Thursday, August 16, 2018

Cardinal Sean O'Malley Will Not Be Attending World Family Meeting in Dublin -- Another Snub of Pope Francis' Aberrophile Agenda?

(Rome / Dublin) Cardinal Sean Patrick O'Malley surprisingly bowed out from attending the World Family Meeting in Dublin. Is he protesting against the aberrophilic maneuvers that pull certain ropes for the recognition of homosexuality in the Church? The Cardinal is responsible for protecting children from sexual abuse in the Church and seems to have put one and one together.

World Family Meeting 2018: Doubtful guests and program items

The World Family Meeting in Dublin, which starts in a few days is in the midst of a tempest. Because of dubious program points and guests the largest international Catholic family event has received fierce criticism in the run-up. From the ranks of devout Catholics, including the Spanish news portal InfoVaticana , have even called for the World Family Meeting to be cancelled.
Yesterday, Cardinal Sean Patrick O'Malley OFM Cap., the Archbishop of Boston, announced that he would not attend the World Family Meeting held on 21-26  August taking place in Dublin.
Cardinal O'Malley not only leads one of the most important dioceses in the USA. He is also the representative of North America in the C9 Cardinal Council, which is to advise Pope Francis in the reform of the Curia and the leadership of the universal Church. The Cardinal is also President of the Pontifical Child Protection Commission. As such, he played a central role in the Barros case in recent months.

It was the Archbishop of Boston who finally internationalized the case of Chilean Bishop Juan Barros after Pope Francis defended Barro in a manner that Cardinal O'Malley found intolerable in his visit to Chile in late January.

Homosexuality at the World Family Meeting in Dublin

James Martin SJ
The stumbling block at the World Family Meeting is the presence of the aberrophile US Jesuit James Martin and the homosexuality program. The World Family Meeting was launched in 1994 by Pope John Paul II to strengthen the family and increase its visibility in the public. The idea for the meetings is based on his post-synodal letter Familiaris Consortio of 1981. Instead, critics say that this year's World Family Meeting is being abused to promote aberrosexuality in the Church.
The World Family Meeting also offers many good things to do in Dublin. But it is well known that praise is enough to salt a meal and a few drops to poison a well.
The Dublin program shows critics that gender ideology has invaded the Church. Where the family is to be promoted, it is attacked.

Cardinal O'Malley's rejection

On the solemnity of the Assumption, the Archbishopric of Boston issued a statement  that Cardinal Sean Patrick O'Malley will not be coming to Dublin. The reason given is pastoral obligations in the seminary of his archdiocese. That was not enough to justify canceling the participation in Dublin, as it is suggested not only in Rome. No one less than Pope Francis is personally coming to Ireland for the World Family Meeting . This is the first visit of a reigning Pope on the green island.
Cardinal O'Malley, Boston
The Archdiocese of Boston emphasizes the importance of the event, especially the Pope's visit to Ireland. If one follows confidential votes, the rejection is in reality in connection with the criticism of this year's World Family Meeting. It is well known that the participation of the Jesuit James Martin in Dublin was imposed by Rome.
According to observers, a gigantic fight for homosexuality is currently taking place behind the scenes in the Catholic Church. An aberrophile party of high and highest Church representatives is trying with massive commitment to achieve the recognition of homosexuality by the Church. Their activism is completely unabashed. In this context, a number of persons are mentioned who have one thing in common: all were promoted to high and highest honors by Pope Francis. This includes Fr. James Martin himself, whom Francis called to Rome as Consultor .

Aberrophile cliques

In the context of the World Family Meeting in Dublin not only he, but Cardinal Farrell is especially mentioned. The American was made Pope Francis' Dicastry leader and cardinal. It was Cardinal Farrell himself who had "integrated" the aberrosexual and degenerate program items into the agenda of the World Family Meeting. Farrell is responsible for the Council on Laity, Family and Life in Rome. This appointment was described by the Catholic Spanish columnist Francisco Fernandez de la Cigoña as a "bad decision". His predecessor, Curial Archbishop Vincenzo Paglia, who was until 2016 the Vatican Family Minister, is now President of the Pontifical Academy for Life and Grand Chancellor of the Pontifical Theological Institute John Paul II for Marriage and Family Studies, is attributed by several Vaticanists to the aberrophile party.
Just a few weeks ago, the auxiliary bishop of Tegucigalpa had to resign. Officially at his own request and without reason. In fact, his position had become intolerable after his gay double life was revealed and seminarians complained of a homosexual network in the archdiocesan seminary. The Archbishop of Tegucigalpa is Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga, one of Pope Francis' closest confidants.

Aberro-revolution through Amoris laetitia ?

Some see the controversial post-synodal letter Amoris laetitia concealing a revolution that contains far more explosives than previously thought. It is not the remarried divorced who are the main targets of the papal innovation, although they largely monopolize the interest. The target group is not least the homosexuals, because the document speaks of people who live in an irregular relationship (especially AL, 305). This goes far beyond the remarried divorced.
If one follows these assessments, and there is some reason for them, a gigantic movement is underway in the Church to turn homosexuality from a blatant sin into a recognized, perhaps even a privileged, lifestyle. The impact on the priesthood and the sacrament in general will be considered devastating.
Inseparable from this are, among other things, the sexual abuse cases that have shaken the Catholic Church for almost ten years. At present, the Catholic Church in the United States is shaken because in the state of Pennsylvania over the past 70 years, around 300 priests have sexually abused minors. The vast majority of all abuses were committed by homosexual clerics. [During the Cultural Revolution and its aftermath some 50 years ago] Only a tiny fraction had girls or women in their sights.
The Archdiocese of Boston did not suggest a connection. Nevertheless, there are voices that say with confidence that Cardinal O'Malley's absence at the Dublin Family Meeting in Dublin is in reality a rejection of the aberrophilic maneuvers carried out by gay and aberromophilic cliques in the Church. Maneuvers that are at least tolerated by Pope Francis.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: InfoVaticana
Trans: Tancred



Ana Milan said...

