field hospital or is not Church.”

Anyone who wonders after such words, why the faithful are disoriented, has really understood nothing.

Interior Minister Salvini is a "possessed" because he has closed Italy's ports for illegal hauling? What understanding of evil do Spadaro and the Famiglia Cristiana want to promote? The decline in the circulation figures of the Famiglia Cristiana and the high polling for the Lega speak a clear language.

Salvini wants the crucifix to hang in the schools. What does the normal believer think about it? He is pleased. What does Pope confidant Spadaro think about it?

"Using the crucifix like any Big Jim [Big Stick]  is blasphemous. The cross is a sign of protest against sin, violence, injustice and death. It is not a sign of identity. It screams for love of the enemy and unconditional acceptance. Steer clear of it. "

The result of such reinterpretations? The Pope, the bishops and the priests are going in one direction and their people are going in a different direction.

Speaking of cross and identity. Many peoples and states have the cross in their banner, just because it is a sign of their identity.

"I converted to the Church, not a humanitarian NGO"

Rino Cammilleri, who stood on entirely different barricades in 1968 as a left-wing extremist, notes the politicization of the Church under Pope Francis:

"Personally, I belong to the great number of converts who have converted to Church  and not to a humanitarian NGO."

If Church officials continue like this, Cammilleri says, "a hothead will jump out and declare a Church-tax boycott. At the latest, then, the opinion of the people will also gain importance for your eminences."

This also applies to the German-speaking area.

What remains unanswered is the oppressive question of how this development could come about, and what the welcome prelates, who cling so close to the pro-immigration welcoming politicians, are aiming at with this dangerous game. And what drives them?

Your shot fired without any visible adversity can easily backfire. But they won’t be the ones to suffer, but the Church.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi

Image: NBQ / FC / Limes (Screenshots)

Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com