Tuesday, July 24, 2018

“Gay Liberation” Cardinal Shared Apartment With Evil Aberrosexual Predator Cardinal

[Gloria.tv] Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, 87, who is accused of having fondled seminarians and some minors, has been the big mentor of Cardinal Kevin Farrell, i70, the head of the Dicastery for Laity, Family [sic!] and Life.

McCarrick made Farrell an Washington auxiliary bishop in 2001.

The two liberal prelates even shared an apartment together with two priest secretaries, according to Washingtonian.com (October 2004).

[As Newark Archbishop (1986-2000) McCarrick hired Father Kenneth Martin, a homosexual abuser, as his personal secretary.]

In 2007 Farrell was promoted to Dallas. He even paid tribute to McCarrick in his coat of arms. According to Farrell’s explanation the lion in his coat of arms honours McCarrick and is taken from his coat of arms.

Farrell is pro-gay and in charge of the World Meeting of Families in Dublin in August which will be attended by Pope Francis.

This meeting spreads gay ideologywelcomes homosexual couples and features as keynote speaker the gay-propagandist, Jesuit Father James Martin.

Farrell is a fan of Father Martin’s gay-propaganda book “Building a Bridge”.

It is evident that everyone - including Farrell - knew about McCarrick’s homosexual problem.



  1. I thought that the bottom of the well was within reach. Nope!

  2. This may....if all good Catholics push hard enough....be the scandal that brings Francis down. Corrupt (and possibly gay) Mariadiaga, gay Pineda, McCarrick, (probably Farrell too, and also Tobin). All appointed to current posts(except McCarrick) by Francis.
    There is daily new cases involving McCarrick, and mounting outrage that he be expelled from the Cardinalate and even from the priesthood! That would be justice. Anything else is a cover-up.
    So far there has been no word from the Vatican or Francis....has there? They are all over there in a panic, hoping it will all just blow over and Francis will emerge spotless, with that big insipid evil smile on his face.
    What people have to do, MUST DO, is dig for more evidence against McCarrick, and also Farrell (because Farrell is probably 100% gay as well, and also Tobin because he was a member of their club. The more evidence/dirt found, the better the changes to bring them and this papacy down and out.
    Damian Malliapalli

  3. As an update, on another site, I read an interview (pile of lies), from Cardinal Farrel in Rome, expressing his shock at the allegations against McCarrick.
    Farrell lied that he knew nothing.
    Yeah, right Mr. Red Hat. You knew nothing. THey'll be exposing you next.
    Damian Malliapalli

  4. T he vermin at the top of the church need to be rooted out including the master string puller anti pope Francis.
    It is now clear why Pope Benedict xvi is operating a pontificate of exception where all the normal rules have been suspended by the sovereign.

    The scale of organised evil within the college of cardinals and vatican city bishops is quite breathtaking.
    Root and branch reform of how a pope is elected and how cardinals are appointed is very much needed if the catholic church is to survive this sad catastrophe.

  5. "I worked in the chancery in Washington and never, no indication, none whatsoever,"

    He is a liar.

  6. The ongoing litany of bullshit and guilt-by-association slander trotted out by Kopronymos is more a judgment on his own moral bankruptcy than on those he attacks.

  7. Hey Clement. Buddy Man....you been in hiding? Maybe with Farrell in Rome (HAHA).
    Seriously though, Father, you gotta be pretty brainwashed, naïve, trusting, or just plain too stupid close-minded against the truth to believe that Farrell, Wuerl, Tobin, etc. are not 1) gay, and 2) possibly all (pervert pedophiles).
    I know, I know...Pope Francis is your hero. He can do no wrong. He is the Holy Father. Sua Santita, il Sommo Pontifice Francesco!!!
    Yeah, right...gimme a break. Last person who half way deserved that title was Benedict XVI.
    Read the secular papers, read the faithful Catholic blogs (not Catholic b.s. blogs like the National Catholic Reporter etc.) to get the truth.
    If you're closed to the truth that's coming down on Francis and company, and you still defend him (them), then you're gonna look pretty gd stupid when all this explodes into a 100%, BONA FIDE, earth shattering, papacy ruining scandal of such proportions that cardinal resignations come flying left and right, removals of bishops and archbishops every other week, and ultimately, the departure in disgrace of your idol, your here, your dream man...Pope Francis.
    Call me any name you want in response Buddy Man, but it's probably gonna happen. Farrell and Wuerl's Tuesday July 24th lies will explode in their faces, and Francis and the rest will get what they deserve. Finally.
    Damian Malliapalli

