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Gigantic Procession in Russia to Honor the Czar

In the early morning hours of July 17, a huge procession set in motion from the Yekaterinburg, leading 20 kilometers to the basilica, which was held in honor of the tsar's family murdered 100 years ago.

(Moscow) With a gigantic procession in honor of Tsar Nicholas II, Russia's Christians commemorated the murder of the tsarist family by the Communists.

Blood Basilica in Katharinenburg, built at the site of the assassination

In Katharinenburg in the Ural Mountains, hundreds of thousands of Russians participated in a gigantic procession on July 17, which took place on the anniversary and place of the crime. The procession led to the basilica, which was built in honor of the imperial family at the place of their murder. The basilica keeps relics of the last tsar. The murdered Tsar's family was canonized in 2000 by the Russian Orthodox Church, which recognized their murder by the Communists as a martyrdom.

Katharinenburg (Yekaterinburg) is located about 2,000 kilometers east of Moscow. After renouncing the affairs of state, which took place during the February Revolution of 1917, the Czar was interned with his family in Katharinenburg. There he, his wife and five children were murdered by the Bolsheviks in July 1918. The execution command was led by the Communist of Jewish descent Yakov Sverdlov, who acted on the direct orders of Lenin.

On July 17, the gigantic procession set in motion at 4 o'clock in the morning. On the night of the 16th to the 17th of July the murder was done. One hundred thousand participants were needed alone to carry the 100,000 icons (one icon per person) that were carried along. Countless other believers followed the train of the icons, which covered a distance of 20 kilometers. More and more people joined them, so that the procession took on gigantic proportions.

The procession in which the entire Holy Synod of the Russian Orthodox Church participated was led by the Moscow Patriarch Cyril I. in front of the Basilica, the Patriarch celebrated a Holy Mass in memory of the Tsar's family.

The martyrs of Alapayevsk

Grand Duchess Elisabeth, born Princess of Hesse-Darmstadt, a martyr of Alapayevsk

Already on July 15 in Alapayevsk, Kyril consecrated in the church of the Theodora Icon, an icon of the Mother of God, with whom Tsar Michael I, the first Romanov on the throne of the Tsar, had been blessed. In 1918, the Communists brought some members of the Tsar's family to Alapayevsk. There they were murdered in a mine near the city, also on 18 July. Among them was Grand Duchess Elizaveta Fyodorovna, who had been born as German Princess Elizabeth of Hesse-Darmstadt in Darmstadt. Following the murder of her husband in 1905 by the assassination of a socialist, she divested all her possessions and founded in Moscow the Women's Order of the Sisters of Charity and Mercy and the Martha Maria Monastery, which she herself entered and led as abbess.

After the White Army was able to recapture Alapayevsk briefly from the Red Army, the bodies of the murdered were born and carried on the retreat to the east and initially buried in Beijing. At the urging of her sister Vikotoria of Hesse-Darmstadt, who was married in Britain, they were transferred to Palestine and interred in the Russian Orthodox Mary Magdalene Monastery in Jerusalem in 1921. Their monastery in Moscow was abolished by the Communists and the sisters were deported to Siberia. Since then, the order no longer exists.

In 1998, the mortal remains of the Tzar's family were solemnly buried in the Peter and Paul Cathedral in St. Petersburg. The then Russian President Boris Yeltsin called the murder "one of the most shameful parts of our history". In 2008, Tsar Nicholas II was rehabilitated by the Supreme Court of Russia and the family recognized as victims of the "political repression of the Bolsheviks".

The worship of the Tsar's family is deeply felt in Russia. It represents a central element of historical continuity as it overcomes the 70 years of communist tyranny and is an aspect of national identity.

On May 25, 2017, the incumbent President Vladimir Putin also venerated the relics of Tsar Nicholas II. The ceremony took place in Christ the Savior Cathedral in Moscow.

One century after the massacre, Russia and the world experienced one of the greatest processions of recent history.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Bild: Medias-Presse/Wikicommons/Videos/Youtube



Anonymous said...

If Russia is transforming herself so deeply and swiftly, in spite of 75 years of Atheist indoctrination and with the requests of the Blessed Virgin not fully satisfacted, how would it look like after being consecrated and restored to the unity of the Church?
Let's pray that this day comes soon.

