Wednesday, July 25, 2018

Bergoglian Predator Bishop Insists He’s Done Nothing Wrong

Juan Jose Pineda: “There is Nothing Against Me, I Askedto Resign, Myself”

Edit: sometimes there’s a good reason that people are on the margins.

(Tegucigalpa) Last Saturday, Pope Francis retired the right hand of Cardinal Oscar Rodriguez Maradiaga as Auxiliary Bishop of Tegucigalpa in Honduras. Msgr. Juan Jose Pineda Fasquelle confirmed the impression attached to this retirement.

Msgr. Pineda had been in the headlines since the end of 2017, with the real criticism being directed at the Pope's confidant Cardinal Maradiaga. Pope Francis had sent a confidant to Honduras a year ago to see to it, but remained inactive.

It was not until public pressure became too great that the need to take action in Rome was felt. The Honduran media had reported early, but they were not weighty enough. It was not until the Italian weekly L'Espresso announced the matter that an international response took shape.

The impression: Cardinal Maradiaga supported his suffragan bishop, while Cardinal Maradiaga was supported by Pope Francis. Maradiaga in turn supported the current pontificate. In order for this to continue to be so, the auxiliary bishop now had to give up his office, as the case had become intolerable, apparently to bring the cardinal out of the line of fire. In some ways, the Pineda case recalls the Barros case.

Pineda was retired on Saturday. But no sanctions were announced against him, which surprised observers in Rome and Tegucigalpa. Rather, it was said that he - for some unknown reason - asked for his resignation. The Pope had only met this wish. That's certainly not true.

But Pineda seems so sure of his ropes that he can dare go on the offensive. After announcing his retirement, he frankly asked the media questions. He told the most important newspapers, from El Heraldo to La Prensa to La Tribuna, and radio stations, that he had been retired at his request. He wants to turn to “new tasks.”Above all, he stressed that there are no sanctions against him. He himself had asked Rome for inquiries, which should give the impression of a self-report. That, too, does not correspond to the facts. The thrust is clear.

"There are no charges against me," Pineda said in an interview with TV station TN5.
In view of the media reports about his double life and his financial management, such statements are bold. They can only be explained by the fact that Pineda feels secure that no charge is made against him.

"It is better for one to die than for the whole people to save themselves."
Such a strange, cryptic statement by the former auxiliary bishop.

Anyone who wants to accuse him of something should do so with the competent courts so that he can defend himself. Since there are no such allegations, he has nothing to say about it. In any case, he would not comment on any allegations about the media.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Heraldo (screenshot)


  1. Then I guess all those seminarians and other young men who filed statements and sworn complaints that this guy made sexual advances on them, or actually sexually abused them are lying, huh? I guess too, that it was a lie that there was a ring of sexual pervert priests who preyed on young men and seminarians, and that this guy was one of them.
    Of course, to a guy like this, being actively and unashamedly gay, I suppose he thinks, is some warped way, that he did nothing wrong. And even if he did wrong, taking a page out of the book of Pope Francis the Great, he knows that God is a God of love and mercy, and no matter what he did, no matter how many he abused, God forgave him before he even did the act. To God, whatever this Pineda did, it's perfectly fine. He did nothing wrong. There is no sin. He knows that God would say just as Pope Francis the Great does....."Whom am I to judge?"
    Yeah, right Pineda. You think anybody with a brain believes your story? You are a pervert and you were caught and sacked. Just like your boss Maradiaga ia a crook, an embezzler. Time is running out for him too. And for McCarrick, Farrell, Tobin, Marx, Cupich....Francis.
    Damian Malliapalli

  2. You should take a close look at the deeply effeminate culture at the Temple of clerical careerism, the North American College in Rome. That place is emblematic of the Church leadership's appalling dysfunctional governance, lack of transparency, secrecy and avoidance of accountability. The NAC is a center point of clerical elitism, patronage, entitlement and privilege. It should be shut down. It would had the Vatican no use for the $$$ capital inflow.

  3. Keep emoting Kopronymos as long as it makes you feel better. You must know of course that the venting won't change a thing.

  4. Maybe not right now, Clem, but I think you'll be embarrassed and regret those words in afew weeks when everything breaks out and down.
    Francis and his rat pack may be fleeing for cover.In the event of that, I'd lay low for awhile if I were you! :)

    Damian Malliapalli

    *By the way, I'm not the only one who has these opinons. Lots of people in the info pipeline have a suspicion of what's gonna happen. Ugly stuff, but well deserved for those involved from high to low.

  5. Yes indeed, "Lots of people in the info pipeline' such as the twenty five virgin cousins in Italian Carmelite monasteries who are glued to St Peter's cam to monitor the attendance numbers for the Angelus etc. Then of course there is the unfathomable source of Vatican gossip channeled by the Italian male cat walk brigade. Impeccable intel, Damian. Outstanding stuff. I know there's a Booker Prize in this for you at some stage.

    Good grief