  8. You're so blinded by hate, rage and resentment that your ability to articulate a calm, measured argument is totally compromised. Assertions, hearsay and innuendo don't constitute anything that would persuade public opinion or an ecclesiastical court.
    These exhibitions of pout, woundedness and confected outrage might impress your breathless, gullible and ill informed admirers but not the adults you so desperately crave to influence.

  9. Pedophile Michael Fugee was ordained by McCarrick in 1994 and shielded by him until in 2013 Fugee sought laicization to escape further prosecution and the police stopped prosecuting him--how about that?!

    "the celebrity status of Fr.Fugee as the darling of Cardinal McCarrick has enabled him to flaunt his outlandish behavior for many years, all within a tightly closed in-group of clergy.It is time for a whistleblower to come out of the closet, in the name of Truth, to set the record straight...name names, places and times when the priestly life was profaned, and innocents maimed. OUT THE GAY CABAL in the Archdiocese!" See comments


    And this is a man who was removed from the clerical state because he sought laicization to escape further prosecution.


    78. The current Vicar General of the Archdiocese of Newark, Monsignor John Doran, was appointed because he was the personal secretary of Archbishop Peter L. Gerety, former Archbishop of Newark, and knew about the cover-up of sexual abuse in the 1970's and 1980's, and could be trusted to cover-up the abuses that occurred during the terms of Archbishops Theodore Mc Carrick (late 1980's to 2000) and John J. Myers (2001-present). Doran also knew of the cover-up of abuse during the term of Archbishop Thomas Boland, who served from the 1950's to the early 1970's.
    Monsignor John E. Doran, the Number 2 official within the archdiocese of Newark, New Jersey, has stepped down due to "operational failures" and will no longer hold a leadership position. His resignation immediately followed the arrest of a priest who violated a deal that barred him from interacting with children.

  10. McCarrick priest -secretaries: Where are they now? (check around young men!)

    Rev. Msgr. Joseph R. Reilly, Rector/Dean (2012- )
    Seton Hall Seminary Rector
    Msgr. Joseph Reilly, a Mountainside native, graduated from of Seton Hall University in 1987. After studies at the North American College in Rome, he was ordained a priest in 1991. His first assignments were as a parochial vicar at St. Paul, Ramsey and St. Andrew, Bayonne. In 1994, he served as priest-secretary to Archbishop McCarrick, and in 1995 joined the staff of Seton Hall Prep, where he served as a faculty member and chaplain. In 2002, he was named Rector of the College Seminary of the Immaculate Conception at Saint Andrew's Hall. He was appointed Rector /Dean of Immaculate Conception Seminary School of Theology in 2012. He holds a Bachelor of Sacred Theology from the Pontifical Gregorian University, Rome, a licentiate in Sacred Theology (STL) from Pontificio Istituto di Spiritualità - Teresianum, Rome, and a Doctor of Philosophy from the Graduate School of Education at Fordham University. He has served as a member of the Archdiocesan Priest Personnel Board, the Presbyteral Council, the Advisory Committee on Continuing Education and Ongoing Formation of Priests, the Archdiocesan Vocations Board, and the Board of Trustees of Seton Hall University.

    Father Walsh, 42 and a priest for six years, arrived at UMD two years ago. He spent 10 years in corporate work prior to becoming a priest. Before his assignment at UMD, he was secretary to Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, archbishop emeritus of Washington. 7/6/12 (and he's still there!)

    Read more: http://www.ncregister.com/site/article/coming-out-of-their-shells-to-live-the-faith-on-campus/#ixzz2tcvxTyR8


  11. In 2005, he (msgr walter rossi) was chosen by Washington Cardinal Theodore E. McCarrick to succeed Msgr. Michael Bransfield as rector, when Msgr. Bransfield was named Bishop of Wheeling-Charleston.

