Saturday, April 21, 2018

The Stick for Faithful Catholics, Carrots for Dissidents

Ex-Priest and Chief Director of the site Religion Digital Josè Manuel Vidal gives Pope Francis three bars of Turrón

(Rome) While the Vatican harasses the Spanish news portal InfoVaticana, Pope Francis has found words of praise for another, Spanish news site, for Religion Digital.

The difference?

Religion Digital
Religion Digital is an anti-church site founded by ex-priest José Manuel Vidal, whose "line is incompatible with the faith of the Catholic Church and the minimum of ties that a Catholic should unite with his shepherds," says Fr Josè Antonio Fortea described the website on September 2016. Vidal has been engaged in constant attacks against the Church and her doctrine for more than 20 years. The range of anti-church propaganda ranges from a platform for Church opponents to the publication of blasphemous cartoons.
InfoVaticana was founded in 2013 by Gabriel Ariza and Fernando Beltrán as a Church-loyal counterweight, so as not to leave Religion Digital the field of information.

The difference?
Religion Digital has been reporting since 2013 with enthusiasm about Pope Francis while maintaining the anti-church line.
InfoVaticana reports, increasingly critical of certain statements and gestures of Pope Francis, as it continues the course of the defense of Church and doctrine.

 The difference?

The positions of the two news sites are diametrically opposed. This is evident not only in Spain, but - albeit attenuated - outside the Iberian peninsula. For example, in Rome: The papal house Vaticanista Andrea Tornielli cooperates with Religion Digital, the secret Doyen of the Vatican, Sandro Magister, with InfoVaticana .
While Tornielli goes to and fro under Francis in Santa Marta, advises the Pope on media issues, is part of the papal communication strategy, and receives first-hand information from Francis, Magister was stripped of accreditation by the Vatican Press Office due to his critical coverage in 2015 - after more than 30 years years of service. After a few months, he was accredited again. However, the shot in front of the bow was clear.
The same applies to InfoVaticana and Religion Digital. Under the governing Pope, it is clearly signaled who is well-liked and who is not.

The stick for InfoVaticana, carrots for Religion Digital

The Vatican Secretariat of State has appointed one of the top 10 lavender law firms in the world to initiate litigation against InfoVaticana. The Holy See accuses the news site of wanting to mislead, using the name of the Vatican in order to obtain donations. An absurd name dispute. It would be as if the city of Frankfurt would start a lawsuit against the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung, or as if the cities of Zurich and New York were taking action against the Neue Zürcher Zeitung and the New York Times. InfoVaticana utilizes the Vatican in its name because most of the coverage is focused on the Holy See and the Universal Church. There are various media with a comparable name references, which the Vatican Secretariat of State has not up to now.
In this detour, the Vatican tells the news site its disapproval, which goes so far as to put pressure on InfoVaticana and harm it. Although the Vatican has denied such an intention, the lawyers have not called back.

Digital Religion in Santa Marta

On Thursday, April 19, José Manuel Vidal, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Religion Digital, accompanied the theologian and former Jesuit Josè Maria Castillo to the Vatican. Castillo turned his back on the Jesuit order in 2007 for reasons of "mental hygiene," having for decades provoked conflicts with the ecclesiastical hierarchy with his heterodox views and his propagation of Marxist liberation theology. Castillo is a permanent columnist at Religion Digital and runs his blog on the news site with the provocative name "theology without censorship."

Josè Manuel Vidal with Pope Francis
Castillo had been invited by Francis to the Pope's morning Mass in Santa Marta. Following this there was an encounter between the ex-Jesuit and the Jesuit on the Pope's throne (see Pope Francis "rehabilitates" Liberation Theologians ). In this context, there was also the encounter between Francis and Vidal, in which the head of the church found remarkably benevolent words for the news portal, as Vidal himself reported on his side:
"I told him what it was about and showed him a color print of Religion Digital and another printout of the front page of Pro Francisco that we've been hosting on our site for three years. Francis put both hands on mine and told me, 'Continue to renew a Church that goes out'.
Then I gave him three bars of Spanish turrón 1) . "
The encounter between Castillo and Vidal with Pope Francis proves what Cardinal Gerhard Muller, the Prefect of the Roman Congregation of the Doctrine of the Congregation, dismissed by Francis, that there is an "inner connection between the papists of today and the rebels of yesterday," between the great adversaries John Paul II and Benedict XVI," who yesterday "undermined the foundations of theology" and those who today present themselves as great Bergoglio followers.
Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: Religion Digital (Screenshots)
Trans: Tancred


JBQ said...

