Thursday, November 30, 2017

Yet Another Unusual Dismissal in Vatican Bank

(Rome) The number three of the Vatican Bank IOR was also dismissed.

Giulio Mattietti

Deputy Vatican spokesman Paloma Garcia Ovejero confirmed to the press agency ANSA that the service of Giulio Mattietti, Deputy Director-General of the Vatican Bank IOR, ended on 27 November.

Mattietti was appointed to the position in November 2015 by the current Director-General, Gian Franco Mammì. The reasons for the end of the collaboration "are currently unknown," says ANSA.

The press agency Notimex became clearer today. She says that Mattietti was "unexpectedly dismissed, even if the Holy See does not give any further explanation."

"Last Monday, November 27, had the right hand man of Director-General left his office and was escorted to the door by some of his colleagues."

Last June, the Holy See's Advisor-General, Libero Milone, was removed from the Vatican City under unusual circumstances. He was accused of spying on other people in the Vatican. It's an accusation that was rejected by Milone.

The series of dismissals and surprise resignations began in May 2012, when the then president of the bank, Ettore Gotti Tedeschi, was virtually knocked out by the other board members.

He was followed by Ernst von Freyberg, who threw in the towel after only a short time.

Text: Giuseppe Nardi
Image: MiL / SMM (screenshots)
Trans: Tancred


susan said...

Getting too close to the truth and possibly exposing some of the pervert, masonic, marxist grifters in red cassocks.....can't have that.

JBQ said...

Very strange to be sure.

Anonymous said...

Nothing in politics happens by accident. - FDR

Anonymous said...

Is our Kosher Pope losing support?

This done while he was away suggests his base is shrinking and losing ground while the opposition is gaining.

After the Marcinkus debacle who rumors suggest was CIA you would think that the Vatican Bank would be wary of hiring Yanks well that could go for most lay employees of the Holy See.

Jack said...

Being dismissed from the Vatican's administration has become a distinguished honour.