Anonymous said...

The Roman Catholic Church, both liturgically and spiritually, is very much impoverished compared to the tremendous faith of the Russian people and their deep belief in Orthodoxy. Their religious traditions have survived, and even thrived since the fall of the Soviet Union. Seventy-five years of communism could not destroy their faith. They have been true to their traditions and liturgical heritage which has its roots in Byzantium.
How poor, and how Protestantized our Roman Catholic Mass looks compared to the beauty of the traditional Russian Orthodox (and any Orthodox) church. The Russian Orthodox Church has had a reputation however (for many decades), for being the most traditional, and the most elaborate in both their liturgies and architecture and beliefs. They have not become secularized, like in some other Orthodox countries (Greece for example, where the people attend Divine Services, and follow some traditions, but their devotion is much les than in Russia.)
It is estimated that close to two million people participated in this procession in honor of the Tsar Nicholas II Romanov and his family. I truly would not be at all surprised if the Imperial family of the Romanovs are restored to the throne in Russia (as constitutional monarchs), by some act of the Russian parliament directed by Vladimir Putin (who it is said not only holds a deep religious Faith in Orthodoxy), but also would like to the see Russia have a Tsar again (not himself....he's said that publically).
For all the negative things the USA press says about Putin, and the coinstant rumors of Russian meddling in the 2016 Presidential election that robbed precious Hillary Clinton of her prize of the US Presidency (boo hoo Hillary!), Putin has helped keep some sense of morality ,patriotism, and love of tradition alive in Russia. For one thing, you'd never see openly gay people parading as "married" in Russia.
I believe in the need for Russia to be consecrated to the Virgin Mary. I think part of it was already done, else the Soviet Union would never have fallen so quickly and the great Faith of the Russian people restored so fast. That was a miracle.
Unity back with Rome under the Pope? Don't hold your breath. At least not with the kind of Vatican and Papacy and Vatican II mass we have now. Before Vatican was possible. Now? Don't make me laugh. The Russian Ortodox Church and clergy hate the reforms of Vatican II and the Novus Ordo, and think the Catholic Church is/was insane for throwing away 1,000+ years of tradition and replacing it with garbage. They see the wholesale collapse of the Roman Catholic Church and the debasement of the Papacy(especially under Francis), and all the scandals re. paedophilia and homo priests,bishops and cardinals as a result of the discarding of disiplne and liturgical tradition. They see it as God's justice. And they are right.
They mock the present papacy and the "Mass" we have now.....and they're right. 100%
Damian Malliapalli

Constantine said...

Meanwhile, Ukrainian Catholics continue to use their Catholic Churches as a vehicle to justify a ZIONIST-like "holier than thou" genocidal attitude to eradicate both their neighbors Poland and Russia, as well as opponents of the integration into the marxist Chistophobic EU

Anonymous said...

This will really send the rootless cosmopolitans over the top. They can't get their money-grubbing hands on Russia and they can't stand it.

philipjohnson said...

Damian.As usual you write so well and so true.Do you have any faith in The Catholic Church or do you see further disaster and deflections from The Faith?For myself i have great faith in the Traditional movement and i can see it growing and growing.The Conciliar Church is dead-or full of over sixties ,and no children.I am 65 yrs of age and saw the Light and only attend The Latin Mass.Recently i attended a pilgrimage to Holywell in Wales with Priests from The Institute of Christ The King officiating.Brilliant,Holy and so spiritual fulfilling!!

Constantine said...

I can only speak my opinion.But it is Incorrect to say that the Novus Ordo does not have a new generation. They plant their seeds to younger generations through what and how they teach in schools and univesities and false catechumenical instruction. They teach false in conferences and homilies. And the new generations also are very few, since parents have few children, and most have to give their children to daycare, and the working, or drug addicted parents are missing in children's households.Furthermore, with foreign immigranys swamping our shores, many are not even Christian, or if they are, desperate to please and dependant on, leftist organizations and ideologies that will support them. And whoever else us left with a sincere and good disposition to hear Catholic Teaching, will be given the visible mainstream Church to allow to instruct them. [Just look at the good and sincere Mother Teresa that obediently let go of her opposition to Communion in the hand once confronted by the Vatican to accept]. I think, barring any supernatural intervention, it's over.

