Wednesday, October 4, 2017

Benedict XVI Laments the Forgetfulness of God in the Liturgy

The emeritus pope points out in a preface to the Russian edition of his works on the liturgy that if the pre-eminence of God is no longer evident in liturgy and life, the Church is in danger

Rome ( The emeritus Pope Benedict XVI has lamented a "darkening" of God in the liturgy. This is the real cause of the crisis of the Church, writes the 90-year-old in a preface to the Russian edition of his works on the liturgy.

In a widespread misunderstanding of the liturgical form, the emphasis was placed on the division of the liturgy as well as its own activity and creativity. But if the primacy of God is no longer evident in the liturgy and in life, the Church is in danger, according to Benedict XVI. in the preface, which the Italian newspaper La Stampa cited on Wednesday. 

Benedict XVI recalled the principle of the monastic rule of Benedict of Nursia (c. 480-547) that nothing should be preferred above worship. This was deliberately formulated by the founder of Western monasticism in view of seemingly greater urgency in agriculture, artisan work, or science. This priority of God applies not only in the monastic life, emphasized Benedict XVI.  If man were to set God aside, he would be subjugated by constructs that would enslave him and contradict his human dignity. 

Trans: Tancred


CMD said...

And does he repent in his share in this "darkness"? Was he not aware of the anathemas of Trent? Quo Primum? The warning to Pius XII by O.L. of Fatima through Sr. Lucy about the danger of "altering the faith in her liturgy"? The whole truth about the 3rd Secret of Fatima?
And as pope, he declares the Novus Ordo the "Ordinary Form" of the Roman Rite. Give me a break.

Tancred said...

Another trailer park canonist.

susan said...

actually Tancred, he's pretty spot-on.

Benedict was the fulcrum. He flopped on his back for the wolves and then turned tail and ran.

Anonymous said...

There he goes again-Tancred with his name-calling whenever he disagrees with someone. How Christian of you.

Anonymous said...

Guess BXVI should have condemned the New Order when he had the chance, instead of propping it up in Summorum Pontificum.