Wednesday, August 1, 2018

March for Family Draws Record Numbers of Participants

March for the family and for life in Ecuador. Hundreds of thousands of Ecuadorians say no to abortion and gender ideology.

(Quito) On July 28, the March for the Family took place in the Ecuadorian capital of Quito and other cities in the country with record participation.

In the city of Guayaquil alone, more than 200,000 people demonstrated against the killing of unborn children through abortion and gender ideology. Also this year the motto was "Hands off my children", supplemented by the motto "I educate my children myself".

It was mainly families who participated. That's why many children were seen. Families are particularly concerned about government-sponsored policies that are considered devastating.

The main criticisms are against Minister of Education Fander Falconi Benítez and Minister of Health Veronica Espinosa Serrano. The participants in the march for the family called on President Lenin Moreno to remove both ministers from office.

At the same time, the rally participants demanded a change of direction and a new policy for the family, which recognizes the role of the parents and does not try to incapacitate them by the state. Parents should therefore also be able to actively and decisively contribute to the creation of the guidelines for school sexual education.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Marcha por la familia (screenshot)
Trans: Tancred


M. Prodigal said...

So few in the world to get these things right! God bless these dear ones.

Anonymous said...

I am sure there was absolutely no words of encouragement for this magnificent demonstration of faithful families from the representatives of the Catholic Church, or from the Vatican.
No, the priest were probably quoting from the Book of Pope Francis "Amoris...whatever" ,or prowling for young men to entice. And of course, the big boss , Mr. White Hat was once again wailing, weeping, and moaning , pleading last weekend for people to welcome with open arms, Muslim immigrants and "refugees".
A rising tide of young Italian politicians have Pope Francis' number. And they hate him. One said just a few days ago that Francis "never speaks the Gospel, only politics". He's right.

The people are not stupid. In Italy, (and probably in Equador too), they know who their enemy is....sadly. It's Pope Francis, the Vatican, the cardinals, bishops, priests. All radical leftist politics, and no Gospels. No Catholic values. No Jesus.

No wonder they go to these dime-a dozen protestant bible cults!

Damian Malliapalli