    The Washington Times reported that Msgr. Walter Rossi, Rector of the National Shrine in Washington DC, has pulled a book from the Gift Shop shelves, as well as, cancelling the book signing.

    What book is this? It is The Faithful Departed: The Collapse of Boston's Catholic Culture by Phillip E. Lawler.

    Explaining why he ordered the cancellation of a book-signing by Phil Lawler at the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception, Msgr. Walter Rossi, the rector the basilica, told the Washington Times that Phil's book, The Faithful Departed, covered a subject on which the Roman Pontiff wants no further discussion. During his April visit to the US, the rector said, the Pope said as much.

    "Benedict over and over again said it's time to move on," the monsignor said of the sex-abuse scandal.


    "Riedlinger, at the time an assistant pastor at St. Aloysius Church in Jackson and a sex-education teacher at the parish school, was the target of an elaborate sting by a Catholic University of America graduate who says the priest sexually harassed him for years.
    Timothy Schmalz, now 23 and a resident of Washington, D.C., said he was moved to action after his first complaint about Riedlinger in 2011 resulted in what he characterized as a slap on the wrist by Trenton Bishop David M. O’Connell.

    The men said they met Riedlinger, a Catholic University graduate who was approaching ordination, through the shrine’s rector, Msgr. Walter Rossi.

    Rossi was good friends with Riedlinger and recommended they seek him out as a mentor, Schmalz said.

    But the young friendship soon turned odd, they said. Riedlinger began peppering them with questions on Facebook about pornography, masturbation and homosexuality.

    Cardinal Theodore McCarrick, archbishop of Washington and chairman of the basilica, announced the appointment, which was unanimously approved by the basilica’s board of trustees.
    Monsignor Rossi, 44, has served as associate rector and pilgrimage director at the National Shrine since January 1997.
    He had been endorsed by a five-member search committee, established by Cardinal McCarrick in January.
    The cardinal had named him acting rector Feb. 19

  12. No offence, Clement Courtney (Fr.), but I don't have any hate or resentment in me towards anyone. I don't hate Pope Francis. I think he is a terrible Pope, a genuinely evil person. As such, he and his supporters should not be in the positions they are. It was an orchestrated act by a group not guided by the Holy Spirit that brought Francis and his people into power. His actions, words, and agenda, and the people he has appointed are destroying the remnants of what made the Catholic Church One, Holy, and Catholic. The tradition of the Church is beautiful, and the one aim of Francis and his people is to destroy it. I hate their actions, and what they want to destroy, not the people themselves. Similarly, I hate the actions and agenda of the shrinking group of aged Vatican II cheerleaders, who have rallied around Francis for one last attempt to push the traditions of the Catholic Church over the precipice. But I don't hate the people as humans who are in serious error.
    This McCarrick scandal is bigger than the Chile scandal that Francis tried to brush off, until practically the whole country rose up against him in protest. He pulled off some last minute show, bringing all the bishops together for a demonstation of penitence before him. They all offered to resign for their offenses . What a joke! Three weeks earlier, Francis couldn't have cared less. Afew weeks later 30+ bishops come groveling at his feet "Forgive us, Holy Father". And Francis emerges looking like some sort of hero?
    How many times do you think he can pull something like that off?
    Now there's McCarrick, which is 100% worse than Chile because McCarrick didn't turn a blind eye to pedophile like the Chilean bishop...he was/is a pedophile. And he enabled and promoted young priests who were gay/pedophiles as well...offering them as names for Vatican lists for promotions....Farrell for instance, who shared an apartment with McCarrick for years......and then turns around today and says he's shocked by the allegations. Shovel that shit somewhere else, Cardinal Farrell. No one believes you. Not just me sayin it, Clement. Read the papers. People are not stupid. They know Mccarick, Farrell, Wuerl, and whoever else, including Francis, are lying.
    Laity are coming forward, and reporters are digging deep for news...not just about Teddy McCarrick. They're gonna get them all...Wherl, Farrell, the slugs in the Washington DC Chancellory, in the Vatican, etc.
    You're not too bright if you're willing to give these pedohiles and/or enablers the benefit of the doubt.
    How many more scandals do you think Francis can handle? It's already one a week...even before McCarrick. His papacy is looking as bad as Trump's presidency, and that's pretty bad.
    If you don't believe that, then you don't read. You just play on the internet writing insulting little jabs. Not a very constructive way to spend your time Buddy Man.
    Damian Malliapalli

