Thursday, July 26, 2018

Pilgrimage Director Thanks Socialist Party for His Priestly Vocation

Erwin Reichart, the pilgrimage director of Maria Vesperbild, responds with a friendly invitation to the condescending SPD criticism on the visit of the Bavarian Prime Minister Söder in Maria Vesperbild

Maria Vesperbild ( Vesperbild) documents the open letter of the pilgrimage director of Maria Vesperbild, Erwin Reichert, on the criticism of the Günzburger SPD leadership on the forthcoming visit of the Bavarian Prime Minister Markus Söder to Maria Vesperbild in full length:

Dear Mr. Auinger,

Although your press statement is hurtful and condescending, I still want to answer you in an open letter. The Bavarian Prime Minister does not come as a party representative to Maria Vesperbild but as the highest representative of the Bavarian state. That honors us very much. Incidentally, we are thankful for any politician who openly professes Christianity. Therefore, all politicians of each party are invited to make a pilgrimage to Maria Vesperbild. One can take Gregor Gysi as an example who, as a far left politician, clearly stated that a society without religion will not work in the long term.

All SPD members are therefore cordially invited to the feast day service with a procession of lights on August 15, 2018 at 19:00.

As a former worker and son of a worker family, I can tell you that as a teenager I had great sympathy for the SPD. In addition, I owe the SPD my priestly profession.

Therefore I do not mean it mockingly, if I advise you to take the help from above also for the SPD. The Mother of God has done so many miracles here that she can easily make it possible to bring the SPD to new heights.

I would like to receive you here despite the nasty press statement, to talk to you and maybe even to pray with you.

With best wishes and blessings from Maria Vesperbild

Erwin Reichart pilgrimage director

Trans: Tancred



  1. Can there be any doubt any longer of the links between radical socialism under Pope Francis (Liberation Theology) and the return to the very paganism which drew St. Patrick to return to Ireland? Patrick had been a slave. African-Americans can cry and cry and cry. They were not the only slaves.---- Isaac Jogues was a true Jesuit who returned with the French after having his fingers nibbled off by Iroquois women. When he returned, he received the ultimate accolade as seen in "Last of the Mohicans". His chest was slit open and his beating heart taken out and held in his face and then eaten.---Pope Francis will never receive that tribute. Pope John Paul II did.

  2. Wolfhardt PannenbergJuly 27, 2018 at 4:14 AM

    Yes, it is a blood moon in tonight. Barking mad, poor bastard.