Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Are Vatileaks 3 Here? Who Really Controls Vatican Finances? -- "Seek, Seek!"

Vatican Financial Information Authority (AIF): "Directors, presidents, accountants have been dismissed, but those who have to control everything, the AIF always remains untouched and unsupervised, as if it did not exist?"
(Rome) The Vaticanist Marco Tosatti has now turned his eyes away from the Correctio filialisThe reason is a letter whose author he did not name by name, but a "high animal." This "high animal" deals less with theology, but more so with politics. Through the Correctio filialis  a different topic had disappeared from the headlines: the interview by Libero MiloneMilone was appointed Auditor General  by Pope Francis in 2015 for the Holy See and all its institutions. On the 19th of June, Milone was suddenly shown the door. One reason for this was the fact that the Vatican press office and curial Archbishop Angelo Becciu, a Substitute for the State Secretariat, was explained in the interview: Milone had "spied upon some representatives of the Holy See."
This  "high beast" explained this situation in a letter to Marco Tosatti, which has distracted our attention from the Correctio filialis and the petitions connected with it "for only five minutes ."
"My impression, which I have gained, is the customary (as in Vatikleaks 1 and Vatileaks 2): that this argument [the Correctio filialis] was used to divert attention from the so - called "Case Milone" and the Vatican finances about which I only know from what I read in the newspapers, including Milone's interview in Corriere della Sera.
After five years, we see that 'unrest' is growing exponentially because of Vatican finances. I do not know much, but if I could give advice to the Pope and, above all, to the Secretary of State, I would ask it to undertake an investigation into the investigations which the Vatican Taxes' Control Authority is managing and overseeing. Is it possible for directors, presidents, auditors to be dismissed, but those who would have to control everything, the AIF [Vatican Financial Information Authority], always remain untouched and unaffected, as if they did not exist? But do the leaders of the AIF really command? On behalf of whom?
Pope Francis, Cardinal Parolin, we beseech you for the good of the Church: Seek! Seek!"


The Vatican Financial Information Authority (AIF), mentioned in the letter to Tosatti, was begun by Pope Benedict XVI in 2010 under the constant pressure of international bodies for "more transparency". As head of the authority, he appointed a cardinal. Nevertheless, Moneyval, a Council of Europe expert committee for the assessment of measures against money laundering and terrorist financing, criticized the measure as inadequate.
A few months after his election, Pope Francis made far-reaching changes. The first operation took place on 8 August 2013. In November of that year, he entered a new law into power for the AIF with a motu proprio . At the same time the Global Players came under the advisory firms in the Vatican with his pontificate. Katholisches.info wrote on January 28, 2014:
McKinsey , Promontory, Ernst & Young , KPMG: With the new pontificate, the Vatican also began a race to engage the most elaborate and costly consultancy companies in the world in terms of organization and finance. The world as a "global village" makes them indispensable and, above all, they themselves are indispensable. A system of efficiency and striving for profit, which reinvents itself independently and constantly increases in power. No finance minister comes out without them because they have long since lost perspective. For this reason the consultancy companies already write the laws themselves, which are blessed by the political process. This is also the case in the Federal Republic of Germany. In whose interest are a dozen international consulting firms working?"
The Swiss René Brülhart became the new director of the AIF in November 2012 to implement the demands of the Moneyval report, as the Vatican Press Office said. Since 2014 he is its president. According to Francis, Brülhart is bound only by the Pope, and has to report to him. This also applied to Auditor General Milone, but from September 2016 onwards, Francis did not receive him. Milone, who wanted to speak with Francis about his dismissal, did not gain access to him.
Brülhart made Tommaso Di Ruzza his successor as director. In addition to Brülhart and Di Ruzza, Maria Bianca Farina (Italy), Marc Odendall (France), Joseph Yuvaray Pillay (Singapore) and Juan C. Zarate (USA) are members of the AIF Board.

Marc Odendall

At the turn of the year 2016/2017, Marc Odendall had been named in connection with the conflict in the Order of Malta, between Grand Chancellor Albrecht von Boeselager and Grandmaster Fra Festing. Pope Francis placed himself on the side of Boeselager and dismissed the Grand Master. Francis drew upon on the report of a commission appointed by him. The commission had attributed to the Grand Chancellor, who had been dismissed at the time, faultless behavior. Odendall was one of the five Commissioners. According to a judgment of the Hamburg Regional Court, Boeselager knew about the distribution of contraceptives by Maltese International and also approved this. Thus, as far as the conflict in the Maltese Order is concerned, the behavior of the Grand Chancellor was not so faultless.
Grandmaster Festing had previously accused the commission of "bias" because at least three of the five members were in business dealings with Boeselager. The Pope did not care. Nor was he concerned that the Hamburg Court indirectly questioned the credibility of the Commission's report. Fra Festing's accusation was confirmed, however, Pope Francis applied the exculpatory report.
Boeselager and Odendall are linked to the Caritas Pro Vitae Gradu Charitable Trust (CPVG), registered in New Zealand, which is valued at 120 million Swiss francs  and is administered by a Swiss trustee.