  13. And now that you have gotten all this off your chest, where does it go, who are your trusted advocates who will act on it and what will it achieve?
    What you are putting up here are bits and pieces, some credible, some concocted, are symptoms of the real disease at the heart of the matter and that is the dysfunctional governmental structure of the Catholic Church. It's systemic and deeply embedded in the culture of the Church that Popes and bishops insist is above examination because it is of divine origin. So is horse shit but specialists are poking around in that stuff all the time to detect toxins so why not the structures and culture of the Church's hierarchy?

  14. Yesterday was a quiet day in Philly because everyone went to West Virginia.

    May sound like a joke, but it's true -- the caravan flocked to be present and cry like 200 mothers of the bride at the ordination of our own Michael Bransfield as bishop of Wheeling-Charleston.

    No sooner had Bransfield -- known in some circles as "Million Dollar Baby" for turning the Basilica of the National Shrine in Washington into the mid-eight-figure cash cow that it is -- been anointed when he started speaking like a bishop. Addressing WV governor Joe Manchin at the end of the ceremony, Bransfield exulted: "I'm thankful I have a Democratic governor who is pro-life."

    My, oh my... Ted McCarrick probably fell out of his chair.

    And I thought you were smart enough to know, Michael, that anti-abortion doesn't mean pro-life.... Don't let me down.

    He didn't let Ted down:

    Authorities have re-opened a 2007 fondling complaint against a priest who taught at a suburban Philadelphia high school and is now the Roman Catholic bishop of West Virginia.

    The complaint stems from Bishop Michael Bransfield’s days at Lansdale Catholic High School in the 1970s. The Philadelphia Archdiocese said it did not find the complaint credible at the time, and passed it on to Montgomery County authorities. But the archdiocese said last week that the complaint has been reopened...
    Bransfield is from a prominent family of Philadelphia clerics. A nephew, the Rev. Sean P. Bransfield, is a judicial vicar and vice chancellor at the Cardinal’s Residence in Philadelphia. Another relative, Monsignor J. Brian Bransfield, works for the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops in Washington.


    He said he was building a flagstone wall when a car containing several teenage boys pulled up, driven by then-Rev. Michael J. Bransfield, now bishop of the Diocese of Wheeling-Charleston.
    "They're his fair-haired boys," the witness said Father Gana told him after the brief visit ended. "The one in the front seat he is having sex with."
    The witness said Father Gana and Bishop Bransfield were close friends, and that he had been sexually abused by Father Gana during a visit to Bishop Bransfield's beach house in Brigantine, N.J.

  15. The sources of the rot are to be found way beyond the hysterics of the supermarket check-out tabloids.
    Hints: clericalism, privilege, entitlement, Constantine, Popes Gelasius, Gregory VII, Innocent III, Pius X and more.

  16. Why are Catholics who want an end to this infestation of the clergy being labeled as"haters" on every blog?

  17. You'll have your answer if you take a look at the Trad and uber-Conservative blogs and you will see that the stream of vitriol aimed at Pope Francis has never let up from the moment he first appeared on the balcony of St Peter's following his election by the Cardinals at the 2013 Conclave.

  18. "The sources of the rot are to be found way beyond the hysterics of the supermarket check-out tabloids.
    Hints: clericalism, privilege, entitlement, Constantine, Popes Gelasius, Gregory VII, Innocent III, Pius X and more."

    After we've fixed all those things, can we talk about McCarrick again?

  19. Look at those things and McCarrick would never have happened nor most of the other abuse of the vulnerable by clergy.
    The privileged and the entitled ones protect one another. Even when McCarrick began offending as a young priest, I wager that he was not suspended for the rest of his life because he knew about some dirty little secrets of bishops who had charge of him.