This instance of reform in the Byzantine American Catholic Church is too hard to pass up. I attended the Byzantine Catholic Church (5 participants) in St. Louis. I was literally "roughed up" by the administrator during the church service for not taking Communion with the spoon correctly. He physically grabbed my face, held my mouth, and forced the spoon into my mouth, all the while ridiculing me for not taking Communion correctly. I came close to introducing him to Rocky Marciano. I never went back. I now find out that this priest is now the pastor of a parish in the suburbs where there was an attempt to burn the church down on Christmas 2016. They caught the suspect and the pastor refused to prosecute and then made the bizarre statement in the media that he was glad the church was out of commission because he is now a pastor for the people and churches are no longer needed.---This Byzantine church is part of the Eparchy of Parma (Ohio). The bishop Kudrick (Franciscan) recently went on to his reward. He was the fourth bishop of Parma which includes about eight states. His recently announced replacement is a Jesuit.----The Most Reverend Milan Lach is an "apostolic administrator". There can be no doubt that he has been sent in to "infiltrate and destroy" and bring these wayward rejects from the Middle Ages into the modern gulf stream of "Amoris Laetitia" with its belief in "adultery, fornication, and sodomy".---This is how the Vatican will destroy the Eastern Church such as the Maronites and bring them into the modern world where the family is "not a little Church". It is the Jesuits who are the "agents of destruction" and we now have a pontiff who is one.

Brian Flannagan said...

Fr Carl Kuss comments on who is really the genuine friend of conservative Catholics:

“As a Legionary of Christ (with as founder Father Marcial Maciel) I must be the first to confess my debt to the critical sense and sane realism of Pope Benedict who helped to free us from our mortal illusions. I have learned that there is no better friend than a critic who tells you the truth. That is why I think that conservative Catholics have no better friend that Pope Francis who tells them the truth they need to hear, and without being rude to them!”

(Aaron Pidel, “Did Benedict XVI predict the rise of Trump and fake news?” America Magazine April 16, 2018)

Tancred said...

Francis lies all the time.

Anonymous said...

Which parish in St. Louis?

Catholic Mission said...

I do not think the Legion of Christ priests in Rome are telling Catholics the truth which they need to hear and neither is Pope Francis or the conservatives doing the same.
I have been in contact with the Philosophy and Theology Departments of the University Pontificial Regina Apostolorum,Rome and they understand what I am saying but refuse to affirm the Faith.
For me Vatican Council II is not a rupture with Tradition. It is not a rupture with an ecumenism of return which the Legion of Christ is not allowed to affirm by the Vatican and the Left.
So when it is known that "There are no physically visible cases of the BOD,BOB and I.I in 2018" and " LG 8, LG 14, LG 16, NA 2, UR 3, GS 22 etc in Vatican Council II refer to only hypothetical cases ", Vatican Council II would not be a rupture with the past exclusivist ecclesiology and an ecumenism of return.But the Legion of Christ priests are afraid to affirm this.
They cannot teach the truth.
Vatican Council II would not contradict the teachings on the Social Reign of Christ the King.But no one at UPRA would want to teach this and risk suspension.

Since the old ecclesiology would be intact Vatican Council II would not contradict the teachings on the Social Reign of Christ the King over all political legislation. It would be based on no salvation outside the Church.
Similarly no priest -professor would admit that nothing in Vatican Council II contradicts the Syllabus of Errors.However if any student said the same then the Leftists there would not allow him to sit for the exams.

None of the professors and excorcists at a present course underway believe all non Catholics without faith and baptism are in Hell according to Vatican Council II.So they will even excorcise Muslims and not ask them to convert for salvation.-Lionel Andrades

Catholic Mission said...

