Tuesday, June 19, 2018

They Shouted “Allahu Akbar”: Two Cases

(Paris) The terror of the assault in the supermarket Leclerc in Seyne-sur-Mer is still fresh in people’s memories as happened in France already with the next attack. In both, the motive refers to Islam, but the authorities seem to ignore it.

A 24-year-old Muslim woman, who was already on record with the police for other violent crimes, arrived on Sunday dressed in black robes and entered the supermarket shouting "Allahu Akbar: You are all infidels!" Then she rammed the knife she carried into the breast of a female customer and struck a saleswoman in the eye.

Whether because of the delusion called political correctness or out of complete misunderstanding of Islamic reality, in any case, the competent prosecutor's office immediately put the murder in the category of individual cases by the mentally disturbed. The procedure is familiar. The official requirement seems to be: De-escalation at all costs and no connection with Islam.

On the other hand, however l, the dynamics of the act and the vocabulary used by the assassin speaks. Nothing seems to have been left to chance. The investigation continues meanwhile, because many points of the incident are still "unclear" according to investigators.

Meanwhile, the press agencies had already report the next violence with an Islamic background. The rapid succession of the attacks shows that the individual case thesis is an official and media construct in order not to face the political reality, and more importantly, to prevent the population from drawing the necessary conclusions from it.

A few hours after the attack on the supermarket, a 29-year-old Muslim rose in the night hours yesterday with the same dynamic. At 1.50 am he tried to attack two police officers from Nice. He, too, was armed with a knife, and he also shouted to the victims, "You are unbelievers, I will kill you."

The culprit had been surprised by the two police officers, as he filmed the town hall and some streets and alleys. When he was stopped, he immediately wanted to attack. The officers were able to disarm him and arrest him. He was already known to the police, but according to anti-terrorist units with initial reports he was a blank slate.

Both incidents have many similarities. It therefore seems incomprehensible why the authorities classify them as banal individual acts. The fact is that the French feel less and less safe in their own homes, especially on the streets after dark. There is a growing mix of Muslim violent criminals and common criminals. The extent to which both groups are congruent can at best be foreseen in the absence of corresponding police statistics.

As long as the sense of security of the citizens is suffering because they no longer feel safe on the streets in their own country, politics, the judiciary and the police do not sufficiently fulfill their tasks. The patrolling military in the French cities does not improve security, but only shows false actionism, which blatantly confirms the perceived loss of security. Above all, the French military on France's roads reveals the helplessness of the political decision-makers, who, locked up in a "multi-cultural” tower have shown themselves "without alternative" to shirk the real questions.

Text: Andreas Becker
Image: Corrispondenza Romana
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JBQ said...

Here in Missouri near Ferguson, you can see a parallel state of affairs. The City of St. Louis was always a Catholic city on the banks of the Mississippi. Now, the City has 70k Bosnians (one fourth of the population) who are mostly Muslim. Paris is not the only city which has a Muslim problem. African-Americans in the City of St. Louis have formed an alliance with Islam which the local Archdiocese does not care to envision as a threat. The new African-American prosecuting attorney was able to manipulate her way with her Muslim allies to take down the sitting governor of the State of Missouri through a sneaky use of a sexual liaison which was a set up from the very beginning. Islam is a threat to Christian Civilization and not a parallel religion where Mohammed and the Christ are equal prophets.

Larry Dooley said...

".. a threat to Christian Civilization." So apparently was the sitting? governor of Missouri with the movable morals.

Benjamin Van Dyck said...


The cryptocracy nowadays uses mohammedans to do the works that Gladio-terrorists were used for in the past. The fact that they never target* key synarchist figures (Etienne Davignon, Henri de Castries, Herman Van Rompuy, the Rothschild family etc.) shows that they are operatives for the cryptocracy; and they might be actual MKUltra-slaves who were 'trained' for years to complete these assaults that we keep seeing wrought in a repetitive way. Discourse about mental imbalance and the person having been known beforehand by the police is often an indicator. The godless, barbaric Saracen culture predisposes persons to such brainwashing, and is thus seen as a fishing pool for recruiting mercenaries.

When a mohammedan attack receives significant mainstream media attention, it is generally a sign that it was an orchestrated assault aimed at psychological manipulation of the broader population.

* For now, the Soros-faction within judeocratic synarchism is, for as far as I know, not yet employing mohammedan attacks to assassinate key figures of the Netanyahu-faction (Orban, Trump, Salvini, etc.), but nevertheless a war between judeo-mohammedism (Soros) and zionism (Netanyahu) is possibly being planned by the Rothschilds, who try to construct hegelian conflicts so that people would pick sides between evil factions instead of fight to bring down the freemasonic system under the banners of Jesus Christ the King and the Virgin of Lepanto.

While freemasons only become members of weishauptian lodges when they have explicit permisson of the Rothschilds, the latter let these lodges devour each other while they sit and watch as they pull the strings.

Kathleen1031 said...

70,000 is a large number. We are pretty much sc---ed in these here United States, because as we can see we have a porous border, but the really big problem is the millions of idiotic Americans who can't let go of kumbaya notions, and just refuse to accept that there is any problem at all with Islam's ideology. They just ignore FGM, honor killings, wife stoning, all of it. We could, if unified, handle the threat of Islam, but not with all these stupid people hell bent on destroying our own country.
We in fact need all kinds of limits on Islamic followers, but our PC obsession makes that impossible. We are going to follow Europe down that rabbit hole to destruction. It's just a matter of how long can it be held off. When the next Democrat is put in the White House, it's over.