The protective hand of the State Secretariat

The Secretary of State, in other words, Substitute for General Affairs Becciu, followed the dismissal of Auditor General  Milone. The State Secretariat holds the protective hand over the AIF. The Secretariat of State elected the five Commissioners, who gave Pope Francis the dubious document, with Grand Master Festing, and Boeselager was again appointed as Chancellor. Becciu was appointed by Pope Francis as his personal representative in the Order of Malta, and the official representative of the pope, Cardinal Patron Raymond Burke, was marginalized.
The "high animal" that Tosatti mentions, however, did not mean Substitute Becciu with the questions: "But do the heads of the AIF really command? On behalf of whom?"
Text: Giuseppe Nardi 
Photo: Vatican.va (Screenshot)
Trans: Tancred vekron99@hotmail.com


Anonymous said...

The Dubia, the Correctio, the gay orgies in the Vatican scandals(continuing), the priest-pedophile-child porn lover hiding out in the Vatican, and now Vatican Leaks III.....etc, etc. There's gonna be more in afew weeks...really damaging to Francis.
This stuff isn't gonna go away, as much as Francis pretends it will. He of the "can do no wrong" , Mr. Smile-face Pontiff will be brought down low in afew weeks. It'll snowball to the effect that something totally unexpected might happen. Right before Christmas.
I wouldn't be surprised if there will be another papal resignation #2, times to tak effect right after the holidays. Then another papal conclave and the election of a surprise orthodox, traditional leaning, CATHOLIC pope. He'll be news for months.
And he'll start to clean house almost immediately.
Francis will take refuge not in the Vatican, because Pope Benedict XVI will still be there, shaking his head as if to say "I told you so", but back in some little obscure hole in Argentina. And Parolin will be sent packing as the new archbishop of some obsecure Italian diocese that never had a cardinal before.....just to get him out of the way.
Damian Malliapalli

susan said...

What a flaming rat's nest. Can you even begin to imagine what this sodo-orgy lot at the top have been paying out to and doing with this endless and unaccountable pot of gold?

Watch for Parolin to be named next pope. He's got the evilness of bergoglio, with a whole lot more brains. "Peter of Rome".

I think you're whistling past the graveyard Damian...the tribulation's barely just begun. It's no doubt going to get a WHOLE lot worse.

Jonah said...

It's a game played all over the world:
KPMG And The False Objectivity Of The 'Big Four'

Constantine said...

The Vatican has a great PR organization. They do damage control easy. And the PR people have so many connections from traditional sources to the gay, feminist,marxist, and illegal immigrant "defense" organizations and invested interests that any scandals are downplayed because none of the entrenched interests that control media will promote the scandals.. Even the Miloni Vatican Leaks 3 affair is being blamed on the Pope's advisors, not the Person of the Pope himself. Nothing will happen.

JBQ said...

I agree. This is only the "end of the beginning". This is evolutionary stuff based on world socialism.

Anonymous said...

No, sorry to contradict, but I don't think the Cardinals are stupid, or corrupt enough, to put Parolin in as the next Pope. For one thing, he's hated. For another, it's his office that is the seat of all the corruption....Parolin, Becciu, and of course, the top ass---- himself, Francis.
Look for a new Pope more like Benedict XVI (but younger, stronger, and perhaps more committed to tradition). It'll shock the Francis clique to their core. You'll never see the rat's nest clear out faster. They'll still be around, but scattered, they'll be weaker. That's the good thing.
Damian Malliapalli

Geremia said...

The case of Antipope Anacletus II vs. Pope Innocent II is analogous to Francis vs. Bendict XVI today.

Innocent II was elected a mere 3 hours before Anacletus, and they both received episcopal consecration the same day. Anacletus, who had great clout from making his fortune off usury, drove Pope Innocent away from Rome; thus, Anacletus was considered the valid pope by nearly everyone. When Anacletus died 8 years later, Pope Innocent II convened the Second Lateran Council, which annulled Anacletus's anti-papacy, reversed all the laws he enacted, and deposed the bishops and priests that Anacletus invalidly ordained.

