Sunday, September 3, 2017

Pope in Colombia: No Special Meeting with Venezuela's Bishops

Vatican spokesman Burke: Possibly an informal conversation with guerrilla group ELN, who will ask the Pope for forgiveness for the murder of Bishop Jaramillo.

Vatican City-Bogota ( Vatican spokesman Greg Burke has confirmed a meeting with the bishops of Venezuela in Pope Francis' official visit program to Colombia. There is also no meeting with the former guerrilla group FARC and other opposition groups such as the ELN. Informal encounters and conversations with Venezuelan bishops during the trip are, however, probable. In addition, two cardinals of the crisis state are coming to Bogota airport to receive the Pope.

During his travels to Colombia, Pope Francis is concerned primarily with pastoral questions, although the peace process will also play an important role, said Burke. Pope Francis has visited Colombia twice during his time as a bishop, as well as twice as a priest in the 1970s; he had journeyed to the cities of Bogota, Medellin, and La Ceja.

The opening day (7 September) in Bogota will be entitled, "Handicrafts of Peace, Promoter of Life". On the 8th of September in the village of Villavicencio "Reconciliation with God, with the Colombians and with nature" will be in the foreground. In Medellin (September 9), the theme of "Christian life as a reunion", in Cartagena (September 10) is finally about human dignity and human rights.

Further details of the trip were revealed by the Vatican: The outward flight is handled via the airline Alitalia, the return flight with the Colombian Avianca.

Whether a meeting with the guerrillas does not actually take place during the Colombian trip is still questionable, despite Vatican denials. On Friday, representatives of the rebel group ELN declared that they were seeking to meet with the Pope to officially ask forgiveness for their "Mistake" of the assassination of Bishop Jesus Emilio Jaramillo Monsalve, said the Colombian radio station RCN radio on its website.

Bishop Jaramillo (1916-1989) was regarded as an opponent of the left-wing ELN guerrillas in the 1980s with his initiatives for small-scale farmers and indigenous peoples in his diocese, Arauca, against whose violence he also expressed public disapproval. The militia then murdered the then 73-year-old bishop on 2 October 1989. Pope Francis will beatify the "Prophet and Martyr of Peace," which is the inscription on Jaramillo's gravestone, on September 8th in Villavicencio. On the same day there will also be a reconciliation gesture with victims of violence in Colombia.

Trans: Tancred AMDG


Anonymous said...

This is off topic but worthy of brinigng to everyone's attention.
The radical, dissenting liberal Cardinal Cormac Murphy-Oconnor just died two days ago.
Now, since his death, it has been revealed that even though he was past 80 and could not vote in the last Papal conclave which elected Bergoglio, that he orchestrated and campaigned for his election, as did a substantial number of like minded liberal Cardinals,.
Murphy-O'Connor organized a meeting of all the radicals at an embassy right before the papal conclave...all the liberals attended..(Daneels, etc.)
and then pressured all the other Cardinals and campaigned for Bergoglio, who ultimately came out the winner.
Like so many good, traditional and even sedevacantist writers and theologians have said after the 2013 was rigged. Cardinals campaigned for Bergoglio. It was against the rules.
It was kept quiet until the organizer,Murphy-Oconnor and others, were dead.
Now it's coming out. This is huge. Bergoglio should be forced out. He is not a legit Pope.
Damian Malliapalli

JBQ said...

The hits keep coming. No one knows of this Bishop Jaramillo who was a capitalist who wanted economic justice for his people by making them self sufficient. What is known and trumpeted is the story of Romero of El Salvador.

Anonymous said...

Since the Cardinals knew about this, are you saying Cardinal Burke knew about this? Are you saying the good Cardinal kept this a secret? I thought he was admired on this site. You must have changed your opinion on him right?

Anonymous said...