  20. To Bill OMalley.
    Who is facilitating the rot at the top of the visible church?
    Jorge Bergoglio and his condoning of homosexuality and adultery .
    The former proved by his words and actions and the latter by his writings,
    He is not a pope now even if his election was ever valid.
    All this means is that the Catholic Church is now led by an anti pope who continues to deceive many millions of Catholics including you it seems.
    Best wishes.

  21. I agree with what Tancred, Vox Cantor and some others are doing. Drag out the filth of those destroyers of the Church into the open. They have remained hidden for too long. God bless.

  22. Yeah, the problem is Pope Gregory not the 88 year old man who wants to sodomize little boys and calls himself a cardinal. Why don't you get a life you witless loser, Clement Courtney?

  23. Anon 1:36 that is what transparency and accountability in governance is all about. Clericalism is allergic to that kind of scrutiny because priests have uncritically bought the line of John Vianney, the cure of Ars who wrote in his Little Catechism on the Priesthood, "After God, the priest is everything."

  24. Benjamin Van Dyck ☩July 25, 2018 at 1:54 AM


    Francis went to the gathering of the World Council of Churches, a masonic creation aimed towards the establishment of an antichrist world-church, on the date of 21 june, on which day the kabbalistic secret sects 'celebrate' solstice by ritually abusing and murdering children. After the Cristeros insurrection had been destroyed, the freemasons held a banquet on 21 june 1929 to celebrate it, and Pieter Corbeels, leader of the Catholic Peasants' War in the Southern Belgia/Netherlands, was executed in Tournai by the satanic sansculottes on 21 june 1799. In the month of june, parents must take special care to protect their children from being abducted. The gathering of the masonic WCofC took place in Geneva, Switzerland, which is a location infested with satanism. Does anyone here remember the video of a human sacrifice to a shiva-idol circulating on YouTube in 2016 at the CERN? During his novus ordo mass in Geneva, Pope Bergoglio physically fell; video images of this were published on Gloria TV by Tesa. That a Pope of Rome was visiting such an evil gathering in Switzerland on a kabbalistic feast day was a horrible sight.

    There is a photo documented on the internet which shows Francis wearing a staff with a tau symbol; there is no traditional custom in the Catholic Church of bishops wearing a tau-staff, but the tau symbol is widely used in the gnostic churches, and Mariano Rampolla, of whom Bergoglio derives his episcopal lineage, was a member of such a gnostic church, the O. T. O.

    Sodomy and child abuse are practiced in kabbalistic rites; look at the accusations against the kabbalistic templars in the middle ages. Read about the cathars/albigensians. During the renaissance, members of the secret networks can be recognised by their links to hermetic occultism, alchemy and kabbalistic cosmology; Rheticus, an ally of Copernicus, was found guilty of violating the son of Hans Meusel. Sodomy and child abuse have always been intricately linked with kabbalistic occultism; they are part of it. Jan Van Eyck, an alchemist, was part of such a network, and so was Pomponius Laetus with his disciples. Martin Luther, Philip Melanchton and John Calvin were also part of it, which is why Luther called himself "satanised", and why he had said that he had obeyed the devil when he had told him to attack the Mass. The protestant revolution, like the copernican revolution, was created by the kabbalistic jews and their gnostic sects to destabilise the Latin Church.

    The esoteric/gnostic/kabbalistic origin of the sodomite infestation in the Church is what the media refuse to tell their readers, thus attempting to lead them into the false notion that the Catholic Religion is to blame. The truth is that the political domain, the financial world, the judicial systems, the police, the school systems, the cinematographic industry, the world of sports etc. in society are all controlled by the sodomitic kabbalistic networks. That is the real marrow of the New World Order, which is in its nature anti-catholic, and its overthrow cannot begin without the thorough purification of the clergy of the Catholic Church. The filth must no longer be tolerated; it must be extirpated from Holy Mother Church immediately. Perpetrators of abuse merit laicisation and subsequent public execution by the temporal authority.

  25. Benjamin Van Dyck ☩July 25, 2018 at 2:15 AM


    Correction: "carrying a staff with a tau symbol; there is no traditional custom in the Catholic Church of bishops carrying a tau-staff"

    Sorry about that; English is not my maternal language, so silly errors of phraseology might slip through every now and then.