St. PJPII visited Ireland in 1979. It was his visit that was the first of a reigning pontiff.

Barnum said...

Don't worry, Gaybriel and Company will be fluttering over there to see to things go their way.

Anonymous said...

Won't they be crushed if it doesn't. With the Chile pedophile scandal, the homo scandal of the Honduran auxiliary Bishop to the totally corrupt and evil homo loving Mariadiaga, the gay scandal in his seminary, the gayboy playboy pervert McCarrick scandal (and more to follow) and most of all the 1,000 children victims of pervert USA priests, I think it's time to launch a massive drive to push Jorge Bergoglio (aka Pope Francis) and all his Vatican associates out form their cushy jobs and back to where they came from. Time to elect a true Catholic pope in the mold of Benedict XVI or better.....a Pius X type

Damian Malliapalli

James said...

Hope that Pope Francis’s crap pontificate ends soon.

Anonymous said...

When one of his own top cardinals bolts from an opportunity to attend the World Meeting of Families which Pope Francis and company have given a decidedly radical, pro-homosexual slant, and in light of the tsunami of scandal and crisis the Pa. report on priest/pedophiles has unleashed, not to mention the McCarrick, Wuerl, Farrell and Mariadiaga scandals, I think it is a good time for Pope Francis to step down (resign).
I sometimes surprise myself with some predictions I make here about Pope Francis, his agenda, and his people. Afew weeks (maybe two), ago after the McCarrick affair broke, I said there that there would be much more, way more serious. I just had a feeling there would be worse. And I was right, the Pa. report that makes McCarrick's escapades, horrible as they were, look small in comparison. Scary.
Some people might laugh, I have another prediction which will end in the sudden, and behind the scenes forced resignation of Pope Francis before another 18 months are out. The prediction is that there will be half a dozen more, explosive reports and revelations just like the Pa Report within the next 18 months. Some in the USA (NY, and maybe other states), also Honduras, Chile, AND Argentina which will shake Francis' pontificate and his Vatican to the ground. In Argentina, Francis will be implicated himself as a cover-up/conspirator (when he was Cardinal Bergoglio). Those stories will explode on the Church like an atomic bomb. The aftermath will be that all the C9 Cardinals will be gone(resigned), Wuerl and Farrell,Tobin and Dolan and Maridiaga will all be gone. And so will Francis, He'll be forced to resign from the "good" Cardinals and bishops finally..behind the scenes.
The man who will replace Francis won't be especially young, (past 70), but young enough to being the massive clean up from the wreckage of Francis nearly 6 1/2 year (by that time), pontificate. And it won't be long before some good results are seen....results that will cause good Catholics to cheer! Francis will hide out back in Argentina, disgraced spending time sipping his favorite tea.

Damian Malliapalli

The Archlaic said...

O’Malley slumbers most of the time, but when he is “woke” his acuity tends in the direction of the political. Ask not whether His Humility is “protesting” this Celtic clambake... Far more certain that he’s gauging, triangulating, calculating what will best serve his campaign - still alive in the O’Mallean mind - to be the successor to the Throne.

philipjohnson said...

Damian.I hope to God that you are right.The Bergoglio.and his evil henchmen,must get The Hell out if The Catholic Church.Evil men they are!!

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHA! O'Malley as Pope? He's as delusional as Cardinal Farrel,Tobin,Wuerl and Cupich when they denied knowing about McCarrick!
No, Francis will probably indeed be forced out..and soon...but his successor will be a bombshell surprise from the opposing camp, someone 100% the opposite to Pope Francis and his people. He will be extremely devoted to Catholic tradition and it's teachings, but (unfortunately), will still cling to the tired belief that Vatican II was basically good for the Church, and that the Novus Ordo is still the "official" liturgy. But he will greatly strengthen the traditions of the Church, trashed under Francis and his people. The Tridentine Latin Mass will be promoted extensively by the new pontificate, with the intent of it being allowed in every parish everywhere, existing alongside the "Novus Ordo". And bishops will not be permitted to thwart it. The new Pope might not actually celebrate the TLM, but he will bring back much (even more), of the papal regalia as Benedict XVI did. Maybe not the tiara, but the sedia.
When the new Pope is announced and comes out on the central balcony of Saint Peter's in the red mozzetta and stole, we will know in an instant that this will be a pontificate 100% the opposite to Francis, right from the start.
Look for it within the next 18 months, and maybe sooner. Especially if this Irish thing turns into an absolute disaster for Francis (backlash against Fr.Martin, etc) which ia a backlash against Cardinal Farrell, and ultimately against Francis. And that appears likely.

Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

In publicly embracing an ex priest and his male gay lover, alleged pope Francis displayed his approval of sodomy.
This event was recorded and witnessed when the alleged pope received visitors from South America .

He needs to be removed from the papal office immediately.

Anonymous said...

In publicly embracing an ex priest and his male gay lover, alleged pope Francis displayed his approval of sodomy.
This event was recorded and witnessed when the alleged pope received visitors from South America .

He needs to be removed from the papal office immediately.