I'm not saying they all knew it...certainly not the traditional, good Cardinals like Burke etc., but according to the article which came out in Britian today and is now being picked up by other major news outlets, Murphy-O'Connor hosted at the BRITISH embassy in Rome cardinals from the British Commonwealth, and others who were fellow radicals and progressives to develop a plan to push for Bergoglio once the conclave opened. Murphy-OConnor and fellow radicals deliberately hid their agenda from the more conservative and traditional Cardinals. They organized a campaign once inside to present Bergoglio as the best candidate, and apparently Bergoglio even campaigned for himself with their support, unfortunately swaying enough to have him elected as Pope Francis.
This is huge news. I hope it explodes in the press and brings Francis and his people down.
Even one major Catholic site said today, that if true.....and it is because there are numerous witnesses, it is a clear violation of pre-conclave and conclave procedure .
Therefore, Bergoglio aka Francis, is not a legit Pope. The only legitimate Pope is still Benedict XVI.
Damian Malliapalli

JBQ said...

There are reports and videos of a "nun rapper" waiting for Francis in Colombia. Rapping has a lot of sexual gyrations involved with it which she shows.

Anonymous said...

She belongs to another one of these so called "conservative " new Orders founded between 10-20 years ago. They wear a weird habit, which looks more line a white and blue Indian sari and long white veil. There's only a couple dozen in the Order so far. But some of them, like this Order, engage in peculiar apostolates, and favor contemporary Christian or charismatic music...rather than the traditional Latin Gregorian chants.
Most Orders like this one don't last.
Damian Malliapalli

Peter W said...

The Conclave validly and licitly elected Jorge Bergoglio to the papacy. Not even the SSPX leadership disputes this.
This is yet another not so thinly masked sede-vacatist belly ache. Get over it.

JBQ said...

@Peter W: Do some reading on Giuseppe Siri and how many times that he was validly elected and then threatened with death. This is not the Holy Spirit. This is cold blooded politics and a struggle for the soul of the Church between good and evil.

Peter W said...

Even the toxic Mundabor does not buy the lunar right drivel about the St Gallen group being anything but part of the tradition of pre-Conclave lobbying. Commenting on the recent death of Cardinal Cormac Murhphy-O’Connor, he writes:

“CMOC was a prominent member of the so-called St. Gallen Mafia, the group of prominent prelates who helped Bergoglio to position himself for the 2013 Conclave. No, I do not think for a second that this made the election invalid, and only in kindergarten can children believe that this kind of positioning does not take place all the time (and even more intensely so in the past, when “transition Popes”, expected to reign for only months or maximum a year or two, made the positioning and PR game a permanent one; and I will ignore the bribes and exchange of favours out of the charity of my heart).”

Blotto said...

The undoubted highlight of this historic visit (aren't they all?) is September 10th in Cartagena, a day whose theme is "human dignity and human rights".

Yes indeed! Because St. Peter Claver, whose shrine house the pope will be visiting in that city was a champion of social justice and material welfare. The fact that he is thought to have baptised 300,000 souls during the course of his extraordinary 36 year ministry, often in the most appalling conditions is neither here nor there; let's just call it inter-continental proselytism on steroids or ultimately just a lot of Solemn Nonsense. Towards the end of his life, he even caught the plague that had swept across Caribbean Central and South America but insisted that he be strapped to his horse so that he could still visit the leper-houses and hospitals. All a bit extreme but I guess even saints had their faults, right?

A recent article in an irredeemably modernist Church newspaper said about the saint, "We recognise him now as an early human rights campaigner and an outspoken political voice." Francis couldn't have said it better himself. I doubt though if we'll hear anything like the following quote from G.K.Chesterton during the pope's visit. Speaking of the eradication of slavery in areas of the world under Catholic influence during the Middle Ages and later, he said "No laws had been passed against slavery and no dogmas had ever condemned it by definition;no new race or ruling class had repudiated it but it was gone. This silent and startling transformation is perhaps the best measure of the pressure of popular light in the Middle Ages, of how fast it was making new things in its spiritual factory. Like everything else in the mediaeval revolution from its cathedrals to its ballads, it was as anonymous as it was enormous. The Catholic type of Christianity was not merely an element, it was a climate;and in that climate a slave would not grow."

Anonymous said...

Damian, there's a new book edited in UK The keys and the kingdom by Catherine Pepinster.

JBQ said...

@Peter W: Are you naïve or what?