Oremus for a new Lateran II.

JBQ said...

@Geremia: I think that we all say that this is a "mess". Once you see information in regard to a special IT unit within the Swiss Guards, you envision activity similar to that of the Gestapo. Lucifer was brilliant. Nevertheless, the stench is rising out of the swamp.---It would appear from prophecy that Rome will be invaded by Islam. The clue is that Fa-ti'-ma has a Muslim heritage and historical interpretation. The pope in white would have to be Francis.---Man cannot stop the decadence. It is Sodom and Gomorrah and the corrupting of the innocent. Lot asked for pardon for even one faithful servant. There were "nun" and the city was destroyed.

philipjohnson said...

Damian.Please God that you are right.I ,also ,feel that things in the Church are leading to its Eternal Final conclusion and Tradition is growing stronger by the day.Bergoglio is a Heretic and is about to be brought low.

susan said...

Damian, I don't give a rat's patoot how supposedly hated he is; he knows where every skeleton is buried on the Palatine, and he holds the key to every closet. I would lay heavy odds that he is the next elected....canonically, if Benedict is dead; or uncanonically if Benedict still draws breath.

susan said...

Now Damian, I will amend for this thought;
we might get a tagle or a schonborn, but parolin will be pulling the strings. Not for one nano-second (short of God Almighty appearing at the conclave) is there a chance of a true orthodox being elected....bottom line being, I don't think we have one left.

Anonymous said...

I respect Susan's view, but as a Catholic who believes in the Holy Spirit, and the basic uprightness of MOST (not all) the Cardinals who would go into a conclave, I can't believe that they would elect filth, after suffering through the same filth of Francis. It makes no sense. The Holy Spirit did not elect Francis...that was a clique of radical liberals. But next time, which is probably a lot sooner than even we think, I don't think the genuinely good men would allow it to happen again....even if Francis has put a lot of filth into the Sacred College. He unwittingly also put in some good people.
If by some tragic event, someone the like of Parolin, or Parolin himself, was elected Pope, then I would have to reluctantly conclude that there is no more Catholic Church. The best option in that scenario, is for the SSPX to start electing their own "substitute" Popes and developing their own substitute Vatican and substitute Catholic Church. They've already done a lot of the groundwork already. It would not be a bad option (as a temporary option).
Anyway, I don't believe we'll get Parolin. Like I said, I think we, and the world, will get a surprise when a "youngish" good, solid, traditional leaning CATHOLIC IS ELECTED. A good administrator, with some pastoral experience, and a brilliant theologian and teacher of the Faith.
Sorry to think of someone in their late 60's as "youngish", but those are the options as of now.
Francis has seen to it that many good men were kept out of the Sacred College. But that doesn't mean that they can't be in the running :)
Damian Malliapalli

Anonymous said...

Correct Philip. Catholic tradition is flourishing around the world. When a liberal bishop tries to stamp it out, there's either a backlash and he relents, or the people go to the SSPX. Either way, the liberal bishop is the looser.
Same with Francis. Whenever he attacks traditional Catholicism, he's reviled, not respected. People are dismissing him, not obeying him about tradition.
Bergoglio is a heretic. He was put in office thru the mechanizations of a clique of heretic cardinals. One of their masterminds just died...Murphy-Oconnor. He all but admitted that a campaign by the radicals got Francis elected. Shameful.
If I'm not mistakes because it's been awhile since I read it, the final conclusion in all this is not the end of the world, etc., but the end of the reign of the anti-Christ, anti-Pope who has preached and taught error. There have been some immoral Popes in history, but none other than Francis who were heretics. Some were corrupt in their living and bad examples, had mistresses and illegit children....but they never taught heresy, or strayed from the Deposit of the Faith and the Magesterium. Even Clement VII, who was not a totally upright man, was pressured by Henry VIII to allow the divorce from Katherine of Aragon, and many others pressured him to do so....but he did not. And not only because he was afraid of the Emperor, Charles V, Katherine's nephew.
I many be wrong, but I don't think I am....even the worst of popes personnaly and morally never taught or espoused heresy.
Until Francis. He will be brought low, sooner than he thinks. He'll be brought down, and out.
Damian Malliapalli

Carl J said...
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Anonymous said...

Name ONE Catholic cardinal left today, one with Doctrine coursing through his veins and testes between his legs.

Jeff K said...
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