  26. "Anonymous Anonymous said...
    Yeah, the problem is Pope Gregory not the 88 year old man who wants to sodomize little boys and calls himself a cardinal. Why don't you get a life you witless loser, Clement Courtney?"

    HAHAHA! This comment was perfect! 100% spot on..as they say in Britian.
    Clement and company are the typical radical liberals, who instead of trying to dig thru the rot that has built in the Catholic Church since Vatican II and expose the people who have allowed and continue to allow for these gay clubs in the Vatican and network of the same type bishops and Cardinals around the world (I think they call it the Lavender Mafia).
    The Catholic Church was divinely established by Jesus Christ...we all know this from grade school (actually, at 30 I wasn't taught any of that...I got Vatican II crap. I had to learn it and teach it to myself). But the Church has always been a human institution with failings and scandals (not as bad as now), throughout it's history.
    In the earliest days, the Papacy was an office for sale , the prize of the highest bidder( powerful Roman families). Many unsuitable men got in those first 400 years. Afew Popes and Cardinals had mistresses, all the way up until the late 1500's. But after the Council of Trent, and reforms in the Curia, the strong, solid Vatican institution we knew until 1962 survived as a place of genuinely holy priests,monks,friars, bishops,cardinals, and Popes (afew who should be saints (Pius XI and Pius XII.....not John XXIII, or Paul VI.)
    There are strong rumors that Paul VI was an active homosexual up until the time he was elected Pope. Though never proven concretely, there is evidence he was(sadly). The web of perverts, and sexual preditors started in the Vatican almost immediately after Vatican II....and hundreds were promoted to bishops, who likewise recruited the same type to be seminary rectors, vocations directors, Chancellors, etc. There were some, scattered incidents of sexual abuse or paedophilia by priests before Vatican II.....not the tsunami of today! 95% of the cases being researched and documented date from after 1965. The fact that McCarrick, and other abusers were ordained prior to Vatican II does not condemn the whole Church or seminary system before Vatican II, because more is happening today by priests ordained AFTER Vatican II.
    We now have a Pope who is openly accepting and sympathetic towards gays, LGBT agenda, lifestyle, etc. Since he became Pope, this LGBT agenda has been forcefully put forward in the Church. The semi-naked man dancing at a priestly ordination in a Church last week, posted here, would never have happened five years ago under Benedict XVI, or before him.
    McCarrick (Pineda, Mariadiaga, Farrell, Bransfield, etc) are representative of the radical liberal (and most probably gay) clique of cardinals, bishops, and now Popes(Francis) that have come to power since Vatican II. They must be exposed, condemned, prosecuted by civil and church courts, and laicized , etc.
    McCarrick was one of the radical liberals who enabled the election of Bergoglio....even if he was too old to elect in 2013. Francis is beholden to him. But if McCarrick isn't futher disciplined( thrown out of the college of Cardinals and/or laicized), we will all know that despite his rhetoric regarding pedophiles that he is an enabler of these men. He rewards them. He just rewarded his close advisor known as "the kissing bishop" who almost certainly is gay, with the Archbishophric of La Plata, Argentina.
    McCarrick and all the rest, including Farrell and Branfield must go...as well as Francis.
    Damian Malliapalli

  27. Do we remember/know fr John O'Connor? And his testimony?
    Fr. John O'Connor documents the takeover of the US Midwest Province of the Dominicans by militant homosexuals. This talk also includes a history on homosexual infiltration of US seminaries, which began back in the 1930s. BY the late 1960s, homosexuals had overrun a number of seminaries, including St. Bernard's which was shut down in 1969, due to rampant homosexuality.

    What happened to Fr. John O'Conner?



  28. Keep digging guys. The stench is engulfing the world but no matter, as long as the source is duly dealt with. False obedience to a semi pope (result of dual papacy) is not for mainstream Catholics. It is solely promoted by the wicked cabal of Masonic/Marxist/ sodomite predators & their 'nephews' who combined to force a sitting pope out of office & install their man who is trying hard to bring about the absolute annihilation of the OHC&A Church Christ founded on the First Apostles. It won't work. Satan has already fallen. The Second Person of the Most Holy Trinity is eternal & His Church is therefore divine in origin & is showing that no amount of corruption thought up by these evil minions of Satan is capable of destroying what God Himself has instituted.

