Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Tossati Correspondent: "Martini Did Not Want Bergoglio"

Here's our attempt at Spanish with the help of some google translate of a letter Marco Tosatti of Infovaticana received from a very learned and well-connected correspondent in who is known by the tantalizing nom de guerre, Romana Vulneratus Curia.

Marco Tosatti:

Today, Romana Vulneratus Curia (RVC for short) has exploded. So much so that he has written an ironic message, a bit bitter, but serious, one that is markedly different compared to the usual. Then, with indifference, as if nothing happened, he has let slip between lines an indiscretion in his comment in the title, and in the article which we put in bold. And forgive me that there is little! Anything that comes to me deserves some consideration by the humble person who writes these letters, who does not have the Vatican frequency or ecclesiastical connections of RVC. Here it is:

Letter to Tosatti

"Dear Tosatti, at first I wanted to write to you of what is more of a marvel for us, the Italians, that we prefer that nothing is lost. We have everything we can wish for: Mrs. Boldrini, Count Gentilini, the teacher Bonino and above all the great Pope Bergoglio, who loves and protects all of us Catholics and Italians above all. But do we need anything else to be calm and serene? Then I read the article by Father Spadaro in Civiltà Cattolica and finally I understood what is the origin of all the evils in the Church, in politics and in society: conservative and traditionalist Catholics. And I wondered if Spadaro would not be quite right to distrust these old, reactionary, sectarian, and Manicheans, who still insist on the claim that Jesus Christ is God incarnate, resurrected and redemptive of the world. But have these Pharisees read or understood the great prophet Karl Rahner? Then, still in the morning, I read the insinuations - intimidations - made to Pope Ratzinger on the story of Regensburg and I was surprised. But are traditionalists the danger of Catholic faith and civilization? What if it were the others? Do you want to see, I asked myself, that this friend who was explaining me could have been right, unlike the general opinion. You see, the great Cardinal Carlo Maria Martini in the 2005 conclave (when Ratzinger was elected) would have dissuaded his colleagues from electing such a Jesuit cardinal explaining that if he were elected pope, the prestige of the Society of Jesus would be compromised for another hundred years, and in a more painful way than with Pope Clement XIV, who in 1773 dissolved the Society of Jesus? But not satisfied with unverifiable indiscretion, I tried to understand when, why and how the Company was reconstituted by Pius VII in 1814. I admit that the story is not clear about this, but it follows that after 5 years of prison, that when Pío VII returned to Rome on 24 of May of 1814, one of the first things that did, two months later, the 7 of August, was the reconstruction of the Company of Jesus. Immediately after, he obtained the restitution of all the territories subtracted to the Church. I repeat, history does not explain it, but after the liberation of the Pope, the restitution of the territories and the reconstruction of the Company took two months. What would Napoleon himself have suggested? Well ... maybe Tosatti himself could explain it. Your RVC . "



Jack said...

Wasn't Card. Martini a member of the distinguished so called "Saint Gallen Mafia" who died ipso facto excommunicated according to the Pope John Paul II's instructions Universi Dominici Gregis

Tancred said...

Yes, and assuming this at least has the ring of truth, it doesn't preclude Martini finally holding his nose to vote for Bergoglio.