The Byzantine Catholic Church needs to be clear about Vatican Council II and proclaim it.They must evangelize knowing that Vatican Council II supports the past exclusivist ecclesiology of the Church since the time Mass was offered in Greek.Vatican Council II supports an ecumenism of return, the Syllabus of Errors and traditional Mission.
They must also correct the 'Amoris Laetitia Church' when they interpet Vatican Council II assuming there are known exceptions of the baptism of desire etc , to traditional Feeneyite EENS.
Amoris Laetitia also suggests that we can judge cases on earth of people living in manifest mortal sin who will not be going to Hell and who could be given the Eucharist at Mass.So this is false in morals and salvation.
In evangelisation, in any Rite, it needs to be clear that there are no known exceptions for us humans to the general teachings on faith and morals, salvation and moral theology.-Lionel Andrades

M. Prodigal said...

Church and false church. We know which one is in power in the Vatican at present.

Agricola said...

Try an op-ed piece for L'Osservatore Romano, Lionel. They would adore this kind of stuff.

Catholic Mission said...

The Byzantine American Catholic Church, needs to create a Catholic political party which will affirm the Catholic Social Reign of Christ the King over all political legislation.

They would be faithful to the Gospel, as it was interpreted over the centuries, without rejecting Vatican Council II.

The political party in the USA would be Catholic in its ethos, open to all, democratic, with no discrimination on the basis of religion, race, class or ideology.It would have Jesus as he he is taught and understood in the Catholic Church over the centuries, as the centre of all political legislation, since outside the Catholic Church there is no known salvation and no salvation.

It would also correct the false doctrines of 'the Amoris Laetitia Catholic Church'.

The Catholic political party independent of the USCCB could appeal to all Catholics(and teach them) to affirm the Social Reign of Christ the King over all political legislation.

The political party would interpret Vatican Council II in harmony with the past exclusivist ecclesiology of the Church, as it was known in the Byzantine Catholic Church and which is rejected by the USCCB today.

So in catechesis and evangelization the political party would be in harmony with an ecumenism of return according to the Syllabus of Errors and there would be no rupture between the Catechism of the Catholic Church and the past catechisms.There would be no schism with the past popes, as the American cardinals and bishops are in today.They do not have the Faith.

The Byzantine Catholic Church will lose it unless they do not go on the offensive doctrinally. They must give a testimony of the traditional faith, as at the time of the ancient Greek Mass, without intepreting Vatican Council II with an irrationality to create a rupture with Tradition.

Ad Gentes 7 says all need faith and baptism for salvation. Vatican Council II here is not referring to faith according to the Jehovah's Witnesses or some non Catholic community. It refers to Catholic faith.

So in faith we know that all Protestants, Orthodox Chrisitians and other Christians in the USA today are on the way to Hell unless they enter the Catholic Church with Catholic Faith.
Faith includes the Sacraments, the baptism of water in the Catholic Church and the faith and moral teachings of the Church.

So a political party of lay men and women is needed in the USA and also other countries, which affirms Catholic traditional teachings independent of the pro Masonic cardinals and bishops.They would be faithful to Jesus and the Church without rejecting Vatican Council II.Since Vatican Council II and all Church documents would be interpreted without the irrational premise.

They will affirm no salvation outside the Church and demand that Christ be King over all legislation.This would be supported by many Christians who would call for a separation of Satanic secularism and state.- Lionel Andrades

JBQ said...

@Anonymous: The church that burned is St. Monica in a rich area of South St. Louis County. The pastor is also the administrator for the Byzantine Catholic Church in the Archdiocese of St. Louis which is now head quartered at the Sisters of Notre Dame Motherhouse in South St. Louis City. This was moved when St. Mark's Parish (formerly St. Timothy) in South City at the venue of a former monastery was shut down and with it the Byzantine chapel.---Obviously, churches are now viewed as the antithesis for the new world order and a Church of the people. Traditional Catholic beliefs are now viewed as blocking the move toward universal salvation and the people of God being now all of mankind to the detriment of the interpretation of the Apostle Paul and the need for baptism.---The question that now begs an answer is just what will replace the church as the center for worship in the modern Church? This particular pastor in Byzantium stated that churches are now obsolete. There must be a meeting hall where the "picnic table" of the Living God can be used to multiply the loaves and fishes. Whoops! Our reigning pontiff said that this was just "slight of hand" and people pulled bread and fish out of their pockets.

Anonymous said...

what is it with this guy? Will none be saved?