  29. Don't lose sight of this, ladies and gentlemen, come October 2018, Giovanni B Montini aka P VI, will be sainted. The lgbt will go wild. Sigh.

  30. I hope next to no one shows up in Saint Peters' Square to witness that circus.

    Damian Malliapalli

  31. I just saw this on another website.... "Lifesite", a Catholic pro-life news site:
    "Cardinal McCarrick should be laicized and his enablers should resign"

    Doubt it'll happen, but that would be the appropriate course of action. McCarrick should be laicized. And his enablers (Farrell, Tobin, Wuerl, (gee, that's three Top Gun USA Cardinals right off, not to mention Cupich who also in in this mix. And last but not least, you gotta include Mr. Big Man in the white suit... the Chairman of the board....Francis. He owes a lot to McCarrick for his high profile job.
    So if Uncle Teddy goes....these guys are all guilty and should go to.
    It's the duty of faithful Catholics to push for it.
    Damian Malliapalli

  32. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Fr John O'Connor o.p.
      was a saintly confessor.

      May he rest in peace.

  33. Even the gossip columnist and entrepreneur John Zuhlsdorf has endorsed the views of his 'priest friend' who takes to task commentators from both Left and Right who make assertions without providing evidence that would stand up in court.
    He singles out Hilary White who is letting fly at bishops and clergy, guilty or remotely complicit, and projecting a 'gallows' mentality.

  34. Zuhlsdorf is a megalomaniac , just like that obnoxious buffoon George Weigel who used to be trotted out on NBC,CBS,CNN and MSNBC to pontificate on everything pontifical. He supposedly is an "expert" on the Papacy and times of JPII most especially. He loved his moments of fame. Have not seen him around, or heard his name mentioned anymore.
    He is a "neo-con" Catholic....as is Zuhlsdorf. They claim to be traditional Catholics, but despise the SSPX and other traditional groups as "fringe elements" of the Church....if not heretics.
    It figures that Zuhlsdorf would side with the established Church and their routine of trying to downplay the crisis of priestly sexual abuse, especially by people like McCarrick, and instead criticize the faithful who speak out and write about what MUST be done.
    Most traditional,faithful Catholics believe all the allegations against these priests like McCarrick, because they have seen the rot of the Vatican II church from the pews, and seen it crumble before their eyes. It might have taken 50 years, but the full disaster of Vatican II is just now coming into play. Thousands upon thousands of parishes,convents,motherhouses of nuns, seminaries, monasteries closed down because of the remnant populations of supremely aged, burnt out rad liberal religious who carried the flag of Vatican II for fifty years and are still unrepentant when they survey their wreckage...even of their own Orders.
    The faithful in the pews like Hilllary White, who Zuhlsdorf claims projects a "gallows mentality" know the issues, and know that the Vatican Ii Church of Pope Francis, and all the cardinals and bishops are huddled together trying how best to deflect this lastest scandal.
    We're not fools. It might be a "gallows mentality", but I believe this tide of outrage will only rise....all the more if the man in white in Rome, champion of all Muslim immigrants, does nothing about McCarrick and the scandals.
    This won't bring down the Church. The Church is still here (the traditional Church that is), but this scandal will bring down Francis.
    Read the papers. Since the McCarrick story broke, my advice to Francis would be to cancel his trip to Ireland. Ireland has had its own similar scandals, and since McCarrick, the welcome Francis might get could be a public relations and image making disaster for him and his papacy (but it's already wrecked.....many columnists now say it)
    Damian Malliapalli

  35. What is really setting Zuhlsdorf's underpants on fire at the moment, and he's not the only opportunist clerical entrepreneur who has the yips, is the call by many at both ends of the Catholic spectrum who are calling on Catholics to decrease or cease their contributions to the collection box.
    The $$ will always trump all ideology. The clericus vagrans Zuhlsdorf knows this well and once his patron retires in two years time, Villetri Segni will be dropping him a line!

    1. So that’s where your bread is buttered, Gaybrielle....