JBQ said...

Well said, Damian. Nevertheless, there is a slight hint of plagiarism. The Swedish Knute Rockne said pretty much the same thing in his pep talks to his players to put the University of Notre Dame on the map way before it's abandonment of Christianity. A little humor never hurts.

Anonymous said...

Romanovs family execution not ritualistic?

Woody said...

Just returned from Saturday vigil Mass at the Franciscans’ Church of the Immaculate Conception in central Dublin, maybe 50-70 shabbily dressed mostly elderly attendees for a 38 minute Sunday vigil Novus Ordo Mass with an electric piano player to lead the music. Really disedifying. Constantine is right. Barring divine intervention, it is over.

Tancred said...

What an authoritative account.

Anonymous said...

Phillip Johnson wrote:

"Damian.As usual you write so well and so true.Do you have any faith in The Catholic Church or do you see further disaster and deflections from The Faith?"

Hey Phillip,

Sorry I'm late to respond or to see this. I usually only log on in the am to this...and other sites (just so you know I don't think only about religion all the time ;)
I log into CNN ( they never a kind word for Trump about anything.) FOX news, and also here every AM before I go off to work in NYC (catch the train from Philly). No fun commute, but family is here, not there.
To answer your question, sorry, but I don't have any faith in the Catholic Church AS IS IS NOW. Especially under this Pope, and his associates. He is a heretic, as are all his advisors, and mostly all the people he appoints. The last straw for me was his plans to canonize Pope Paul VI, and Bishop Oscar Romero????? Paul VI was not a popular Pope, and he was no saint. His one redeeming point is that he promulgated Humanae Vitae despite the crowd of liberals urging him to allow contraception. Also his doubts about the outcome/results of Vatican II(especially the Mass), which he was to much of a coward to forcefully state. His one quote, from a time when he was Pope only 2-3 days is most revealing about him. When asked about Vatican II, which he now was in charge of, he said to a close priest associate who later published it in Paul's defense after the pontiff's death was " I am like the conductor of a train which travels along a route I would not have chosen...." He was too cowardly to stop it.
But Romero?? He was a rank socialist, even a communist. He didn't deserve to be killed, of course, be he was no saint, and his theology suspect. These canonizations are predjudiced towards the most progressive, most radical elements in the Church. They are pushed thru to placate them. As such, they are not legit....even though neither man is a bona fide saint in the first place!. Paul VI comes closer....but Romero, no way.
So, sorry for the logn winder answer, but to sum it up, with announcements like these, and other things (like the nearly naked man dancing at a newly ordained priest's first Mass posted on this great site earlier), no, I don't have any faith in today's main stream Roman Catholic Church.....but I think the salvation of the Church lies with the SSPX, and other traditional/traditionalist groups, even those that are schismatic. I can hear some people screaming "horrors!!!" at that. But it's the truth. Sad to say, but these pople still have the whole Catholic Faith, the tradition, and the Mass. The heck with the Vatican of Pope Francis and Francis himself.He has done tremendous damage to the Church in 5 years, and so have his people.
I see further defections, disasters, scandals coming for the Church in the next 18 months or so.....all involving semi-heretical or outright heretical statements coming from Francis, his agenda, his actions and those of his associates (Cupich, etc, and the pro-Francis clowns in the Vatican Curia). Some of my predicitons have actually come true...which surprises even me. But I have a feeling there will be one, truly HUGE scandal coming that Francis won't be able to hide from, or be shielded from by Greg Burke in his communications office, or others. It'll be huge. So many of Francis' team will have to quit, that Francis might just throw in the towel and quit too. A lot of it will do with the rising tide against him, and his peopleand the direction/course he wants to map out.
Damian Malliapalli

Bill Danby said...


Anonymous said...

Of course, Communism is bullshit and a very bloodthirsty one.

Litacanaman said...
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Unknown said...

I love Russian Orthodoxy.

Peter Watson said...

Well you might having abandoned Catholicism because you haven't got the guts, will or intelligence to stick with it.