Saturday, June 23, 2018

Mexican Bishops Respond to Dangers to their Clergy

Edit: as Mexican Bishops decry US policy aimed at criminals pouring across the border,  they take steps to safeguard their own priests against rampant crime and disorder in their own back yard.

It’s a wonder how the Bishops of Mexico can’t have a little charity for the people of America, who also have to suffer from the murder and mayhem slopping over the border, since they too suffer from it.

[Catholic Standard] Mexico's bishops have published security protocols, hoping to keep priests and religious safe -- along with church property and shrines -- as crime and violence increasingly impacts churchmen and consumes previously peaceful corners of the country.

"The protocol is in response to what's happened the last two years, the increase in murders, not only of priests, (but) there's also a surge in this pain that is impacting our country," Auxiliary Bishop Alfonso Miranda Guardiola of Monterrey, the Mexican bishops' conference secretary-general, told reporters June 19.

"This protocol is meant to be a strong prevention tool."

Mexico suffered its most murderous year in memory in 2017, recording more than 29,000 homicides, as the country's crackdown on drug cartels and organized crime showed few signs of success. Crimes such as kidnap, extortion and robbery with violence have harmed ordinary Mexicans and, increasingly, priests. 




JBQ said...

This goes back to the Mexican Revolution and the suppression of God. Anarchy is the result. The same could happen in America. The forces of evil in league with the devil are using drugs to destroy belief in God.

Tancred said...

The sad thing is that despite their recent Marxist posturing, the Mexican Bishops are much better than elsewhere.

VJ Cochin said...

It's just some entrepreneurial relative of Kopronymos trying to sell Madras and all its contents.

Anonymous said...

God was restore trought cristeros' war.

Constantine said...

VJ cochin. How did you learn to talk like that? Sounds like you learned English from watching Bollywood shows.